WTF?! John Legend Threatens to Sue Conspiracy Theorist

john legend chrissy sue conspiracy theorist

John Legend doesn’t play when it comes to his family! The singer is threatening to sue a conspiracy theorist who suggested his wife, