Drake’s New Boo Has a Criminal History


Drake’s new girlfriend, Bernice Burgos, was charged on December 13, 2010, for physically assaulting a fourteen year old girl.

Here’s what’s reported:

“On December 14, 2010, members of the Bergen County Prosecutors Office Sex Crimes and Child Abuse Unit and the Palisades Park Police Department arrested Bernice Burgos after learning that she physically struck a fourteen year old female acquaintance. The incident occurred on December 13, 2010 in Palisades Park, N.J.”


  1. So!!! Is this chick 19 now? if so that was a junior high school girl fight.

  2. Now you know she is far from ugly. Drake on the other hand is all kinds of ugly.

    • I always knew Drake had something for dark chocolate because he used to date Cat Washington from the bad girls club and she said Drake ate the cat. Lol.

    • she’s not bad but her association with Drake makes her questionable ijs . other black women will never give props to a fellow black chick its sad

        • Cosign. I for one LOVE to give props where they are due. When you take a cheap shot at a beautiful woman you may as well say “I hate her because she’s prettier than I am.”

        • Only black people get into this… yall so f*ckin lame! We try to put our mix in every damn body every other race and not one of them is rushing to claim your black asses. Why? Why continue to demean yourselves like that this is why black Americans starting to be looked at as a big joke and thirsty and self hating where we used to be looked at as truly strong- physically and morally……. Threatening and not too be taken lightly by weak mf’s. White people do read this shit u know… silently reading making no comments, and laughing they asses off in the process feeling superior as they’ve been given a reason to and it’s already in their nature. Just be proud to be you, f*ck them. They don’t f*ck with us and probably won’t before Jesus come back. Get over it wake up out the fog and stop being weak!

  3. criminal history ? damn Jacky you made it sound like bank robbery income tax evasion or some shit . she might be on her way to motherhood and some herpes messing with Drake

  4. They keep putting nice looking females around him, but you know damned well this guy is a George Micheal and shit. Why would he date people from the US when he is from a whack ass country? All theater…

  5. Your sound ignorant as hell. So its a wack ass country because they have a low crime rate. Fool

    • I LOVE Canada. I’s move there if I could. There is nothing wack about it as far as I can see. It’s a little cold in the winter in some areas, but western Canada isn’t any colder than the Pacific NW.
      People are a lot more laid back and it doesn’t seem to be over run with gang activity. People keep up their property better too.

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