Beyonce’s Mother: Publishes Open Letter to Her Daughters

Tina Knowles Open Letter

Beyonce’s mother, Tina Knowles, who recently turned to the cult of Ron Hubbard’s Scientology, penned an open letter to her two biological daughters along with Kelly Rowland and her niece Angie Beyince.

Here’s what Tina Knowles wrote:

“I have four incredible daughters. Writing this brought to mind all the ways you guys have been such a blessing to me.

Beyoncé, I wish people could see how you are when you’re not in front of the camera or on the stage. How compassionate and kind you are to people, how you look them right in the eye when you speak to them. How hard you work, how generous you are with your time and money. How you don’t care if anyone knows about it because you do it from the heart. I wish they could see you with the Make-A-Wish Foundation kids, how patient you are and how your love has helped to extend lives. Yes, you are a huge star, but you have somehow managed to stay grounded and humble in the wake of all your success.

Solange, I knew when you were born three days late that you would walk to the beat of your own drum. You were always my rebel warrior! Always defending the underdog and fighting for what you believe in. I remember you, at 10 years old, started a petition to remove a bad teacher, and your dad and I were so proud of you. I love that you do not let others define who you are, or what you are. Whether in your music, fashion or your life, you truly are your own incredible, unapologetic person! As tough as you are, you will drop everything to take care of someone you love.

Kelly, I know without a doubt that you were a true gift from God. You came to live with us when you were only 11 years old. You were the sweetest, most kind person I had ever met and you still are. You are also a true survivor. You never give up. Your discipline and drive always inspires me. You make me want to take better care of my body and constantly motivate me to exercise and take time for myself. You have the best listening skills and are a loyal friend to many. I’ve seen you take the jewelry off of your arm and give it to someone because you wanted to make them feel good.

Angie, you are my niece, but we have always been more like mother and daughter! You were always so mature, always challenging me and questioning why. (Fortunately I never believed in the “Because I said so” or “I’m the adult” crap, either.) I always trusted that you would look out for and protect Solange, Kelly and Beyoncé, and you did! You still do sometimes. You are so smart and perceptive, and you see through bullshit right away! You’ve always had our backs. Our own family fixer!! You know I call you Olivia Pope!!!!!


  1. How old is this woman – publicly using foul language in a Mother’s Day Letter – crap, bullshit – really?

    • We can see now – Maty’s the one that had the class in that house and that’s not saying much!

    • What a ratchet witch like , attention seeking like ..using obscenities to encourage your daughters and then comparing your niece to a side piece fictitious character , Major Fail

  2. I hate people who write open letters. It screams look at me. Bosh go to a hallmark store and keep that ish private.

  3. Such a pity her daughter inherited that attention seeking trait from her mom. Perhaps if Tina had had some other quality to pass to her daughter, beyonce might have turned out better.

  4. Seems like she was compelled to write good things about beyonce to cover up her embarrassment of her being naked at the met gala.

  5. Seems sincere about the letter to Solange,anyhow why allow the world to see the letter let it be open to them in private ,call it a private letter.

  6. maybe Her new dick (Richard) is making Her writes these letter!!
    or Beyonce did a boo boo

  7. tinas about to go crazy in a few montrhs guess she felt like writing this before her auditing begins.
    tina is about to be clear in her mind and learn superpowers so she can become closer to god.


  8. This letter was released to help clean up bey and solange image. Solo is seen as crazy and bey has destroyed her classy image. She has let Jay z parade her as a high priced whore. That last line to the cousin was very telling. Calling her Olivia Pope hmmmm they must be hiding some hellafied bullsh*t to need an Olivia pope. The secrets that family is hiding smh.

  9. Nice try Tina but we aren’t falling for it. Someone please get Mathew on the phone to breathe life into his family’s dwindling relevance.

  10. scientology is going to get all those juicy little secrets out of tina because she has to confess her life stories and tragedies that not only happened to her byt her family as well.

    the Knowles may be crazy but they’re ten times saner than the jacksons.

    we know Matthews a cheater what can he do nothing but impregnate more beyonce wannabes who think by having matts kids that they’re gonna be the next superstars.

    wouldn’t be surprised if matt phukked bey, Kelly, solo, michelle, latayoa, and lativia in the past.

    Hollywood doesn’t surprise anybody with their sex scandal;ls no more.

    not gonna blame jigga for turning bey out bey was already hypwersexual before she got with jay especially if she had an abortion while in high school.

    she was in the geto boys talking about gangsta puyt me down she was shaking her ass with bootylicious talking bout can you handle her jelly so really what bey doing is nothing new.

    bey has to serve the baylon, metropolis agenda just like the rest of the female singers before did.

    whitrney, janet, toni, Mariah, Diana, Aretha, Gladys, patti, chaka they all sereved the agenda they all had to dress in the semirarmis dance ritual or kali, esther, ishatar whatever her name is they all did it.

  11. Matthew’s Niece already spilled the bean’s about Beyonce!
    She did an interview with Star Magazine, basically blagging Beyonce’s business

    She starred in Hannah Montana, who played a very stereotypical character

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