LeBron James Gives Props to ‘Colored Women’

lebron james colored women

Following the release of Beyoncé’s Vogue cover, LeBron James took to his Instagram to spread love for all of the beautiful “colored women” in the world:

“Nothing in this world is more POWERFUL than Colored Women!! Thank you all for continuing to not settle and setting great examples in life for so many looking up to you for inspiration/guidance and love!! My daughter is watching! #WomenPower”



Some people were upset about his use of the word “colored,” while other people were mad he didn’t include women of ALL races in his shout out.


  1. We are not Black but that’s not the part that gets me , it’s him always talking about his Queen and giving Women of color props but he always getting caught trying to mess with a Caucasian bitch , He is fake because he project one image in the public , but behind close doors it’s another story ….. And the issue with his School yeah it will help some children get educated but in what ? the white peoples history …. They will not teach them about they real African history or give them knowledge of self , or higher science or metaphysical teachings that our children desperately need to go thru transformation from this planet , this is why they will never let Umar Johnson get a Pan African School because he will teach them about the struggle of Color people and to never fold …LeBron is a mouth piece for the Elite to keep the niggers believing they can be like him , but the bottom line he is jus a Rich Slave …Love and Light

    • Umar Johnson isn’t planning on building no school, motherfucker is getting fat off y’all donations lol use common sense, who’s money do you think he’s using to travel the world & pay hookers with? He doesn’t have a job nor business & he’s got child support payments up to his ass.

      • I have never sent him a dime but Atleast he has a different idea of a school instead of conforming to the status quo …..from my understanding he only raised 100, 000 how the hell can that build a school with no assistance from the govt …the same shit that was happening at Oprah school will happen at LeBron school because they all swim in the same pawn …. All these entertainers are Gatekeepers to keep the masses sleep and further the Elite Agenda ..wow he slept with a prostitute and behind in his child support so did every president and exec in the world (sarcasm )all you guys care about is how something look in the public eye , you think if you got money that makes you a better person jus better at hiding your secrets . …. Grow up and use your common sense and look at people’s intentions ….P.S.get off LeBron dick he is a Rich Slave Love and Light

        • Dumb rich blacks told the black masses to vote for a N word who closed all their schools and wouldn’t even use any of their own tax dollars to keep them open.

      • i believe umar is a agent.no way in hell you gone be really woke and end up on no bravo or beakfast club…he selling dreams to black people. he aint shit

    • Yes Merkaba Morris I agree, Lebron is a rich slave. Nike owns him just like they own Jordan.

      • Poor blacks have no tax loopholes and pay more taxes than the rich yet we have no schools Have you ever heard of a rich white opening a school???? NO People can’t eat education.Create jobs dummys.Make your black president open schools

        • WTF are you talking about?

          Are you coming back using more BS handles? Since your others have been removed…

          For the LAST time OBAMA IS OUT OF OFFICE!!!!

          So Dummies like you who want to blame the last 400 years on him can sit your ignorant ass down some where!!!!! Because he is hardly the entire reason we have ALL the issues we HAVE!!! Fucking Idiot…smfh.

          • You are so on point omg… I realized this when I used to work in mortgages. I use to look at white rich ppl taxes like, they made 2million, wrote everything off, paid $0 tax, and owed $27 dollars. Black people made like 40-60k paid $15k in taxes and excited to get 3k back….

        • You are so on point omg… I realized this when I used to work in mortgages. I use to look at white rich ppl taxes like, they made 2million, wrote everything off, paid $0 tax, and owed $27 dollars. Black people made like 40-60k paid $15k in taxes and excited to get 3k back….

            • How Stupid are you really?

              Anyone with a brain knows how the game is played…you don’t have to be in banking or real estate to get that info.

              “My people are destroyed for the lack of knowledge.”

        • They are racist, youre waisting they time. They think Obama’s was right because he is black. Obama’s is Muslim and that’s all he concerned about. He don’t see color, he got an agenda to destroy everyone who ain’t Muslim. And he did it nicely, with charisma and a smile on his face.

