Jimmy Kimmel Leaves Kanye Speechless Over Trump

jimmy kimmel kanye trump

Jimmy Kimmel asked Kanye about his infamous 2005 quote when he stated that then-President George Bush “didn’t care about black people.” Jimmy asked Kanye what made him think Trump cares about black people, and Kanye was left speechless!

The silence was so awkward, Jimmy had to cut to a commercial break.

Kanye has long been a Trump supporter, although he didn’t bother to even vote in the 2016 election.


  1. Kanye is gone. The Kardashian bitches have destroyed him! This is what will happen to any black man who fucks around with white bitches! #BlakeGriffin #OJ

  2. Kanye, I can answer for you…..because the white ppl in palos verdes wanted him to gate up his golf course community to keep the blacks and Mexicans from Compton, Carson and San Pedro from coming to palos verdes to jog, workout and etc. And trump told them white ppl to kiss his azz, and it’s still public as of now. That happen a decade before he ran for presi soooo I know he not racist. The media wants us to believe that. But his actions show otherwise. It’s funny how quickly the blacks and Mexicans in Cali forgot about that… media is a powerful tool to control idiots.

    Further more everybody In Cali know Mexicans come through the ports, I’m sure trump know that. He building that wall so they can stop paying all them guards to stand there and waist time. Mexicans don’t even come through that way no more. Like the media playing everybody.., omg

      • no I’m not a Long shoreman. But I am from LB and I know people that are and I know that’s where the Mexicans come through at. I drive over that bridge a lot to get from lb to pv

    • You don’t know shit…

      That was not a race move that was a biz move…if that clown would have said no blacks it would have been put All over the news and his ass would have been tarred & feathered..fucking up his $$$.

      Secondly, he doesn’t have to say no blacks or mex…because golf is one of the MOST expensive sports to play, so in general there will be fewer minorities playing it.

      And third that tool was a dem back in the day, so saying no blacks would not have gone with that image…

      Finally dropping that kid has lowered your brain IQ…oh wait you never had any sense to begin with, LOL!

  3. That nigga aiint been right, since his car accident back in the day. Sever brain damage.

  4. @ Hatr tou might be right. I totally forgot about that. Something is going on with Coonye

    • He was fine after the accident…he was with a black woman, his mom was still alive and his career was brand new,,,so it wasn’t the accident.

        • No one said there was no trauma, but who he was then is NOT who he is now…and he didn’t start acting a fool until after his mother’s death…which was probably a bigger trauma for him.

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