Gilbert Areans Calls Out Laura Govan’s Hair Stunt

laura govan gilbert arenas combing hair

Laura Govan took to her Instagram to share a video of herself brushing her daughter’s hair.

Once her baby daddy Gilbert Arenas saw the video, he had this to say:

gilbert arenas laura govan combing hair

Do you think Laura was doing the most by sharing the video or is Gilbert out of line for being petty (as usual)?


  1. Agree with him about Laura. Gilbert is not out of line. In this situation, his problem is not knowing when to use the word “their” instead of “they”.

  2. He’s right though. She posted that for likes. If her hair is laid (you can tell that do is freshly done, her daughter’s should be too. Only trifling mothers do their kids hair in front of the school. All this tells me is that her time management sucks. She should have gotten up early enough to do her kids hair, that’s how that works. I can’t stand GA, but in this instance, he was spot on.

    • Amen, and 200 cool points to you, beloved…Mad mothers–that’s how they are. Pass the hatred onto their kids because their ‘scheming and dreaming’ plan didn’t happen. The Hate U Give Little Infants Fuks Everybody, yes?

  3. petty! just say nothing! she should block him off her social media page. by the way it looks like the daughter was recording.

  4. Does she have enough grease on that child’s head!??
    I don’t think she learned certain things growing up so some folks got to cut her some slack cause
    she does not appear to know some basics.

    • When you become a parent you learn certain things whether you were taught as a child or not

  5. Wait a minute….that post got ova 30,000likes?!?!
    People in general are dumb af??‍♀️

  6. GA response is funny this time! If Luara did her daughters hair everyday, then it wouldn’t be tangled on the ends. Tangled on the ends as shown in the video means “hasn’t been combed in awhile”. Laura keeps herself on point but every time I’ve seen her kids in photos they look dusty. I’m not bashing the kids!!! I’m bashing their mama and daddy!!! Cuz it’s their responsibility to buy clothes and groom their kids. Looking clean and groomed doesn’t cost much.

  7. For 1, the little girl look big enough to do her own hair. And she is handling that child hair extremely hard, it should not have been that much of a struggle to put her hair in a pony tail or pig tails or whatever she doing.

  8. This is exactly why everything shouldn’t be posted on social media for everyone to see and overanalyze, critique. They’re both petty parents. Grow the f# ck up ,act like the adults you claim to be and stop posting for attention and likes. Learn to co-parent without the never ending shade and drama.

  9. Watched it for all of 30 seconds…didnt take long to realize she has no love, knowledge or respect for Black hair. She is brushing it like its a burden she hates to do.

    Losing what little Black points she had for posting that shit…


    • Having black NBA players spawn is cool until reality sets in & ur non-black arse is cash low with African coils to twist up by first bell every morning. Not all Marc Jacobs & nannies

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