          • STFU, BITCH…

            No one said he is right or he did shit for the community, but he did NOT start our issues and he is also NOT in OFFICE anymore.

            So trying to continue to blame everything the elites do on him ONLY is Dumb as Fuck, just like you and this multiple personality Schizo-Psycho Bitch you are trying to lick up and down on.

    • Girl at least you aren’t blind like everyone else. I totally agree with you.

    • thats what the social media perpetuates.they try to make seem as if white women are all black men weakness lololol lmao, not so…..lebron could have married a white hoe if he wanted to but he didn’t. bitch of all color are always going to throw themselves at a basketball millionaire. that’s to be expected. the thing that got on my nerves is the way he wrote the dam message like he isnt black….lebron its call we not colored women….you wrote the shit as if you are not part of the original race tfoh

  2. A masonic pose by the queen devil herself. worship this B*tch over the creator of the universe? GTFOH Those who choose to worship the b*tch over the creator will have a heavy price to PAY

  3. Once upon a time, black men used to ‘conk’ their hair out of lack of knowledge of self. Eventually black men over came self hate and embraced their hair. When will the black women catch up? Not as long as corporate america has a say….. I give props to women with natural hair. Hey Sista, Soul Sista, GO SISTA!!!

    • Both of you all, are simple as hell for turning this headline into a “hair and weave” debate.

      • There is no both debating about hair Moron, just one clown who isn’t even black trying to talk shit and one letting him know he ain’t shit.

    • While I agree we are the originals…

      What you should be saying is we aren’t colored, because our color never changes…unlike those pink, orange, pasty others.

  4. Lebron gives props to colored women (He did not say black women) and white people are pissed off! Fuck ’em! We need to stop caring about what white people think.

    • I agree. White folk have been slamming LeBron for almost 2 weeks straight. Now they want a compliment from him…….FOCK OTTA HERE!!!

  5. Merkaba Morris if you or any other black person wants extensive education on Black American history and Pan African history there are three things you can do. One, watch all four volumes of Hidden Colors (Thank you Tariq Nasheed). Two, take classes at Howard University or Hampton. Three, travel to any of the fifty four African countries and take classes at their Universities. #TravelToAfrica

    • How many of those have you done any except watch that BS you keep talking about.

      Why would I want to learn about a people who don’t claim us and sold us into slavery?

      How about you learn who you really are, because I highly doubt you know…instead of worrying about a people who could give a shit about you.

    • How about we look inside ourselves and let our atoms and tuition guide us , stop telling people to look outside of themselves to find themselves . Healing comes from within …..no one is coming to save us we must free our on minds ….Love and Light

    • He didn’t say black…he said ‘Colored’, which she & the other one prob would claim.

    • Sounds like an urban myth. Post the link to the article where Beyonce says she isn’t black.

      • @Maria Conchita
        For L’oreal she identified herself as African, American, Native American, and French, while Jennifer Lopez identified herself as 100% Puerto Rican
        Which is not entirely true because the Puerto Rican race consists of three races African Spanish and Taíno.

        The makeup line took it even further by using filters hence their lighter their complexions.

        At any rate they both are beautiful women. I don’t think their races needed to be stated…kind of self explanatory one would think.

  6. There really aren’t any black or colored people. Just healthy huemans, and albino humans caused by inbreeding.

    • “Whites”aren’t human. They were genetic experiments that were engineered to be global terrorists. #neanderthals #AsInTheDaysOfNoah Good read: “Blacked Out By White Wash” by Suzar

  7. And more power to LeBron and other athletes who’ve built schools. ??‍???‍???????

  8. Hsk forgot to mention that lebron also congratulated black men who sport dresses for being a “proud blk woman”….I see you lebron. ?

    • There is a picture of him in one and him in a woman’s wig…so he must be talking about himself as well.

  9. He’s just a rich ball player whose wealth can be taken away today if the ones who allowed him to have it decide to take it away. We don’t need his declaration in order to believe the statement since most of us already know this. So who is his audience?

  10. I he may have also used ‘colored’ because Laura Harrier claims to be biracial.

    For so many fonts on here who love to say biracials aren’t black- there’s your answer.

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