Chris Stokes Got a Brand New Bag!

Chris Stokes Hollywood Workshop

Chris Stokes, director of the #1 box office hit “You Got Served” has joined the cause to see more minorities in Hollywood by creating the Chris Stokes Movie Training Workshop Experience. Stokes hopes to give opportunities to minorities that desire to be in the film/tv industry but don’t have the resources to do so.

In a field that is predominantly non-minority driven, the Chris Stokes Movie Training Workshop hopes to help change the face of Hollywood. There are so many talented actors, directors, producers, etc. in Hollywood that are minorities and looking for a chance to show their talent. The Chris Stokes Movie Training Workshop will select applicants to be involved in the film and television shows that Chris Stokes’ production company ‘Footage Films’ will be producing. By creating these opportunities, the Chris Stokes Movie Training Workshop hopes to bring more minorities to the forefront of the film and television making process. The Chris Stokes Movie Training Workshop will give upcoming, talented individuals an opportunity of a lifetime, working on set as part of the workshop with Chris himself.

Chris Stokes looks to get more minorities into the film and television industry. Check out contact section to submit your resume.

Chris Stokes is now actively accepting and reviewing submissions for providing these opportunities. If you are interested go to to send your submission on why you feel you should be part of The Chris Stokes Movie Training Workshop “Hollywood Initiative”. Learn more about Chris Stokes and his past work at –

Also check out some trailers for Chris Stokes’ upcoming movies!

Only For One Night –

Boy Bye –


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