Dr. Dre Hired Hitman to Kill Suge Knight?


Suge Knight is looking to stack some chips behind bars with a new $300 million lawsuit filed against Dr. Dre.

According to the court docs, Suge says he had a “lifetime management deal” with Dre, and that deal entitled him to a 30% cut of Dre’s Beats by Dre earnings.

Suge alleges Dre tried to cut him out of the Beats deal, because Apple didn’t want Suge associated with the brand.

So in order not to split the profits, Suge thinks Dre hired a hitman to kill him during a shooting that took place during the 2014 VMA Awards weekend.
A man named T-Money was questioned about the shooting that went down at 1Oak nightclub, and he allegedly told investigators he was paid by Dre to kill Suge. Suge was shot twice, but no arrests were made.

Do you think Suge’s about to cash out with this lawsuit?


  1. Wow Apple didn’t want Suge associated with the brand but bitch ass Dre is a woman beater.

    • CC, Now we know Sure got tapes on folks from back in the day, so it’s a possibility that he does.

  2. Yeah dre a woman beater but the Michelle biopic wasnt out at the time and her movie is what brought that back into public eye

  3. While i find it hard to believe dre would put hit on suge…if there was anyone on earth he would want wacked it would b suge lol…and 300 million to a billion dollars is definitely one hell of a motive

  4. not saying its true or not but unless tmoney got dre on tape or something this case would go nowhere… Suge is universally hated in most circles…no jury would convict dre for tryin to kill suge

  5. But before this judged to quickly ask yourself this question would you kill someone you hated for a billion dollars if i thought i could get away with it that fool would b dead just being honest

  6. (I think this story was already posted here before- but oh well, it’ll be fun to discuss it again since it’s probly somehow relevant to this recent situation with Michel’le. Dre has more than enough money, and connections to really get the job done if he wanted. Though in all honesty, both the these dudes have got to go. Let their dynasty and legacy of celebrated degeneracy die with the both of them.

  7. OMG….THIS IS SO STUPID. You can’t make a ” lifetime management deal. Damn, it’s embarrassing how slow some people are. WTF…YOU GOT YOUR G.E.D in jail???

  8. Suge had plenty of time to address this issue before he got locked up

    Now suge ain’t getting out daz going around saying he gone Rob his house

    Fuck suge all those folks he had beat and hurt just because he could or thought he could

    Where his rich friends at now where his goons they ran when the money ran out

  9. Next time my girlfriend act a fool I’m calling dr Dre to come woop her ass and roughen her up

  10. That Dre clone is ugly as shit. I wonder if they tattooed the hand ink on this one ?

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