Did Karma Deliver Chris Brown a Baby Girl?

Karrueche Tran Bounces

Chris Brown is reportedly the father of a nine month old baby girl; the mother is a 31 year old instagramer named Nia Gonzalez.

Here’s what’s reported:

“Nia’s known Chris for several years. Chris and Nia are on good terms however they’re not together romantically.

Karrueche knows all about Nia and Chris’s baby. Brown took a blood test last week; according to that test, he is the father of the child.”

Chris Brown Daughter


    • Good question, but I think it’s safe to say that Chris hasn’t been in her life, because I just read that there was another dude that thought he was the father and has been playing daddy the wole time. I guess when he found he shed his tears in a post on twitter or IG. Wow!!! Chicks are dirtier than dudes these days and there is a difference between chicks and ladies..

      • Keep reading. The girl is friends Chris’s GF. apparently she DID NOT KNOW all along, cause she dumped Chris.

        THIS is sad,
        1. Guy Thought the kid was his.
        2. Chris sleeping with his GF friends
        3. karueche friends sleeping with “her nan”
        4. That you have to have a DNA test to figure out which man is your babies DAMN DADDY

        • Yeah this is a bigger mess than Chris Brown himself. Dude needs to get himself together, everytime you look around his name is in the the middle of some bullshit. He can no longer claim that he is being targeted because of the Rihanna thing. Hope he gets his head right. This stuff might seem insignificant to him right now but these are major life changing things that will effect his life the older he gets….

          • My sympathies to the little girl. Her mama is a hoe and her daddy is a crazed, maniacal asshole. Shit just ain’t fair in life sometimes, I guess. And don’t know why folks are surprised. As much as these people lay around out here I’m surprised it took him this long to pop one in some hoe.

    • The story claims he took one last week.
      Karrueche would do well to stay off social media “acting.” She was just seen with him in Canada & no one will be at all surprised to see her right behind him at his next event as always…baby or not.

      At the end of the day…
      IF there’s any truth to this…it will make this his 2nd child.

      • Reason I asked is because I know that blood types can match but the DNA tells the story. I mean how many people here are O+? More than half I’m sure

        • Eddie, what are you talking about???? A DNA test was taken and proved Chris is the father. All this O + you’re inquiring about makes no sense.

          • It makes sense to me. If you read the article provided here, it states that a blood test was taken. A blood test is done to find out what a persons blood type is, a DNA test is done to match genetics. Just because two people share a blood test does not mean they share genes. The O+ reference was because its the most common blood type in the world, but just because two people are both O+ does not mean that they are genetically related, Atleast thats my interpretation of the situation. This article HERE clearly states BLOOD test. There may be another one that says DNA but this is the only one I that have seen. I could be wrong and if i am, it aint the first and damn sure wont be the last time. I try to look at the words most times, they got the Indians like that a long time ago on a deal for a corn field….lol

            • EddieLongsTragicHairPiece,

              I see what you mean now. Though the article reads “Chris took a blood test” I would think the writer meant “he took a DNA test” or we should all hope so anyway!

            • You’re right, ELTHP. Unlike A, B and AB, the blood type O is the universal donor and can give blood to those other blood groups. A can only give to A, B only to B, and AB only to AB. O can give to all.

            • @ Khalil and Ms. Reg, thanks for letting me know I’m not crazy here…i was trying to make sure I understood correctly. Sometimes in these articles words can be added changed or twisted. If its DNA test that he took then I might give it some consideration as being true, if not, not so much. But thanks for taking the time to give feedback.

        • EddieLongsTragicHairPiece,

          You know…
          I’m guessing this isn’t the last we’ll hear of this saga. The players/sparticipates are:

          A. This woman who seems to have the morals of a back alley street cat since it’s quite clear she was friends with BOTH Chris & his girlfriend…but comes up “pregnant by Chris.”

          B. Karrueche Chris’ main girl.

          C. An adorable baby.

          D. The OTHER tatted up cat who claims not only was he told HE was the father but that he’s been taking care of “his” child since day one.

          E. Chris Brown (who assumingly has WAY more money than the cat listed as D.)

          Summary: This is a damn MESS!

  1. She ain’t goin no where. They will try and keep their relationship on the low, low by not appearing in pics or events together, but they will still be in a relationship.

    • That’s my question as well. I believe children are a blessing so Chris is blessed. Hope he gets it together gor his sake and ofcourse his child’s sake.

  2. The best thing CB could do for that baby girl is stay the eff away from her. She does not need a misogynistic loser for a father. She needs someone who respects women and will teach her to respect herself. On second thought, get that child into foster care STAT, cuz her mom obviously knows nothing about self-respect.

  3. Yo Jacky, why u ain’t calling her a hoe, whore and trick like the black babes u trash on this site? Cause she Tex Mex?

  4. Kootchiecakes may not realise it but she dodged a bullet by not procreating with that guy. He’s not ready to be a father . Too many issues.

  5. Makes a song about hoes not being loyal then inpregnantes one that’s that kanye west syndrome smh these niggas are hilarious not just celebrities either and not all men but a very large group talk and, karroteoochie ain’t going nowhere

  6. This woman Nia looks like a prostitute. I feel sorry for this child. I wonder what Rihanna has to say about this.

      • What’s up, Ms. Reg? Yeah, real life got in the way of posting on the site the last month and change, but I’ve stayed lurking/reading what’s going on & will be back in full effect soon! How’s life been for you?

