Chrisette Michele Defends Inauguration Performance: “I’m Representing You”

chrisette michele trump inauguraton

Chrisette Michele is catching heat for agreeing to perform at Donald Trump’s inauguration.

Although her fans have literally begged her on social media not to perform, Chrisette is still planning to serenade the crowd alongside fellow performers, Toby Keith, 3 Doors Down and soul singer Sam Moore.

After the backlash, Chrisette took to her Instagram to defend her decision, saying she’s performing at the inauguration to represent “us.” She also ended her message with an MLK Jr. quote.

"My heart is broken for our country, for the hopes of our children, for the fights of those who came before us. I cry at the thought that Black History, American History might be in vain. This country has had great moments. God has shined His light upon us. Today, I hope that Great Moments begin in peaceful & progressive conversation. I am willing to be a bridge. I don't mind "These Stones", if they allow me to be a voice for the voiceless. I am here. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. once said, "Our lives begin to end, the day we become silent about what matters,". I am here, representing you, because this is what matters." – Chrisette Michele #NoPoliticalGenius We Can't Be Present If We're Silent | LINK IN BIO

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What do you think about Chrisette’s decision to perform despite the backlash?


  1. Nothing wrong with her choosing to perform for a paycheck but she needs to stop lying about representing us.

    • Exactly. She’s performing for money and press, not “us”. No one’s really checking for her music anymore, and even her old stuff has kinda faded from airplay. More people will know who she is after tomorrow. Controversy makes $$$.

    • Chrisette is a representation of her family, that’s all. Blacks share the same skin color, but we have different values, upbringings, life experiences, standards, etc. The idea that a puppet public figure represents me only because we are Black is silly. I can’t believe we are still stuck with this way of thinking.

  2. It’s hard for some black people to realize we are not on the plantation anymore and it’s okay to work with the white man. If a homeless man comes up to you and ask you for a sandwich and a place to lay his head down and you offer to help but he slaps the sandwich out your hand and walks off grumbling because he doesn’t want it from a person that isn’t black. You wonder why white people think blacks are not smart…they’re hungry and someone wants to feed them but they slap his hand away! To turn down a job because of peer pressure! Please, that’s ignorance…go make your Benjamin’s and get exposure because you showed you have courage!

    • So when you beat us up & don’t look after your kids we just need to sit back and reward you? Okay…

    • True…black women love bums tho my best friends who I disowned loved these jailbergs homeless three strikes black women….alll of them got pregnant all of them single now…I asked why they said don’t judge me 🙁

    • if all black americans turned down jobs given to us by whites 99% of us would be unemployed on welfare or starving.

      blacks with billions create jobs for no one but themselves and their friends.

      • Blacks have no real wealth in this country…so they could not provide jobs even if they wanted to.

  3. Black people are not a monolithic group and should feel insulted at the idea that there is only one way to think, that blacks are not real blacks unless they vote Democrat, progressive, liberal. These liberal have done nothing for blacks and when you go another route, they are the first to call you every name under the sun.
    They want to keep single mothers on government assistance in perpetuity. The democrat’s solution is more government assistance. Is that what black folks really want? I don’t think so. This woman is making money singing at the inauguration of a president. She is not singing for Trump. She is bringing home nearly 1 million dollars. If Jay-Z is not paying her rent. There are dozens of talented black artists, you can hear them on YouTube or Pandora, much better than the crap you hear nowdays. They are the ones that didn’t sell their soul to the industry. They should gotten a call to perform.

  4. I’m so tired of my people judging Black entertainers just for being civil to that asshole. Were people this outraged when their faves were performing for terrorists?

    • I’m getting tired of people attempting to be civil to someone who’s been shamelessly disrespectful to so many at every turn. It’s always a mistake to think you can trust a loose cannon. Though I agree there’s a lot of selective outrage lately. Wish some of these folks would’ve been outraged enough to go vote.

      • It’s like when you have an asshole for a boss but you need that paycheck. You don’t trust him and you don’t like him but you have bills to pay so you resign yourself to make it work.
        We are kind of in that position right now. The deed is done and he’s in there. What are we going to do protest for 4 years while everyone else passes us by? Trump doesn’t give a damn either way.

