Erica Mena No-Show at L&HH Reunion Show Taping

Erica Mena Skips Reunion Taping

HSK Exclusive – Erica Mena didn’t show up to the taping of the Love & Hip Hop New York reunion show, this past Tuesday night. Know why? Because Erica has quit and she’s no longer a cast member of the show.

Here’s what a L&HHNY cast member told HSK:

“Erica already filmed her reunion part with Mona. She don’t want to be around her ex-cast members, because she’s ducking the fade.

Erica thinks we’re ratchet and she’s holier-than-thou. But, she’s taking her clothes off for Playboy.”

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  1. Maybe she thinks she has made it now that the white man from playboy elevated her hoe status and dont need the black show anymore

    • Who cares about this little hooka in the literal sense. She will use the black community to restructure her hooka status. She is using bow wow to upgrade her hookaology way of being. The brothas are always trying to turn hookas into housewives! Amazing! Wondering what kind of sista was bow wow’s mother. He choose a hooka from the track again I am amazed

  2. Erica Menace knew better than to show up at the reunion because she knew Jhonni Blaze was going to body slam that slick talking ass of hers. I’m sure Cyn Santana, Chrissy Monroe, and whoever else would have jumped in to two piece that trick.

  3. Nya the bald head stripper almost put Erica in acoma at the last reunion. Erica’s mouth alone will get her killed and Bow Wow better be careful.

  4. Erica needs to remember where she came from, playboy wouldn’t of been knocking down her door if it wasn’t for this realty show shit!!.

    just because she’s getting dicked down by Bow Wow she think’s she’s the shit!!!

  5. I’m glad Shad has that new role on CSI Cyber cuz he’s gonna need those paychecks to keep this trifling ho.

    • I saw him with Patricia Arquette doing a PR junket for CSI last night on TV. I hope it works out for the little dwarf, but he just looks so diminutive, I can’t see him in a romantic type role. Maybe he’s more of a sidekick.

      • He needs to bulk up and grow some hair on his face. I like him as an actor. I didn’t know he was doing csi I will have to check it out.

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