Spike Lee Demands Respect for White Allies: They Died for Justice!

spike lee white allies

While promoting his new film, BlacKkKlansman – a story of a black man who joined the KKK in the 1970s, director Spike Lee chose to feature footage from modern-day protests at the end of the film and specifically featured a lot of non-black people protestors at various rallies across the nation.

When he was asked about the decision to feature white protestors, he had this to say to a group of black journalist:

“If you look [at] the Civil Rights Movement, white people died in Mississippi, Alabama, Kent State during the Vietnam protests. White people have died for justice. So it was not a matter of saying, ‘I can’t put Heather Heyer at the end of the film because she’s not black.’ First of all, she was out there protesting those m***********s. If you look at Charlottesville footage, those were not all black people protesting, those were good white people who we have alliances with. I didn’t tell those people in the film to scream and yell, ‘Black Lives Matter!’ They were doing it on their own. So I have no problem. Right is right and Heather Heyer is a martyr. She gave her life for justice.”

Heather Heyer is a white woman who was killed in Charlottesville, Virginia when she and a group of people gathered to oppose a “Unite the Right” rally of white nationalists and other right-wing groups in August 2017.



    • There are plenty of hateful no good white people out there. But we must not completely forget the full context of American history. There was John Brown who not only died for the cause but lost his own sons who fought for the same cause as well. There were abolitionist families who helped many people escape slavery. One family (I can’t think of their names) kept their doors unlocked 24 hours a day so that if you made it across the Ohio river you would have a place to stay, food to eat and their sons would put you in a buggy and drive you to freedom. One slave catcher said that if you make it that house you would never get caught. I would never downplay the wickedness of the white man. But if you have studied history you would know that some white people did what they could to help black people not because they loved them but because they understand the difference between right and wrong.

  1. Until they ALL are marching & working to change this system of genocide they have created…they get no pat on the back from moi.

    • You are right BUT no one Will give over power to people who constantly scream hate in their direction. Forgiveness and reconciliation has to come from both sides.

      • FUCK THAT and FUCK YOU…

        You talk about US screaming hate, when they STILL MURDER US in the street daily because they wear uniforms which say they can and we can’t scream in the streets about it? You need a lobotomy, YOU DUMB BITCH

        The fact they are still alive and not dead like the people in Haiti is all the forgiveness they get here.

          • You are extra Dumb …you are nothing more than a Clueless Cum Stain…FYI pigs have no loyalty code except to each other, but there have been racist pigs WAYYYY before there were every ANY Black pigs…you Stupid Fuck Rag.

  2. During the civil rights movement, there was an Italian woman from Chicago(she wasn’t from the south), who was driving a black male in her car. She was married and had 3 boys and she was shot and killed by white males who was trying to stop her from participating in the movement. Now I agreed white people started this mess but it’s going to take everybody to stop it. So shout out to her family and may she rest in peace. May her family and history see her as a HERO along with so many who gave their lives…….BLACK AND WHITE!!!!!!!!!

  3. We wouldn’t be marching & protesting in the first place, if it weren’t for this system of genocide & oppression they created…so now we have to act like they are doing US a favor, when we wouldn’t be in this situation if it weren’t for them? Ngga Please…

  4. And you don’t get daps for *not* being a degenerate animal.

    What’s next, we give medals to dudes for not hitting their wives? We hand out trophies for not killing anyone? ? F outta here.

  5. I demand Spike to shut the fuck up.
    GTFO here with shit. Not a News flash Spike, there are
    decent people in this world, of various races.

  6. “White people have died for justice.” Facts. But blacks have died for NO REASON. Causing said people to protest and lose lives unnecessarily…

  7. YT people who protest and die are made heroes while Black people have their character denigrated when they protest. WS exists and only YT can end it. Neely Fuller says those who are willing are unable and those who are able are unwilling to end it.

  8. All film makers deserve criticism in some way. The question is does their good outweigh their bad.

    • but is their “good” genuine? a person can appear to do good, but have bad intentions behind it.

    • Stan Lee is about to meet Galactus

      His wife passed and they getting ready to cancel.his latest subscription

  9. I aint seen no white folks marching in my hood! read garvey…they keep the attention on us and off them!

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