Kris Jenner Calls Blac Chyna a Deadbeat?

kris jenner blac chyna deadbeat

Blac Chyna is reportedly swimming in debt, and Kris Jenner is tired of her broke azz!

According to sources, Chyna’s credit cards are maxed out, but she’s still trying to hold on to that luxury lifestyle.

“She treated herself to a $400,000 Rolls-Royce Wraith, but good luck keeping up the car payments.”

The insider says Chyna doesn’t even have $10 to put in the gas tank, and she can barely keep up with the payments.

Kris is afraid Chyna will become “even more costly than Kanye or Tyga” to their family, and she’s sick and tired of her kids “bringing home deadbeats!”

“Chyna doesn’t realize how close this family is to cutting her off for good.”


  1. Mmmkay…Chyna is broke and a leech and much worse than white woman like Casey Anthony. Much worse lol

  2. And what is Rob doing? Why doesn’t he have a job to support his family? If Kylie hadn’t tapped into Tyga with the assistance of her entire family, Chyna would have never gone into this revenge game, because that is all this is. They screwed her and she screwed them back by getting with their son and becoming pregnant. The whole family sans kids are grifters and pathetic. I feel sorry for those innocent children. They have no future.

      • Black Chyna is ratchet broke lazy and a leech she wears weave fake cosmetics and loves to date thugs why do you think black women love her so much

        • Lol most black women in America are bipolar so imagine how destructive their kids will be

          • If most black women were bipolar, the sons they birth would be too. You don’t understand how genetics work. What is Americas education system doing? Jesus!

            • Shut Up with the education bit. You know this fool is on here everyday downing black women. His hate and stupidity has nothing to do with our education system.

  3. Send this to tommy sotomayor 75% of black men in jail are raised by single black women while 95% of doctors engineers and lawyers are raised by white, asian and Indian women

      • anon 11:23..also, don’t forget, biracial kids is usually more intelligent/smarter. Not to mention better looking with good features too.

      • Obama is BI-racial, not from the same bloodline as the so called “black” person. #Bloodlines.

    • I know you don’t understand this but in other races the MEN rock up to raise their children.

        • Future was never trying to see Jr. Ciara said she told him to come around for Christmas and he refused. Seeing your child doesn’t mean you just rock up whenever. It means you make a proper appointment with the mother because she has a life too. Who raised you people?!

        • Also black men get murdered and jailed for trying to sleep with white women. I don’t see that stopping them from doing it still. Like I said EXCUSES!

          • But Sarah most of black kids had the men didn’t want them. The problem is that black men just want to fuck the shit outta black women with out protection but black women are to stupid to be on any birth control and are eager to get knocked up by ANY MAN

  4. China’s contract is expired and up for renewal. These are just negotiation moments. She was paid to get Robert out of his depression and she did. Now there is a new duty that has to be negotiated. The woman still works the clubs while he sits at home. That’s not for most new mommies.

  5. Has anyone else seen that southern belles portrait of the K-Klan? Them heifers are all sitting on the grass with big ole hats on like it’s the 1800s! I know I aint the only one who seen this!

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  7. You know I used to love this website and the comments but nowadays we’re just being subjected to the thoughts of jobless gossipy men in this comments section.

      • Strangely those black beggars will probably be helped by “racist” white women before any black women…

        • Damn straight! I’m not funding a mans lifestyle. Homeless or not. Broke women are sucking dick, why cant broke men do the same instead of expecting handouts from women?!

      • They don’t want broke ass, broke down, ugly form the inside out, garbage bags like you anymore than any of us do.

  8. what about the white fathers that fuck their own children male or female, they fuck their wives younger sisters, then go to bookstores and suck dick, swallow the cum then drive back to the suburbs and kiss the family in the mouth

  9. Black chyna not Tyga will ever go broke as long as they are famous. They can make money telling all they secrets or making up lies. That girl ain’t broke, she just spending all they money instead of hers. Kardashians used people to get where they are and now ppl doing them the same

  10. Black chyna nor Tyga will ever go broke as long as the kardashians are famous. They can make money telling all they secrets or making up lies. That’s why they attached they self to this family. That girl ain’t broke, she just spending all they money instead of hers. Kardashians used people to get where they are and now ppl doing them the same

  11. Thanks to the system that keeps most black men in prison. What the puck do you expect black women to do? Instinctive wise Females will procreate even with dead beats….dont blame the black women blame the dam system because this right here is by design

  12. Black men made them famous… Now a black woman keeps them relevant… Kris should be personally keeping her tank filled.

  13. Those witches suck the life out of men.. Look at all the Black men lives their ruined..
    Chyna get everything you can from those witches, that’s what they do.. You child is a Kadashian whether the old whorer Kris likes it or not.. Scott is the only one they can’t control and they gave no empathy for anyone, but themselves.. Kris just keep giving Chyna her checks.. Because she checkmated all y’all ass.. Robert went from a handsome young man, to a dirty stinky looking pig.
    They kept him off the show, because he was telling his witching sisters off.. They need to worry about Brucella and his confused old man looking woman.. GTFOOH with all this fake BS..
    They are so called socialite because of their skin color,if they we black, they would be considered whorers. That’s what the are and Kris is the HBICin whoring.

  14. She was better off single and promoting Lash on her own. Now she’s trying to keep up with the Joneses instead of using her earnings to solely Invest in her businesses. Ball after you’re filthy rich and make your exploits tax write offs.

  15. Why do I think you are a self loathing black man that wants to be white, or just a real dumb white one. Which is it?

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