Tiny’s Friend Shekinah Got Beat Up By Her Man For Giving Him Herpes??

Word on the curb (and Shekinah’s timeline) is that Tiny’s BFF, Shekinah was assaulted by her boyfriend… Here’s the drop:

“Shekinah just got beat up by her man according to her latest post. This isn’t the first time this has happen.”


Word is that he did it because she gave him herpes, but that’s just hearsay. We can not confirm whether that is the reason, or just a dishonest excuse for violence.

Hitting on a woman is never cool!


  1. Damn are ya’ll sure that is the same person?

    The chick in the beaten down pic looks like she could be the top pic chick’s mama…make up does wonders.

  2. Im sorry, but Im going to have to be the bearer of bad news, but if you give someone herpes, and you know you have the disease, you deserve whatever comes your way. This woman, like many black women is going out here with nasty STD pussy’s (KNOWINGLY), and infecting people. As a woman especially, since we’re more susceptible to contracting STDs; should always be getting regular check ups if we’re sexually active, and getting tested. Herpes ain’t not shit you can just shake off. Now I understand we don’t know the whole story, but if you give someone herpes, you deserve that beatdown!

    • STFU with the beat down is ok shit…because when it happens to you, I am sure you bitch ass would not dare come on here talking about you deserved it…no matter the reason.

      • Wont have to worry about that happening because Im not going out here spreading STD’s to people. I do the one thing that this woman and many other black women’t don’t do, and that is getting regular checkups, and getting tested. I don’t know why you’re taking up for this woman. I must have touched a nerve with you as well… You burning?

        • Like I said it does not matter the reason dumb ass NO WOMAN ONE DESERVES A BEAT DOWN.. and learn how to read no one said it had to be over an STD.

          Since your ignorant ass obviously does not know you can be a carrier of a disease and spread it without knowing…read a book instead of living off of blogs and youtube, fucking moron.

          • I know how herpes operates, which is why not only do I take a BLOOD TEST, but I also make my partners get tested as well. This woman deserved that shit if the herpes situation is actually true. Most black women will go around out here, sleeping with dude to dude, not getting checkups and spreading all kinds of diseases. Hell, if you think Im bullshitting, look up the STD stats. Black women make up over 40%, and 72% of out of wedlock kids. I wonder if you would have the same stance if this woman had knowingly transmitted HIV to him?

            • Ok so you will deserve to get your ass beat too, because knowing how ignorant you are I am sure you will say or do something to have a man knock the living shit out of you and make sure to remember what you wrote here when it DOES happen…

              I swear you are so fucking stupid to believe every word some blog says on someone people you do not even know.

              You would believe the sky was green and the seas turned orange if they said it here or on youtube huh?

              • And again reading must not be your thing even with tests you can be a CARRIER with negative results, fucking idiot.

              • If you transmit a serious STD to a man knowingly, then yes, you deserve an ass whooping. I also stated “IF” this were the case. You didn’t quite pass in reading comprehension in school now did you? Yes you can be a carrier, but as soon as your immune system dipped low enough, you would start showing symptoms. Like HIV, it’s latent in the body, and can rely that way for many years. As for black men being carriers of HIV, well yes! And the reason they are being infected with those STD’s is because nasty black hoes, and their defenders like yourself are spreading the shit at epic rates. The whole “DOWNLOW” niggas argument is a moot point; since most DL men are bisexual, and most bisexual men top, not bottom. Bottoms/recievers are usually the transmiters. Are you related to this bitch? You must be since your caping for her this hard. Im not going to just run to the defense of some woman just because she’s a woman with brown skin like me. Fuck that. Not with the type of shit most of you loose whores pull.

                “You would believe the sky was green and the seas turned orange if they said it here or on youtube huh?”- LMAO this is a really poor analogy and strawman argument. For one a green sky is completely falsifiable; as I can see for my own eyes that it is not. This analogy in no way helps your argument dumbass!

            • And since you are throwing stats put the numbers of black men infecting black women with HIV, stupid bitch…

            • Your ignorant ass would think saying “if” negates everything else you said…BITCH PLEASE.

              The only DUMBASS here is YOU for believing a woman should be beat for ANY REASON especially when you DO NOT KNOW what the fuck you are talking about…

              You want to believe women are the problem because you have your own self-hate issues, all you are doing is talking out of your IGNORANT ASS…and you would believe the sky and sea thing because you have no real independent thought you feed off of shit like this.

              A man should knock some actual sense into you or just knock you the fuck out for being so fucking stupid…

              • And FYI research what a CARRIER is DUMB BITCH, because you so stupid you obviously do NOT understand the concept…

                For all you know you ARE a walking talking DISEASE!

              • LMAO look at your dumbass having a conniption fit because your all out of excuses for an argument; still failing horribly at reading comprehension as well. IF she had transmitted herpes to him knowingly, then yes; she does deserve that beating. Case close, and no one to feel sorry for. You must be related to this chick if you are going to bat for her this hard. You are simply pathetic.

              • STFU you mental midget dumb bitch…the only woman that deserves her ass beat is YOU and I am sure you will get a beat down sooner than you think…wait no man wants a ignorant self-hating bitch who has to comment on someone else’s relationship to feel better about their miserable shitty ass life…so keep living on blogs.

                You fucking sea hag because we all know this is all you have.

  3. It’s called black magic & that’s what’s Tiny’s other friend said she would do to her. Sheikinah responded with some Jesus billshit but she is gonna need more than the Caucasian mans god to beat that.

  4. So what year did this picture come from cause I think she has a new reality show coming out

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