T.I. Pens An Open Letter To “Us”: “There Are No More Excuses”

ti open letter to us

Everyone stood behind T.I. when he penned an open letter to President Trump, but it looks like he was just getting start with the letter writing.

In his new letter, he’s addressing “US” – the black community, the hip-hop community and “whoever is against the oppressive communities that have historically tried to bring us down.”

T.I. starts the letter by saying he knows he’s guilty of contributing to “where we are now,” but we all need to be held accountable for our actions.

We can no longer afford to be entertained beyond the point of accountability. We can’t keep selling each other out and be willing to do anything to be seen, to be famous or to be rich.

T.I. says “we” are too concerned with money and materialistic things, and this has blinded us from the real issues.

“We do it just to impress people that could care less if your children or your children’s children have anything left to show for your life after you gone. “

He ends the letter by saying we need to parent our children better so they don’t live fast and die young.

“We must work to reshape the need for our children to want to live so fast even if it means dying too young. Now, I am not here to demonize or vilify but to pledge my commitment to help US do what needs to be done.”

You can read the entire letter here.

Do you agree with TIP or is it time for him to sit his azz down somewhere?


  1. ti unles you are willing to give up those hollywood checks and be willing to be blackbailed then shut up . ti you can’t play both sides

    • So, you mean he cannot be wealthy and responsible for the greater Black community? You sound stupid.

    • Word. They act as if he cannot have a moment of clarity and be wealthy while helping going forward. These are some ignorant azz comments on here (not yours).

  2. I’m sure people will follow his lead when he actually starts to do what he’s telling everyone else to do. Making your wife do threesomes and opening strip clubs is definitely not on the right track.

    • And made excuses for her racist remarks. I can’t believe people can’t see the truth behind his actions. Dummies showed their hand too soon and now they are afraid because there are no democratic skirts to hide behind.

    • Yeah, uhm…I think he covered that when he said:
      T.I. starts the letter by saying he knows he’s guilty of contributing to “where we are now,” but we all need to be held accountable for our actions.

      Grow up, foolish Negros.

  3. Yes, he needs to sit his ass down somewhere! He’s had a part in doing the very thing that he’s addressing. I’m not feeding into his bullshit. Oh he has stripclubs? Hell no.

  4. Right! And although, it should never be too late for a coon to turn in his or her dunce hat, let him put his money where his mouth is!

    • Yup, I totally agree with you. That’s why I’m not buying anything until he puts his money where his mouth is. Looking like a fake ass Malcolm X. Let’s see if he’s willing to upset his industry constituents to the point of having to live underground. Cause that’s how scared this neanderthal is of our rise. And a rise would mean zero sellouts!

      • We can’t even compare him to Malcolm X, he died for his beliefs..
        No man or woman is perfect, but we all have a chance at redemption.
        He needs to clean his own house ad stop disrespecting his wife, before anyone would listen to him.. Hollyweird is tired of you too, so now all black people needs to fall in line.. the everyday working black person dies more for their community that you do with all your millions..

        • Meant to say gives more to their community, than these rich fools.. They too busy spending stacks at the strip club..

  5. pay the gd IRS man! Then he can talk and act like he one of us. Most of us are trying to figure out how to pay the rent that’s due and the gas bill and the light bill and the food bill……

  6. Yeh he’s like Maya Angelou preach black pride and unity and crulness of white system but end up marrying white men 🙁

  7. Didn’t this guy try to open a strip club? WTF is he even talking about? Doesn’t he host pajama jam parties (orgies) with young ass females and guys? Wasn’t he caping for that wack ass iggy? WTF is he talking about? He needs to shut up and save his family FIRST. Then holla’ back.

  8. I here TI loud and clear but its easy to feel this way when u living the way he is. He’ll I’m a divorced mama chasing my ex husband to pay me the 100,000 he owes. Literally need to put a roof over my kids head. Ok well I need a roof and some sidings on my crib juggling to pay the mortgage. He’ll if I coup sing and Trump was gonna pay me 750,000 I’d be a singing ass fool. Lol Real parents want a better life for their kids and excuses are just that. We as black people have to lift ourselves outta our bad situations.

  9. Right…Another Black Hypocrite!
    Shut the FUCK UP…
    Get your fake pin nose Blue eyed baby mama back and again…SHUT THE FUCK UP!

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