R. Kelly Will Sing At Iggy Azalea And Nick Young’s Wedding

iggy azalea nick young wedding

Nick Young had made it public that he wanted R. Kelly to sing at his and Iggy Azalea’s wedding, and looks like that might become a reality.

The L.A. Laker has big plans for his wedding day with Iggy.  Young has been hard on the campaign to recruit Kels to perform at their union and sing a specific track.

On Extra with Mario Lopez, the R&B legend was asked about the possibility of singing “Marry The P**sy” at the baller and rapper’s wedding, and Kelly is all about it – but it won’t come cheap.

iggy azalea nick young wedding 2

Talking about singing at the wedding he had this to say, “That would be really interesting…if it’s that song, you know, it’s a check man and it’s a business, so if you want me to sing that song, no problem!”


  1. Anon 02:26
    The lyrics to that song are repulsive. R Kelly is one sick mofo and nasty as hell.

    • Anon 23:59
      This means that this piece of shit sees women as nothing but walking, talking, breathing p*ssies. Women according to him are not human beings with feelings, are not intelligent and hounatable beings and he sees women as p*ssies on legs. This A grade asshole makes me sick and i spit on him with disgust.

  2. When will people stop being so desperate for likes on social media. None of these celebs are really in love. They are following the kk blueprint of getting married for money and attention. It's all done to try and out do each other.

    • Agreed. He's still calling the homies daughter- his ex-gf. This relationship is as real as blac chyna's blonde hair.

      Hope The R-uh does better Han what he did in Oakland a couple weeks ago.

  3. If this thread doesn't prove serious mental illness nothing will.

    This site has officially lost any cool it once had.

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