The Tainting Of TMZ? “Harvey Levin Overworking & Underpaying Staff”


HSK Exclusive – Harvey Levin may have spent the early part of his television career pulling of the role of being down with “the people” … Don’t believe me? Just ask “The People’s Court” Judge Marilyn Milian … But the 64-year-old managing editor of / executive producer and host of TMZ on TV appears to be anything but down with the very people that put in work at TMZ!!! Know why? According to inside sources, “Levin is a cheapskate and he’s under paying his employees.”

“At first, staff were all excited and anticipating being cast on one of the new shows and now the ones that did get cast aren’t making anymore money than they were making before picking up the extra work.”

We’re told that’s the “bait n switch” lane Levin is leveraging. This, while the TMZ outfit reportedly expands with “three spin off shows”. AND THAT’s NOT ALL!!! Sources say there is a specific set of TMZ staff members Levin is “pullin’ the rock” on — a “rock” said to have been inspired by Love & Hip Hop’s femme fatal founder, Mona Scott Young — “using black employees to solicit spin off shows”.

“Harvey Levin believes strongly in the Mona Scott Young formula — and just like Mona — he’s exploiting his cast while paying them pennies.”


The Drop:

“Harvey’s like the white version of Don Cornelius, he’s pimpin’ out his workers. Ever since TMZ caught attention from the networks, Harvey started banking on becoming Ryan Seacrest n shyt. And them cats over at TMZ do them shows for little money but they’ll take the shine because they can pimp the popularity they get from being on TV — cuz they can jack up the charge for appearances and get bigger and better gigs.”


  1. Nobody gives a damn about that shit show conglomerate in the making known as TMZ. Everyone in entertainment & media knows exactly what Harvey is about.

    Where is Sasha R.? That's a question of interest for most of us. Out sick, on vacation, missing, whatever the case…this is the official request for her immediate return.?

    Sasha R. we're launching an APB for you if they don't return you to soon!!!

    • Agree @ Ms Reg. Regarding Sasha, she is currently being cloned. First Jacky now Sasha.

      • FM&AG4ever,
        I actually found Sasha R on another recent thread. She said she was still with us so she hasn’t jetted out on us…but you & I know it was some “funny business going on.”?

  2. Sorry, HSK…this is not news… We been knowing the employees of TMZ were being paid "pennies"… None of the people on staff are even remotely camera-ready.

  3. If true they must don't care how he is paying them trust me to many times I had to remove my self from a job because of a low pay they must don't care are just doing it for air time.

  4. They spend all their time kissing the azz of Harvey. What's the matter Harv, the Koven not selling enough stories anymore? This show need to be canned

    • Not everyone is kissing his ass. Dax quit recently and is looking for work in NYC.

  5. He is a low down Jhew. Their job is to continue to control the money that they created and to abuse non-Jhews (black REAL Jhews too) and to keep everyone away from getting paid. YOUR job is to recognize who is a Jhew, then realize that you should not trust ANY Jhew, then you will be better off. They prey on your greed and vices. Once they sense it – they got yo ass! They control the economy so they know you NEED their money to survive…

  6. I personally have no probs with Jews they take care of their own but in show biz, what comes up comes down TMZ had a good run for a long time the fall is coming, it’s normal.

  7. I cannot watch the tv show. It’s too stressful cause they try too hard. They are never gonna reveal the real secrets. The blog is so slanted – it’s almost laughable. Just another gossip rag like the other ones except that TAZ caters to a younger demographic.

  8. Could we be witnessing the downfall of TMZ finally? Oh joy! More degenerate filth that’s got to go. These jews don’t give a damn about anything except lining their own pockets. Let it fall and burn with the rubble!

  9. Well he’s been using his black cast to drag black celebs, so this is not shocking at all.

  10. I don’t believe Van Lathan AKA Mr. Huey Newton-Malcolm X 2.0 is settling for Harvey’s con. Van would be plotting a Nat Turner’s revolt if he even thought for a minute Harvey was holding out on him. Now that Raquel, that’s a whole different story. imo *SN:Oh yeah, whomever is the HBIC over at HSK, now. Please check the continuous refreshing of your site. Thanks

    • Van knows… Van scours at the camera all of the time. He’s not happy. He’s just going along to get along…for now.

  11. So they do all that Kooning for what? From a few pennies from Jeauxish puppet massa!

  12. I hate TMZ I call them TMZ zombies with cameras surgically attached to the face walking around like zombies looking stupid they’re fake and phony and when I do go on their site so call retarded gossip sites always let them know before comment because they always delete the good comments that they want to go back and use later stealing your Steelo m.tmz had done that to me a thousand times and I’ve had people to back me up on it but the commenters on TMZ site a very loyal and I love the commenters

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