Trick Daddy Bashes Black Women, Gives Props to “Spanish & White H**s”


Who the hell let Trick Daddy out of his cage?

The Miami rapper went on a random rant, bashing Black women while giving props to Spanish and White “h**s.”

In his recorded video, Trick tells Black women it’s time for them to “tighten up” because the Spanish and White women are out here looking “finer than a m***** f*****.”

“Y’all black h**s better tighten up. I’m telling you, tighten up. Y’all doing all that extra s**t for nothing. You not achieving nothing, b***h. You get y’all a** done, ya titties done, you paying $150 to get your makeup done just to go to a local club, b***h. Tighten up, h*e. These Spanish and these white h**s getting very spiffy on y’all. They f**k around and learn how to fry chicken… you h**s is useless!” – Trick Daddy

Smh at him acting like he’s a damn prize. If we’re competing for men like Trick, let the Spanish and White h**s have him!

Peep his ignorant rant:

PSA from #trickdaddy

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  1. White & Spanish H0ES can have yo ignorant, illiterate, crusty, ashy, diseased a$$.

    • That fugly ashy larry most likely can’t even afford to pay a decent beard! IF he’s fake swirling it’s with a pro-whore or a crack whore. non black women dig for gold, baby, they aren’t messing with or playing with crazy kneegrow males unless he’s tricking them coins!

      • I crack up laughing at broke undercover queens like that cripsy critter talking about swirling. Out here in Cali, brothas with money make bee-lines to give it away to non black women but scrubs? They make videos about hating bw, cause they can’t afford to swirl.

  2. Nah he hates all of us women, calling them “hoes” shows that. He’s doing this thing that some black men do where they deflect from their inadequacies by trying to act as if their problems stem from something being wrong with black women. In his mind if he can act like black women are the big problem it makes him absolutely innocent. Men like this date these spanish (does he even realize spanish isn’t a race) and white women and end up abusing the hell out of them. Think Terrence Howard. Both parties often unite out of a severe hatred of black women so I feel sorry for neither. This is a man battling his own demons. Pity he doesn’t realize.

    • What I recommend is that black women shouldn’t even argue with him or the white/latina women who feel great about his rant. It just plays into their “black women care so much about what we do” delusion.

      • He’s another lame as punk bitch, and I mean that literally, throwing bw under the bus for shine how pathetic. Other races of men look at punks like him as conquered weak, and they don’t even know the contempt men of other races have for them. He’s giving non black men a compliment/kissing their ass, by uplifting nonblack women. Still, a white cop would use his ass as target practice without blinking. And guess who doesn’t march period?

        • Still, a white cop would use his ass as target practice without blinking. And guess who doesn’t march period?…..


          • Yes, ma’am. I don’t march for any black male if a BM from my family gets hurt the other MEN in the fam will do the marching. Smart BW stay out of danger’s way. Most BM are unloyal hoes, unworthy of protection since OF COURSE they aren’t protecting black girls. It’s a wrap.

    • @13:58 – “Both parties often unite out of a severe hatred of black women..”

    • That pretty much sums it up Sarah. I take no offense to this Trick persons remarks because he’s clearly referring to hoes and I’m no hoe.

  3. Lol O.kay.

    But what does Ja Rule have to say about blakk wimminz?

    Go sit down somewhere Trick. lol
    Take it to tha house nah.

  4. And simps want to know why I type the shit I do about these unloyal conquered fatherless limp dick loser queens! “A hard thug is a soft queen” nobody wants that fugly ashy larry unless he’s got money no WW or Mexican or Asian woman would deal with him without stacks of coins their way. Down low freaks who out and out diss BW, for no reason, are trying to curry favor with white men. It’s what down low’s do, the ‘I hate BW’ trope is code for : I’M A SELL OUT THUG HUNTER BED BUCK LOOKING FOR A NEW MASSA TO COON AND BOW DOWN TO!

  5. He should be focusing on his career. Oh wait, what career. BITCH BYE…

    • IF 48% of BW have herpes the FACTS are BM have a higher number of herpes since most BW are dumbasses who only breed with, excuse me DATE black males!!!

