Rumor of Kirk Frost And Rasheeda Being Separated is Reportedly Not True!

When reality isn’t really!

Rumors have been circulating for months that Kirk and Rasheed are “separated”…. BUT, new rumors are pointing to the couple “formally breaking up” as their story-line on the new season of Love And Hip Hop Atlanta.

However, sources close to Kirk and Rasheed say the reality TV pair are not separated and have never separated in over 18 years of being together.

Even without that story-line, the new season of Love&Hip Hop Atlanta, Kirk will find out he’s the father of Jasmine Washington baby, which he reportedly is NOT.


  1. This poor woman has been with this dog since she was 15 yrs old. She doesn’t know any other way of life. So so sad. This is what happens when an R Kelly-type of man gets with a teenager. This is why we need to teach our daughters about different kind of predators. Now Ms. Shirlene wants to go off on Kurt but she should have put her foot down when her teen daughter started dating her manager.

  2. Their time has come and gone. What is he? 50? Time to accept longevity in life not TV and music.

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