Tiny to T.I.: “Come Back to Me Baby!!!”

tiny ti reconcile

It’s been less than a month since Tiny filed for divorce from T.I., and it looks like she’s waving the white flag and ready to take him back!

In an Instagram Live session, one of Tiny’s followers told her she needed to get back with the rapper, and Tiny responded with, “He needs to come back to me baby…come on back to me…”

Tiny then says she’s “where she’s supposed to be at,” so it looks like she’s sitting and waiting patiently for TIP to give HER a second chance. Don’t forget, he’s the one that was allegedly cheating and making her pay for her own dinners.

Peep the video starting at the 2:10 mark.


How soon before Tiny calls off the divorce?


  1. Sad but if that’s what Tiny wants then… Kudos to her.?

    She must don’t want BETTER.?

  2. I swear there is more behind this story. They owe the IRS almost half a million dollars!

  3. Disgusting. This is why men cheat because females allow this shit. She needs to look high and low for her dignity because she lost it. Also, doesn’t he currently have two side bitches pregnant? Fuk outta here!

  4. Why did I feel like I was watching the hood version of Lord of the Rings… dayummm ooogly.

  5. That shit aint NO WAYS “Black”. Try giving her description to the cops if she had to get rounded up in a line up and see what you ended up describing!!!!!

  6. Maybe mothers should teach their daughters to have self respect,and self esteem,then if fathers do leave the family,young women would choose men more wisely,fathers are needed,because he is the first teacher for a young woman’s ideas about men,why black men do leave families is a complicated thing today,I would say it started when blacks went to the big cities back in the fifties,men were not allowed to stay with families if mothers received welfare,it was a plan put in place to break up black families,it was an insidious hatred of blacks by the power elites!! It is still there today,we must wake up to what this Satanic plan was meant to destroy our people,it worked very well!!!

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