Benzino’s Controlling Ways & Althea’s Musty Box Get Aired Out By His Ex!

Benzino’s ex aired him and Althea out all over her Instagram!

The woman says she has been dating Zino since 2015. He has been living with her and taking care of her, but he was too controlling. He even made her quit her job and stop hanging out with her friends!

When she found out he was texting someone behind her back, that’s when she decided to drag him and Althea! Apparently, Zino told his ex that Althea’s box is musty!

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  1. Men act like a bunch of bitches, you weren’t complaining when you was in that musty box..
    It just blows my mind, how much people gossip about their personal feelings and relationship..

  2. Oh and what’s up with the square eyes brows.. It looks horrible, look in the mirror..

  3. That radar shoulda been up when he wanted her alone with no friends and broke with no job. F all that BS!

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