50 Cent Responds to Vivica A. Fox Spilling Their Sex Secrets

50 cent vivica a fox sex

After Vivica A. Fox called sex with 50 Cent “PG-13,” the rapper is clapping back.

Fiddy took to his Instagram to post a picture of his ex-girlfriend, who he dated back in 2003. The caption reads: “I’m waking up to this s**t, that was 14 years ago. smh who does this? What the f**k!”



  1. Why can’t she just either move on are just ask him to go with her again I could of sworn I saw a commercial are sketch with her taking him to couple therapy obviously you miss something if you can’t stop talking about him just go back to him give it a nother try lol.

  2. Probably a low rent money move. Not saying she’s broke but despite filing for bankruptcy, he may have more assets IDK. That’s all I’ve got because going back like that seems desperate. No pipe is that good.

  3. LMAO who does this you nigga to people all the time he can dish it but can’t take it!!

  4. They probably playing around. I doubt Vivica dumb enough to write anything about 50 without his approval, because he is petty af… he will drag her for the rest of her life if she was really doing this without his permission.

    • Women of color. Chelsea Handler said some slick sht about him, but he never clapped back. Never discussed his relationship with Demi Moore or any of the non black women or non black co-stars in those straight to video movies of his. Yet, he’s always beefing with black rappers. He bought Val Kilmore a Ferrari just because. Said he would give Eminem anything he wanted.
      Can’t stand his gorilla lookin ass.

    • No..she did the mature thing.. Moved the f#ck on and found true happiness with the man she’s currently married to..

  5. Has Vivica dated since being with 50 cent? She’s pathetic for this one and sounds like a groupie for writing this book. She’s 50 years old for goodness sake.

    • Vivica has a show with the best looking black men strippers in the world. No way she is not getting some meat

    • Is she even married, or even have a damn man, cus she seems to always go 50 name coming out her dick suckers, enough already, he not thinking about her tired ass??????

  6. Most people don’t publicly pine away for a lost love. Her career didn’t seem to be affected by the breakup or was it.

  7. She hasn’t had a hit movie since Independence Day with Will Smith and Set it Off with Queen Latifah but that was in the 90s. She isn’t an all of that actress. She’s done a reality show. I guess she is broke.

    • Prob still trying to go for the hit young gf parts instead of the mom or grandma.

      She needs to take a hint from Jennifer Lewis. 64 and still going strong- playing sexy grandma roles

    • Most recently she was in ‘True To The Game’ on Netflix. As popular as that book was, they could’ve put out a better movie, very disappointing.

      • She was a producer on it…so either they did not have enough $$ or the script was shit…didn’t see it so not sure which.

        • The acting. Never ever found Columbus Short fine, but he brought the sexy to the film.
          I heard a few years back that Jada Pinkett bought the rights to, ‘The Coldest Winter’, so hopefully they’ll do it justice and push out a quality movie. Cult classic, ‘True To The Game’ deserved better. In terms of acting it was along the lines of ‘Chocolate City’.

    • Why do you assume she’s broke. Shit having money ain’t ever stopped a mofo from trying to get their hands on more money.

      • I don’t think she’s broke. She’s in a lot of Lifetime movies, a big screen movie every now and then, straight to video movies, she had a reality show on about strippers, plus she works behind the scenes getting Executive Producer credit and I believe she has a successful wig line.She seems to be keeping herself busy.

    • Before you call someone an idiot make sure you know the difference between your and you’re.

    • Lol a raccoon is one of the most beautiful smart animals on the planet they outsmart the white man at every turn,unlike yourself who falls in to every trap they set ?

  8. She lost points from me for eating 50’s ass. He was supposed to be eating hers. She act like she slow.

  9. It would have been great if he had ignored it instead of addressing it. It would have been even better if Vivica had simply stopped bringing up 50 cent. Everyone seems to be over it except her..MOVE ON…Why is he even a topic of conversation 14 + yra later? She must not be over it..

  10. Vivica Fox is looking just as ugly as Rae dawn Chong and acting just as ugly as Janet Hubert (Original Aunt Viv). She needs to keep Curtis’s name out of her mouth and movie on with her life.

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