Monica Tries to Help Domestic Violence Victim and Gets Denied!

monica domestic violence incident

Singer Monica thought she was doing the right thing by attempting to help a domestic violence victim, but she didn’t get the response she was hoping for!

Do you think she did the right thing by trying to help?


  1. I think the professionals should have been called – police, EMT, 911 …because it happened in a public place. If it was there own living room – I aint getting involved unless someone screams for me to!
    Once this shi# got put on blast they would have to deal with the real consequences – hospital visit, medical bills, arrest, conviction (maybe), probation, lockup, counseling, anger management, substance abuse intervention, etc., etc. Puts a difference spin on the “whooping her ass in the car in the parking lot until that famous singer pulled up” scenario.

  2. Same thing happened to me trying to help a young couple..the young dude had hit her and took all her money…long story short when I confronted him he left her alone and left..she just sat on the curb crying when I tried to talk with her and ask her does she have family near by.. she just screamed at me
    leave me alone !!! so I know how Monica feels… but if put in the same situation I probably would do the same thing I can’t stand by and watch somebody be abused even if they’re stupid enough to deal with it… I know some would say we should just mind your own business but put in that situation first thing comes to mind For Me to help..and that comes from the heart

  3. now you know what police go through monica LOL….you show up to help and the bitch jumps on you

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