Trey Songz Flips Out On Fan; Ruins Her Day!

trey songz snaps on fan
Trey isn’t about pleasing his fans.

A female fan was excited to meet Trey Songz that is until she met Trey Songz.

Excited to meet the singer at an autograph signing, a fan was recording her reaction as she got to meet one of her favorite musicians, but when Trey saw that the camera was rolling he was having none of it and ordered her to get it out of his face.

The poor girl’s reaction changed from one of the best days of her life to pure agony as she got shut down.


  1. Bet if she had a penis he would’ve screamed action!
    These fags ain’t loyal!!!
    Lol smiley face !!

  2. Video isn’t available, probably because I’m accessing this site via my poxy android. Fo those who can watch the clip is it possible that Trey Songz could have handle this better?

  3. Look at Trey. Pause the video if you have to. Is that even him? Maybe the guy is saying get the camera out of my face because he knows he’s not Trey.

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