T.I. Uses Instagram To Promote ATL Sequel

ATL Sequel Starring TI

It’s been nearly a decade since it’s release, but T.I. took to his instagram account anyway, to confirm the ATL sequel.

Here’s what T.I. revealed:

“I’m with director Chris Robinson and co-stars Jackie Long, Albert Daniels, and Jason Weaver.”

Here’s what’s reported:

“The original ATL debuted in theaters at No. 3, grossing $11.5 million in its opening weekend.”


  1. Heck, I didn’t like the 1st ATL, it was a little too tame for me being from the “A” but overtime it’s become somewhat of a classic

    • agree Ent Goon. It’s become something of a nostalgia flick already. MTV and VH1 show it like once a month now.

  2. does T.I really think he’s “black fans” are gonna support his movie after the way he defended that ugly skanky hoe Iggy?

    bet this coon got Iggy doing a soundtrack and everything (that would be trash) T.i f*cked up when he co-signed Iggy and her tacky bubble gum pop hip hop (shitty hip hop more like)

    • OK. But everyone’s always talking about creating business which puts money into the black community and the pockets of black folks. If Tip made a pile of money off pimping Iggy, then good for him.
      Isn’t that better than the other way around?

      • No its not better. He could have given a sister the same chance he gave Iggy! He is a sellout plan and simple! Hopefully BLACK PEOPLE remember how he talked all that shit defending talentless Iggy! If Iggy could flow I would never take away her cred but she is wack as heck! For real no hateration whatsoever!

        • Iggy is also a racist she talked about damn near every race crept white of course on her twitter then erased it when she got famous I can’t stand her pale non rapping ass and f*ck T.I he also talked bad about black ppl because of this hoe

          • T.I really disrespected the Black Community by defending that ugly gecko looking bitch!
            He needs to understand that His fan base are Black People!!, White People ain’t buying His “Hood Type Music”
            Black people are His target audience. He should of kept his “Black Fans” sweet but instead He defended Iggy and Her crappy music

            being associate with Iggy is gonna damage His career and street credit! He might be making money of Her (for now!) but when this bitch
            does a 360 move on His “Uncle Tom Ass” that’s when He been bawling about He’s career and rep!!

  3. They took so long to make a new one and I only went to see it when I was like 14 cuz of Evan Ross but a second one now seem wack I’ll catch that on TV or DVD

  4. I’d be OK if T.I only used Igloo Australia to make him money in that ‘bitch you better have my money ‘ kinda way, but he defends her and it seems more like he’s the servant than the master. Heard her speak bout their relationship & it was clear she doesn’t even respect him nor does she respect any ethnicity, typical WASP mentality. T.I will fall even further & he’ll regret signing her forever

  5. bet you iggy is gonna do a cameo appearance!! don’t know how the cast is gonna feel about having a white bitch rapping like southern black woman

  6. It’s five/phive of them and the dude facing backwards” = inverted penta/phive gram.

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