Tristan Thompson Dumps Khloe!

tristan thompson khloe breakup

Another one bites the dust! Khloe Kardashian is suffering from back-to-back breakups. First, she got dumped by James Harden, and now, Tristan Thompson has allegedly pulled the plug on their relationship.

According to sources, Tristan was feeling suffocated with having clingy Khloe by his side at all times. So he reportedly asked the reality TV star for some “space” so he could focus on the NBA playoffs.

But many people think Tristan is trying to reconcile with his baby mama, Jordy.

Are you surprised Khloe still can’t keep a baller?


  1. This was a bad situation for Khloe to insert herself into. Only a desperate woman would knowingly get involved with a man who has a pregnant girlfriend. Karma has come and slapped Khloe clean across the face for interfering in their relationship. Oh well, countdown to the next black baller that falls into her lap in 3..2..1.

  2. Who’s the next black male victim? I guess ”get out” the movie had this dude’s eyes open wide as hell. He started to see some weird stuff go on around him and said ”f**k that, i’m outta here..shit, i’ll let chewbecca know through the media and blogs, peace out”. LOL

  3. I was hoping he gott the opportunity to DOG HER AZZ OUT! I was rootin’ for a weddin’ so I could watch the disaster she and her family like to create. I smelt a new reality show.

  4. Since she keeps getting dumped by black men, maybe she should hop her ass back over the fence to her side and start dating over there… Oh that’s right…Once they date black they get banned by their men and can’t go home ever again. Oh well, she’s probably already on to the next black male victim.

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