      Do you really want to go there with FACTS 100% percent about DOWNLOW JAILBIRD black males spreading AIDS HIV to dumbass BW? FACTS !!! GOOGLE IT !!

    • Good thing Im apart of that other 52% who don’t! And I don’t intend to have that shit either! Even with Valtrex, Herpes ain’t no shit to f*ck with! NO NOOOOOOOOOO!

    • When the CDC sent out a report that seemed to say that nearly ½ of all Black women were infected with genital herpes people were shocked and outraged by the damning data.

      Now however the CDC is clarifying their information.

      48% of the Black women they tested were positive for exposure to herpes but not the disease itself in a study of just 5,000 women.

      The Root reports that the CDC’s data came from the National Health and Nutrition Survey or (NHANES) of 5,000 randomly selected women.

      Dr. John Douglas, the director of the division of STD Prevention at the National Center for HIV, STD and TB Prevention at the CDC also says that more Black people were tested in the study than any other group to make it more “representative.”


      He tells The Root,

      “African Americans are also oversampled to make the study more representative.”
      He also adds that the numbers from the testing have remained relatively consistent for years.

      “The herpes numbers for black women have remained relatively the same over several years at 46 percent to 51 percent. In the 1988-94 NHANES sample, the prevalence of herpes among black women was 51.3 percent, in the 2004 survey the number was 46.1 percent. That places the current rate–48 percent–right in the middle. NHANES is less than perfect, but without a doubt the best that we have.”
      Dr. David Malebranche an assistant professor at Emory whose research focuses on STDs in African Americans further clarified the CDC’s data to The Root saying,

      “These women were only tested for antibodies to the HSV-2 virus. This means that they have been exposed to the herpes virus, but it does not mean that these women have actually developed the disease or have active herpes. In fact, they may never develop active herpes.”
      So according to the CDC 48% of Black women have been exposed to the Herpes virus but may not have the disease although they tested only 5,000 women in a study overly populated with African Americans.

      • You can’t tell that raggedy MF nothing. He says the same thing every few months, gets checked and tries again on a different thread…

        Same MF that fights with women on a blog, when we all know no REAL man would ever do that. Only fat, dirty, nasty, toe-nail eating, living n their mothers basements squabs like him.

        • Yes I know down low scubs who got raped as boys by the hood predators and too bitch weak to confront white males less on another bm, infest gossip boards.

          WOMEN GOSSIP. Men who fuss and gossip with women are conquered he bitches.

  6. @ asap….I see what you did…do you feel better? Obviously you feel some type of way to say something that is so untrue. The 48% you quoted is inaccurate for the total population of black women, the CDC statistics deal with individuals whom have been tested and found to have positive results. Yes, black women do have a high percentage of herpes, but so do black men….both groups have a higher case than other non-white & white individuals. Maybe you should have also pointed out that black men and women both have lack of access to quality healthcare and insurance (still in spite of so-called affordable healthcare).

    • Cut and past like I do!

      IF 48% of BW have herpes the FACTS are BM have a higher number of herpes since most BW are dumbasses who only breed with, excuse me DATE black males!!!

      Do you really want to go there with FACTS 100% percent about DOWNLOW JAILBIRD black males spreading AIDS HIV to dumbass BW? FACTS !!! GOOGLE IT !!

  7. The truth is trick daddy is a under cover cop with police cam dash boand equipment in his car and he wanted to let us know how ppl be doing unnecessary shit like talking shit with 50,000 dollars worth of gold teeth in their mouth!!!!! Kill urban self

  8. Fuck him with his ugly ass smfh this bastard looks like a f*cking turd! its beyond sad how these black men (not all but to getting to be to many) have so much self hatred. This uneducated piece of shit (literally) came from a black woman and has the audacity to bash them he should have been swallowed ?

  9. spanish and white “hoes,” question: do yall want trick daddy???

    i just wanna know.

    XD lol!!!

  10. He made this video for who and got paid how much. You don’t see any white men putting down white women by race. It’s sick of black men to do this publicly because white people see their sickness and laugh at it and use it against the ‘black race’. If black men don’t appreciate black women there is nothing left for the future.

