K Michelle on Idris Elba: He Told Me He’d Never Commit


    k michelle idris elba commit

    K Michelle is looking back on her relationship with Idris Elba and is confused as to why he finally decided to get engaged to Sabrina Dhowre.

    K told Hollywood Unlocked that when she secretly dated the actor back in 2014, he told her he would be a life-long bachelor.

    “He told me, he would never be committed to one woman […] He said I would be taken care of….I would be fine but he would never commit to one woman.”

    When she found out about his engagement, she had this to say:

    “I [was] like, ‘Damn bitch [Sabrina], you had something I didn’t have!'” she admitted before saying their engagement taught her a valuable lesson. “Men are different with different women….men change for who they want […] That wasn’t supposed to be my man […] Out of every relationship I’ve been in or [men] I’ve dated, I learned the most from him. It wasn’t volatile or angry. He didn’t bring out [me] cursing him out. He was a gentleman…[and gave] amazing head, I remember that.”


    1. Does ANYBODY keep their skeletons in their closets anymore?!?
      Why does opening up your vaginal lips require your facial lips to talk?

      • Nope. It has nothing to do with vaginal lips lol. Damn, these dudes now a days are messy as shit with their gossip, drama, and lay list on the innerwebs too. Some people are just messy. K Michelle is known for being a gossiping mess. Idris told her right up front, as most dudes should do. Basically said you ain’t my marriage type, don’t waste your time with me.

    2. She is always talking about him like stfu omg it’s over and done with. Grown ass woman acting like a child I don’t blame him for not wanting to commit.

      • Because she knows by mentioning his name, people will be interested. If what K Michelle said is true, he’s not going to be faithful to his fiance either, married or not.

        • If anybody takes what K has to say about anything to heart, they are dumb as hell.
          She is an adolescent in a grown woman body.

    3. Did he teach her to azonto?

      Did she day do him like ahntennah?

      Did he take her to Gharnah?

      Did he break their bond-oh? Did he do her wrong-oh?

      It’ll make her strong-oh.

    4. What he meant was he would never commit 2 u. Which is why he SECRETLY dated your ratchet self

      • A good sanger. And Idris is the kinda man that CAN, profess his love for months, then never acknowledge you again.

        Sing it with me. “Where they do that aaat? Where they do that aaaaat?”

        • Yeah, because Idrissa Akuna Elba Obe is a Brit name and he’s so pale. ??
          He’s only Brit on his passport and in his accent.

          His father is from Sierra Leone and mother from Ghana.

      • Actually, she comes from a good family. She’s a classically trained pianist, guitarist, and vocalist. Her parents are professors. She got a music scholarship to FAMU and her degree. She’s also Delta sigma theta.

        She just decided to rebel.

    5. Yeah she’s bitter. Look at her dentist consolation prize…..he looks scared to talk and anyone after Idris fine ass is going to fugly…… he probably meant he will never commit to a woman with a hot funk box….when he ate her out he probably had a snorkeling mask so he could breath through his mouth….since apparently he was going deep sea fishing in that abyss of a vag of hers????

    6. Damn Idris…see what happens when you date? (or Screw) a hood chick! Isn’t she in a sorority ? well that don’t matter anymore……Its a lot of chicks hiding their hood in them…scary place for a single black guy….choose wisely!

    7. He dated you on the sly and SAYS he refuses to commit. You need to pick up that self respect and move on.

    8. That last sentence about the head is the reason she will never be a wife
      …why t.v. are u so comfortable saying that on a pubic platform? Like this generation lacks class and morals smfh

    9. It is sad that she continues to claim what she thought was a relationship with Idris Elba..when a man tells a woman he does not want to commit, what he really means he won’t commit to her. Most women are so desperate instead of walking away, they stay and fantasize that one day he will hae a change of heart…not so. K. Michelle recoup your self worth, your self esteem and live in the present, you had your day in the sun with Idris..it is now passe’ I wish you well.


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