Porsha Williams Takes Jab at Marlo Hampton… Literally!

Porsha Williams was allegedly sent home during filming after taking a swing at Marlo Hampton.

Porsha Williams was back at work today….


  1. Marlo…Grab a bottle and hit that STUPID bitch upside her head…old school style!

  2. Porsha…Hyundai Volkswagen or whatever car yo mama named you after…
    BABY you don’t want non of Marlo…
    Just like non of the men you been with publicly linked to…They don’t want yo ass! Lol..

  3. One of them was on that boat and had to be restrained. It was pretty scary looking. The circus barker Andrew continues to assemble this entertainment and it’s not worth it. Somebody could have gotten hurt by now!

  4. Dont watch this anymore but Porcha is beyond beautiful. Now She just needs to act like!!!! If I were as pretty as her, I would not even be on this show, wouldve been married a baller, started my own business and been trying to compete with Beyonce and Halle Berry money, not these females on this show. Porcha is trippen. Her and Lisa Wu are so beautiful but they degrade themselves when being on shows like this and around females like that.

    • you sound like a gold digger “married a baller” lmaoo damn. How about marry a decent man thats going to treat you right not necessarily a baller but has something going for himself

    • Married to a baller? Damn BW have got LOW ambitions!! Porsha looks like a man without weave and makeup.

  5. porsha needs to be careful…this marlo bitch have been known to cut up the faces of preety women ,,,,,shes a criminal

  6. I agree I think Marlo hood ass fuck let em scrap…the show need help anyway this better than Nene and Kim arguing over who got roaches…

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