Uh Oh, Is There Trouble for Serena & Her Fiancé Already?

serena williams fiance marrying type

In an interview with Gayle King, Serena Williams spoke about how she knew she would get engaged to Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian, but she’s not so sure about marriage!

“I never felt pressure to get married, and I can’t say I’m the marrying type. I love my life. I love my freedom. I hear that kind of changes. I love my career, and I didn’t want anything to interfere with that. … When [Ohanian] proposed, I was almost angry. Not almost — I was angry because it was right in the middle of my training season and I thought, ‘I have to win the Australian Open.’ … I really wanted to pass Steffi Graf’s record.”

Now that she’s pregnant, she’s going to take it easy, but she plans to return to the tennis court.

“I definitely plan on coming back — I’m not done yet. My story isn’t over. I’m really inspired by my sister [Venus], who’s a year older than me. If she’s still playing, then I know I can play. This is just a new part of my life. My baby is going to be in the stands, hopefully cheering for me and not crying too much.”

No word yet on if she and her fiancé have set a wedding date.

Do you think Serena will pull a Jennifer Hudson and stay engaged forever?


  1. She trains year round and her career is still hot, when was he supposed to ask. Things don’t happen in an orderly way for many couples. Traditionally you fall in love, discuss things including children, marry, have children with your career intertwined in that equation somehow. This is not easy for working women, specially athletes, so this is not unusual coming out of her.

  2. smart girl. Love is love and marriage is marriage. No need to give him the right to inherit all your money to feed whites for generations.

      • This is an oops baby she was pregnant before he proposed…when the “picture” dropped she was five months and he proposed 4months ago…who knows maybe papa Williams said you better get married or imma put a foot to that azz…just to save that Jehovah witness face.

        • Actually…she was only four months when the pic dropped. Why should she be ashamed? She is 35 and worth 145 million..I don’t think that she is trying to save Jehovah witness face, or else she would have premarital sex to begin with or would have married him before she showed. She was in training and won the Australian open–pregnant in January. Did you see that match? believe me if you had you would know she had no idea she was pregs cause she played HARD.

          • 20 weeks = 5 months dumbass…and I stand by what I said, I did not say she was trying to save face fucking idiot…learn to read AND add.

            You can believe what you choose just like I can say what I choose…so fuck off.

        • She’s not a Jehovah’s Witness..knowing the true name of God and thanking him doesn’t make you a part of a religion by the same name. She isn’t baptized nor does she follow this religion in her daily life. Just saying, know your facts.

    • I didn’t either until I saw an interview of them at the met. They both looked very in love and spoke so sweetly to each other. Hey love is deaf, dumb and blind. Or my other favorite saying: there is a lid for every pot. Lol

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