MC Lyte’s In Love…With a Man!

mc lyte gay

MC Lyte just put decades worth of rumors to rest in an Instagram post declaring her love…for a MAN!

The Brooklyn rapper says she has finally found love after so many years, and she encouraged all her followers to “wait on love” too.

“What can I say, except thank you Lord!! It’s been a long time, this singe life, and I thank you all for your prayers and kind words of hope. God has sent me true love. For all of you waiting on LOVE- don’t give up – keep God first and he will see that you meet your match. #godisall”

Many people have suspected the rapper of being a lesbian, and her close relationships with Queen Latifah and Tichina Arnold added fire to the flame.



  1. Way to do it Lyte!!!
    Luther said it long ago…”Wait for love” ❤️ ????

    • Well Hello To U Too! It’s so nice to see you Reg! Everybody else I am doing a lot better! In case ya’ll don’t know my mom and brother been in a car wreck and my sister been two car wrecks back to back! And I just recently gotten over the flu and pnuemonia. Yes, Congratulations to Lyte and her new found love!

      • I’m sorry to hear about your family, they are alive and just trust and believe in Jesus..
        He’s the best doctor there is.. May God bless you and your family.

        • Smh…My sister had it worst. Her first accident was a head on collision. Once she got from that wreck, the rental car she had lost control of that car and she landed in the ditch. The cop was behind her said she wasn’t going fast but the car somehow malfunction. She ended up with a bleeding liver, her oldest son, had to get 32 stitches cause he busted his forehead open and almost took out his right eye. But the baby boy is okay.

          • Sorry to hear about that DaR1. They sound a little beat up but at least everyone survived. That pneumonia is no joke either. Take care of yourself girl.

            • Hey Cheese. We all doing OK. My nephew’s is face is healing real good. Thanks for the love.

    • Girl where have you been? Glad to see you and many other natives of this place back 🙂

      • Surgeries, A hurricane, two hospitalizations, mom’s house caught an electrical fire, three deaths and a shooting or three.

        • @DaRadiant1 Damn, Im sorry to hear that. Im definitely sending some prayers and good vibrations your way. Please take care.

    • @Ms Reg Says!!! HEY THERE! Nice to see you on here again! I hope all is well with you too.

  2. Many of us (Sistahs) actually are employing The #WAIT… That’s why you’re still a lonely scrub.

    • Thanks, Luv… I stopped dating for years because I knew that the old way of doing things doesn’t work. When you wait, and get yourself together mind, body and soul it causes a chain reaction in the universe to bring your True SOULMATE (highest order of love) into your life, instead of karmic relationships and bums.

      • Wow my father RIP die over 40 yrs ago said, your mind, body and soul have to be centered, in order for you to fully function.. Also said stand alone for your morals or beliefs, you want be alone your Heavenly Father will be there before you show up.. I stood alone so many times and beat the opponent, with the truth.. Stand for something or you will fall for anything.. I still live by his words, because he didn’t speak a lot, but when he spoke, he wasn’t going to say it again… I’m awaiting Jesus to send me my next husband, already put in order in tohim, and I have the patience of Job.. I’ve never been in a hurry or rush to do anything, I pray and wait on my answer from Jesus.. He’s never once failed me, I have failed him.. Thank goodness he’s a loving and forgiving Father. I will never disrespect my Body for no man, because my Body is a temple of Jesus’s work of art.. Waiting on Jesus is better than waiting on man any day, because man will fail you, but not my Father in Heaven. I’m his daughter and I’m a child of the King of all Kings.. He’s the only seeing eye I believe in, he knows all and he sees all.. More women need to be of good courage and wait on Jesus.. He sent my first husband and it lasted 31 years, so he did very good and we have a good relationship
        after I divorced him.. Strange how sorry a man can be after it’s too late, but you weren’t going to change nothing.. So I change and went in our 32 yr anniversary to oe him know it’s a wrap..I divorce had nothing to do with another woman or man.. The Lord took the scales off my eyes and mi knew the next day, if he didn’t chage, I was gone…..It’s all good and we get along like we are still married, except I would never sleep with him again.. That zipped up for my next

        • We have people that just talk talk talk and don’t live by none of the bullshit they spit.

  3. Most people are so got dam stupid. I never got a gay vibe from Mc Lyte. Im from the old school hip era and Ms lite always rap about getting some dick. My favorite was I wanna getta me a rough neck

  4. Some women display masculine mannerism but still like dick…..Back in the days (ANd today) hip hop have always been dominated by males so it only make sense for her to move like that

    • Shut the fuck up your not a bible for the hip hop era you think you no it all on every website giving ya2 cent’s ,respect other’s comment’s as well as validity you come on this mofo disrespecting others view

  5. Love me some MC Lyte, they don’t make hip hop artist like this anymore. Congratulations to her for finding love.

  6. Looking good. A fresh face from back when hip hop was exciting, intelligent and creative. Congrats

  7. She never came across to me as gay. Just single and I always knew she has a love for GOD. I think it was wise for her to keep quiet about her private life.

    • Ummm…no she was about that life.

      Look at her album covers she was holding up the pyramid around one eye and all that BS like the rest. Too funny how after fools get tossed to the side they get on the “God” tip.

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