            • Raheim,

              Exactly! Kindergarten Hour is the name given for the “struck nerve” you’re referring to. It’s my understanding it’s the new black!

              I’m so happy to see you back! I completely understand how life’s schedule takes total priority & leaves you little to no time to post. One of our old friends recently directed me to post claiming “I ran you & others off” so to catch up to you now is…
              funny & justifying at the same time!

              Your absence just makes most of us appreciate you all the more!

      • lol Ms. Reg! These poor little misguided Gossip Blog Trolls and their incessant grasps for E-attention…I’m a grown-ass man who knows how this Blog/Message Board shit works, which means that the only entities who can ‘run me off of here’ are Jacky/the HSK staff and myself. The very notion of bottom-feeder font making me ‘run’ anywhere online makes me laugh harder than Karate-Chop’s fake-ass Tweet above.

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        • I think your posts are cool @Raheim. I be reading some of your posts and I think you really got a good head on your shoulders
          If you are not already doing so, you would really be good a mentoring young brothers
          Keep up the good work and posts
          Peace! 🙂

          • Thanks for that, Stuntman. Funny how you never know what impact, if any, your words have until someone else points it out.

        • Raheim,

          LMAO…I’m not sure you realize how vitally sick & obsessed said bottom-feeder font really is!

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        • Raheim, you really should stay out of all the drama, stay neutral. You’ve always come across like you were above the fray, now you’re diving in head first sounding like a messy, gossiping btch.

          ****Where are the Tyrone’s of the bloggisphere’

          • Anonymous, Shook Punk Bitch, you really should refrain from trying to tell other adults what to do, stay neutral. You’ve always hounded Ms. Reg like a scorned lover or creepy ‘Net stalker, now you’re in the thick of petty, stupid Internet drama sounding even more of a stupid, silly, messy, desperate-for-attention bitch than I originally wrote you off as. Where the hell do you get off fronting like you’re taking the ‘high ground’ while being all stuck in your feelings like some 12-year-old schoolgirl who thinks the world revolves around them?

            ****Where are the Normal People who don’t let random font on gossip blogs dictate their on-and-offline lives’****

            In short, punk bitch, keep my name out of your font and grow the f*ck up coming at me sideways like you know me, before I really tell you about your bottom-feeding ass.

          • Anonymous, Shook Punk Bitch, If the shoe fits…Wear it on your Down-Syndrome-looking face. The fact that you’re THAT pressed over a couple of people your Section 8 ass doesn’t and will never know is pathetic and hilarious at the same times. Do the world a favor and go choke on some ‘Pink Panties,’ bitch.

            • lol@Anonymous 1874U! I was just saying. The Little Cunt That Couldn’t has been on here for months looking for validation for their jealousy of someone they likely don’t and never will know, and someone had to inform them of how pathetic and punk-ish they are doing so, especially being an adult. Too bad the little bitch stepped into some shit they can’t climb out of with those lame, childish, 3rd-Grade snaps. Of course, for all we know, they could be another Troll paid by this site to stir up shit for cheap blog hits, but pathetic is pathetic. Clearly they aren’t about that blog/Internet life, to which the great poet Biggie Smalls has a solution:

              “Don’t be mad, UPS is hiring”
              –The Notorious B.I.G.

          • ^Better get it out now, as your Habitual, no-life-having Troll ass will be banned soon. Again. Better hope the Soup Kitchen is open tomorrow, you sagging waste of space.

            • Well Raheim,

              According to Anonymous at 07:19 I guess it’s YOU who now has the power to delete comments on HSK & with that in mind I guess the poor delusional hussy should have took you for your ^^^^ word.^^^^

        • Raheim,

          Sorry for the late response…
          I checked the recent threads yesterday but didn’t see the comment we discussed, however, if you visit the recent threads about “Taraji & Mo’Nique” you will get an idea of what’s going on. Admin deleted quite a bit but you’ll understand. What’s left is still funny as hell. It’s actually jam packed with some pretty wild shit!

          You do realize I’m laughing hysterically, right? 😉

          • Got it, Ms. Reg, and thanks for the heads up! And I see you find the proceedings humorous, as do I lol I obviously don’t bite my tongue, on-or-offline.

            • Exactly & that’s why we can hear “a rat pissing on cotton in here right now.”

              If you want to know what took the nut job over the top it started on the “Moniece” thread. Apparently, they never recovered from the that was nerve struck there..smh…
              We LOVE having you back!

            • No,MS. Google, you hear crickets because Anonymous’s comments were deleted and Rahima’s were left on the board. Typical of this low budget site

            • ^…You’re right we hear crickets, Jiminy, so shut the f*ck up and get a damn life trying to start shit on here. Learn how to knit or something, or better yet, go play in traffic so when you get hit and die your sorry-ass Organs can at least be used to keep someone alive for a few days.

            • Well damn, what’s really happnin up in dis peace. Wuz happnin party People.

  7. Now dont telll the man that he should stay away from his child. I understand that he is a whore and a hypocrite. Some of these men who have little respect for woman they date are still good sons and good fathers..they just dont care about anyone else but their own. It sad, its a double standard but it happens. Im sure he will teach his daughter to stay away from guys like him.

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