  5. Blacks performing for Obama (not our people) is the disgrace! Obama told blacks to: “…Stop complainin, and do for self.” He told gays they are brothers and this week he said illegals are basically citizens! At least TRUMP himself is not picking on blacks, but hispanics. Sit back and enjoy the show!

    • I agree with you with one exception. Trump is critical of illegal immigrants. Those are the folks that come here and immediately get on the welfare roll. They get hired before many black people do. Trump wants to stop illegal immigration. He never said anything about legal immigrants as two of his wives were immigrants themselves. It is hispanics here that decided to make a stink say and are going on the mantra ‘we want our people in and are coming in no matter what.’ That is wrong. Trump also supports police. Based on that, blacks decided that he must be anti-black. People do support law enforcement, they just hate crooked cops that shoot people and rightfully so. Trump is also very critical of how democrats have allowed the inner city to go to shit. He is right but blacks took that personal. When you vote constantly for the people that keep you down, you stop seeing the difference. I’m not defending Trump but setting the record straight.

      • Blacks don’t like working…black women clown black men with real jobs….they want at risk salary

        • @ 20:35 …. QUESTION… What do you consider a “real”… I have learned that you have to ask a deadbeat type this. Because they are the same type of dudes to tell you that they are “good guys”… These no good basTurds are only projecting what they wish to be, not what they truly are. But why would they tell the truth. NO integrity, the beginning of recognizing a deadbeat sperm donor!

          • We already know this dude is shit and he won’t answer with anything of substance because he is too stupid to reply with a thoughtful, intelligent answer.

  6. She’s an entertainer. Did they call her up for being black or for being an entertainer? Either way she has to sing another day for someone, might as well be for the world.

    • I think they called her up for being black. Or did they call her at all? It’s possible her people reached out. I can’t imagine anyone in Trump’s circle even knew of her before. DT’s camp was desperate to find a black act to show they’re not racist (because paying a negro to sing and dance totally proves one is definitely not a racist). Chrisette Michelle is a pretty random choice. For something as big as an inauguration, you would shoot for a much bigger name. Her inclusion has desperation written all over it – from both sides.

  7. The so what she’s performing, get your check girl crowd is the same mentality that that keeps drug dealers in business. What do you think whites would say if Taylor Swift agreed to perform for Min. Farrakhan?

  8. Bitch didn’t represent me, she represented the sell out bitch that will sell their fucking soul for that mean green. Now she’ll have to face the endless backlash for shuckin/singing & jiving/dancing for that sorry ass bastard some call their president.
    Bitch done commit career suicide…⚘

  9. Did she sing alone cause I saw her on stage with some gospel group keeping with tradition to have negro spirituals sung at all american functions. Baby boomers are very familiar with this.

  10. Yall need to stfu. She sounded beautiful & they sang about the most high & jesus at the performance, best performance of two days of ppl signing. It’s like yell want the race war more than anybody else. The man is the president & last time I checked if hillary would’very won we still end up with a white president..

    • It’s good that AA are starting a zero tolerance policy for sellouts. I hope it trickles down to the average person. One of the most sickening things about being in America is watching AA show teeth to white POS.

  11. If you watch “George Webb: Where Is Eric Braverman?” on Youtube, you will learn that the Clintons were actively involved in organ harvesting and child sex trafficking in Haiti. To date, The Donald hasn’t pulled that shit on high melanin people – not even close. It’s time to get informed – FAST.

  12. She went thru all that and donold didn’t even shake her hand smfh dumb ass money ain’t everything her career is over I honestly don’t even know one song by her .

    • I hope she invests that check well because her niche fanbase is not rocking with her anymore.

  13. Who give a fuck she not representing me nor how I feel abt racist azz trump she made her $250.000 girl move on

    • Her fans are not having it. And she’s a niche act…

      I could see taking that risk for a 750K check — but only 250K? Who’s advising this chick?

      She could make way more than 250K doing small clubs all year, and getting side money.

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