TI and Tiny Get Freaky for XSCAPE Fans

ti tiny slaps butt video

TI and Tiny put on a show for XSCAPE fans when the King came out to do his thang…just watch the video to see what happened next!



  1. I take what I said back. I just watch the video, I ain’t see nothing crazy. Nice for TI to support escape, that’s kind of dope!

    Y’all misleading with this discription unless I missing half the video or something

  2. I just watched it again to see if I missed something. Nope! I’m so confused, this is Not getting freaky on stage. Lol

  3. Is it necessary to conduct herself like this for Public Viewing? She is still a Mother.

  4. Oh my!!! I would ask if this is real but I see the Masonic Temples all over my city. I accidentally ran into one, went straight past the receptionist because I was running, when I got to the auditorium part I knew I was in the wrong building. I cant even described the crap I seen. A big teddy bear almost the size of a building but with human looking arms, just weird crap that I don’t even know how to explain. Look like a bunch of junk but I’m sure they used it for something.

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