Drake’s Damage Control On Serena Williams Engagement Leak

drake serena williams engaged

Drake is trying to deny that he and Serena Williams are engaged, but is the truth already out there?

The two have been linked romantically all summer, especially since Drizzy went to New York to support Serena during the U.S. Open and the launch of her designer line.   While there, the Toronto rapper lost his mind on the DJ who was playing her fashion show, and it was clear that her and the rapper were more than friends.

On Thursday, news leaked that the two had secretly been engaged, but they want to keep it under wraps.

“She said yes, but they want to keep it on the down-low for now.”

Apparently, all of the people close to her are onboard with the two being together, “all of Serena’s friends approve of the pair,” a source says he is “a true gentleman” to Serena.

serena williams drake

Playing damage control once the news leaked, reps for Drake have said that these are only rumors, and the story is false.

Is that just a cover up?  Do you think Drake and Serena are dating, and did they get secretly engaged?


  1. I guess I am the only one who even noticed that the first pic is Drake and VENUS not Drake and Serena. Just Saying…

  2. Why are they wasting the time. It won't last same story diff people. Rich and famous men are not monogamous. Especially the athletes, musicians, actors, and even politicians. They constantly have groupies around them. Idk why these women lie to themselves. They broke up in the past bc of it. Ijs

  3. I mean serenas hardcore way more than drake mallard shell kick his whiny marshmellow smores ass shell put him in a wheelchair for real

  4. Saw Drake in DC the other wknd ago & each nite he was with a different ho. Good dude tho

  5. seems like celebrities actually groupie and stan for eachother more than regular people lol

  6. who care about this story anyone who has sense knows that this thing serena is a trans and he kind of dip both ways too.

  7. "Used to get teased for being black, now I'm here and I'm not black enough, 'cause I'm not actin' tough, or makin' stories up 'bout where I'm actually from" — Drake

    • Yeah I'm sure that he couldn't help that. But yeah. Be YOU Drake. And keep it REAL with YOURSELF.

  8. I think Drake is attracted to Serena, he also respects her, which is clear. Serena has a great figure but it's not one that everyone likes, which is fair enough, you can say the same about Chanel Iman's figure but she is not attractive in my opinion. This being said, Drake is a man ho and is very in to women who look "Ethiopian" he has a long slew of Ethiopian/Etritrean girlfriends..Serena is an outlier in his usual type, not even just her color but really her features and even body. I don't think they're getting married. And people never talk about Serena's type, which is white men (including her formerly married coach!) or very light skin/biracial types- Common/Drake..she has issues too.

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