The Tran Factor: Jada Pinkett Smith Snatches Chris Brown’s Leftovers?



HSK Exclusive – While Karrueche is puttin’ out word that she and Chris Brown “haven’t spoken in a while” — we’ve picked up some exclusive industry intel pointing to Hawthore’s very own Mrs. Smith, who’s said to have bumped Breezy’s ex-bae! I’m talking about Jada Pinkett Smith, who sources say is straight mack’in on said Karrueche Tran. Don’t believe me? Just ask Jacob York — aka acting Hollywood manager to Karrueche Tran.

Apparently, Jada and Karrueche have none other than Mr. Manager to thank for dropp’in the deets. Know why? Sources say Jacob York has been running around town “bragging” that Jada Pinkett Smith is gonna take Karrueche Tran to the top of the movie biz. Know how? According to the word that’s spillin’ in these streetz … Jada is going to get Karrueche more parts in television and prime casting in movie roles. I wonder if Will Smith makes special appearances at of the ladies’ smashing liaison sessions … Don’t You???

“Jada Pinkett Smith is much more than just friends with Chris Brown’s ex-boo, she’s Karruche’s new top Hollywood sponsor.”

The Drop:

“Karrueche already been over to Jada and Will’s house and Jada is very fond on her. You know, Jada’s got a femme fetish for Asian. You can expect to see Karrueche making appearances on television and, she’ll be on the silver screen in no Time with her fine azz.”


  1. Well good for her I guess. If she is happy to be in that position then I don't have a problem with it. A good looking, single woman with no dependants.

  2. Will and Jada have an open marriage, they both like the same sex they are… WooHo

  3. Some times this is just to much I be reading about lol man thank you Lord I am not part of Satan's play ground I almost made that mistake at age 21 trying to be a model what I know now thank God that was not for me.

  4. She is all broke in now. Played that international game for a while. Now she can be used for other intended purposes, just like the rest of them!

  5. I don’t believe Kawasaki is bisexual. However, if Konnichiwa starts popping up in major films and tv shows — Jada definitely went in her pocketbook.

    Jada is apparently big in the nonwhite lesbian scene of Hollywood. I guess Karaoke is determined to make it by any means necessary. O_o

  6. He turned out Karrueche and now she’s going to be passed around the bisexual carousel. What else is new.

  7. Not suprised. Chris was pimpin Kae even when she was his girl. Ed Sheeran said the first time he met Chris he was with Kae. He complimented him on his “pretty girlfriend” and Chris asked him if he wanted her, and said, “shes yours for the night if the price is right.” In. Her. Face. She just smiled and Ed declined, much to Chris’s annoyance.
    When i see her taking pics with Queen Latifah i’ll know shes fully broken in.


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