    • What you wrote is true and black males aren’t the only ones for bw as bw aren’t the only ones for bw, billions of people in the world, you know, different races. Trick ass punk is part of the ‘Eat a Booty gang’ crusty buzzards with tee shirts and shit talking about, well, being freaky old as hell aids carriers.

      • Clearly you are jealous and so in love with massa you seeing him in all the wrong white devils here bitch just one bad ass latina but you know what they say if you aint got no haters you aint doing it right, so hate on bitch.!!

        • lol You think I’m jealous of a remote-shaped, Pig-latin-speaking CAC?

          Go eat your wack rice. lol

          • You know damn well I got hips and ass for days and slay in the kitchen,that’s why you mad. you probably SpongeBob all day face looking like Squidward.gtfoh.lmao

              • @daradiant1, im good with that ma but shes not gonna come and call me a white girl when clearly i am not. Idk what her problem with me is but she got the wrong one.

              • No. She’s a hairy, manface, tv-shaped CAC. And she’s somewhere eating some wack ass chicken. lol

          • @14:50 No Nunya is a black Latina. She been up here for a awhile. Trust me, she’s black.

            • Blatinos are the biggest sellouts on earth!

              Black as Wesley, but ready to fight you for calling them black.

              • You’re right. Out here in Cali you have blatino males bleaching and wear perm, LOL. Pitiful they can’t pass for anything but a black.

  11. And to think we black “hoes” as he calls us, made his crusty stank ass famous, ain’t that a bitch, those Spanish & whites can’t cook shit, who don’t burn their food, half cook their shit, & who don’t that, fool your ignorant ass with store brought shit, don’t f*cking get shit twisted, ain’t NOBODY better than us black women, yes the hate is real, but it’s all due to jealousy, Trick “dumb ass” daddy can go drink a cup of bleach, he’s what’s USELESS!
    I wish a motherfuccers would tell me to “tighten up” because he could quickly replace me with a white or Spanish bitch, when I get through with that son of a bitch, he’d be in a full body cast!

    • Im latina and i can cook and bomb.just because you say it dont make it so.stop putting your latina sisters down. We will stand with you but you gotta stop putting us down and focus on the real enemy.
      God bless.

      • Mexicans and that’s what you are, aren’t standing with BW, LOL stop lying I’m out here in CALI and know this for a fact.

        • Im not mexican and only because the ones in cali dont they dont speak for all latinos.stop clumping groups of people an individual.
          Good day .

          • Don’t tell me, a grown women paying a mortgage, what and how to say it, you’ve got me mixed up with the bw who kiss your flat behind. Adios, Rosa.

      • What’s up Ms. Reg, how have you been? I miss clowning with you guys, too! I’ve been lurking for the longest, but I’m gonna start posting more soon.

        • Raheim,
          ? YAY…this place is in for some amazing posts now. It’s about time & you’ve already made my day!!!?❤️️??

          • Reg, I am something pissed at U! I texted U! U almost had to bury my blackass! I was in the hospital!?

          • @Ms Reg Says!!!–Thanks, that was nice of you to say. And you know me, just as humble and ‘regular’ as ever lol

            And what’s up, DaRadiant!?

            • ^That ‘Anonymous 16:40’ comment was from me, Raheim. My name didn’t show up for whatever reason.

    • Me, too girl. The only thing a black male scrub can do for me is tell me where the non black men are. BW making moves owning property BM giving legacy money away to the daughters of the police who use them for target practice. Conquered coons, a laughingstock, outdone by even immigrate Mexican men.

  12. Re: “…trying to curry favor with white men…”
    Well, those that are in the know…know that white men LOVE black women. Two things a white man don’t want you messing with, his money and his secret black woman.

