Triflin’ Thot Exposed for Creepin’ With Future & Kodak Black

groupie future kodak black

An Insta thot was put on blast by her bitter ex-boyfriend for hooking up with Kodak Black and Future!

The videos leaked online and show the woman kissing all over Kodak and enjoying the sand dunes with Future in Dubai.

Hit the arrows to click through the videos:

By the way – Future is still allegedly dating Bow Wow’s baby mama, Joie Chavis, so this is just messy all around.


  1. Eww come on girls we got to have more self respect and higher morals for are self insta thot never heard that before lol you really do learn something new everyday.

  2. That’s Bow Wows BM ?????. Dude is probably somewhere super hurt. He was just trying to get back with her a few months ago.

  3. Why is this news? Seriously.. Haven’t these type of chicks with questionable self respect and $$$$ agendas always existed? Ironically dudes in the industry know how these gold scallywags get down and still pursue these types. Ex-boyfriend just needs to move on..Trying to shame her won’t accomplish much considering these types have no shame.

  4. I hate the fact that this kind of woman gets a lot of attention as if they are people our youth should aspire to be. The requirements for to become this kind of woman are easy. Just be willing and ready to do anything and have anything done to you. Wear revealing clothes, high heels and make sure you at least know how to count money. Having self respect, decency, morals redeeming qualities one could be proudly are not required.

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