Tiny Talks Up And Down Relationship With T.I.


    Tiny stopped by HOT 97 to talk about her relationship with TI and how she deals with him being a sex symbol, co-parenting, spoiling her kids, Xscape, writing, owning a basketball team, supporting women, trolls and her biggest regret.


    1. GURLLLL that lil piece of a man…BKA the Human I V Pole…& you look like a circus reject clown with those alien eyes and sausage nose…GURL y’all belong together…
      PLEASE KEEP HIS ASS and let him do the same with you…

      • U had me laughing until u mentioned their looks. Neither one of them is ugly. I guess beauty is indeed in the eyes of the beholder.

    2. They been up and down so much kinda like their TV ratings! Any connection? Yeah, I think so! Probably all deliberate!

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