  13. Trick hasn’t been relevant in so long… Whatever he was trying to articulate didn’t quite make it across.

  14. He is just doing what blkwomen do all the time..cussing out blkmen.
    Many..blkwomen these days are lost..can’t deny that fact..many these days ain’t wife material.especially the blk China types
    but again men like him supported hoe culture with the type of videos they put out in their prime now he crying blkwomen these days are low..but guys like him glorified ho behavior.. Now deal with it fool these rappers are clowns..glorify strippers then cry when they act like wat point did these lames become spokesmen for the blk diaspora race.shit is pathetic.

    • Blac Chyna is engaged to a rich Armenian she’s not checking for no nigglits her finger got flawless carats from. WHITE King

      • Exactly what I’m thinking. Black chyna has never made a clip obsessing about black vs white men. She ain’t that desperate lol.

          • Uncle tom is a pure simp. Only he bitches fuss and gossip with women. I know ‘good’ BM and they aren’t fussing at gossip threads. Typically WOMEN gossip, boy. You’ve already proved you’re broke, live with mama and have out of wedlock bastards. Sucks to be your black ass!

  15. where has he been black females are now & forever dead last and have been for years . take note the black women that are worth a damn won’t bother to comment on BS like this , we’re only hearing from the ho’s in the gallery

    • Fuck off high school drop out turned out in jail, jailbird. I’m not sorry your dad dumped you, leaving you ass open to get butt banged by your hood pedo’s when you were a boy. Dumb broke black males have always been dead to me. Yall bums trying to hit on me cause Xmas is coming, LOL looking for purse and a sofa. He bitches please, I don’t want no scrubs, period. And your broke ass can only give head to down low males since you’re too broke to swirl.

      • Everyone here knows your head ain’t time pick better men..better yet date white men..let them deal with your ish..blkmen WOnt date your three kids by three different fathers ass.

        • Yes I pick better men and it sure isn’t a broken down broke down low jail bird like your stupid ass. Peep this, idiot he bitch. I own my own property and have money stacked. No kids. HAHAHAHA. Your broke ass is still living with your mama who you hate cause your bitch daddy left you to get butt banged. I can ALWAYS tell a black male who got raped as a boy, they turn into he bitches like you.

  16. Trick needs to go back and hit the pipe cause his career is dead been dead him, flavor flav, bushwick bill, too short z dmx, and Kat Williams need a ride reality show called Hollywood ghetto drug addicts

  17. dang crazy chris……..all dem short kneegros may have a napolelian complex….Hey aaalllllll dem spanish and white hoes can have trick……….please

  18. I’m amazed that people are taking this crackhead seriously. lol He bangs drug addicts.

  19. @crazychris and ha.

    he tried to sound like a buffoon? well then he accomplished his mission.

    • i liked pac and it was sad heaRING FOLKS LIKE TRICK DUMMY, AND C MURDERS ASS IMITATE HIM.


  20. trick done a lot more for the black community than all you lackies here talking ish behind a screen.

    • By putting down black women? LMAO nothing you idiots love more than a misogynoir filled black man. Cry foul about jesse williams and go hard for trick daddy. You don’t give a shit about trick or what he does, its the black women hate that has you defending him. #smh


  21. There’s no chicks giving black women competition except global black women. However, some asian women…the eyes lips thighs…and they like to get their cooter beat up…I’m just saying

  22. This reminds me…

    There is no such thing as a white person. They’re albinos. Albinism is a defect almost always caused by inbreeding. Whites appear to have other traits caused by inbreeding: overly small lips, very long noses

    • low muscle, stringy/thin hair, excessive body hair, hard faces/features, and more. Then there’s their behavior…it’s just so strange how brainwashed people are

  23. It’s alleged that he’s carrying that deadly package anyways. People been whispering this since the earlier 90’s down in Florida. Even Rick Ross put his nasty ass on blast

    Very first line he called, trick daddy stupid
    Say he got AIDS, tellin’ people that it’s lupus
    Not the one just to jump to conclusions
    I’m gettin’ money, small talk can be a nuisance

  24. Do not blame all black women because Trina used your ass up and threw you away.

  25. If his stupid ass hasn’t learned that speaking Spanish doesn’t mean that you’re in fact Spanish I don’t know why anyone would be worried about tightening up for a f*cking idiot. Or maybe I’m English because I speak English.

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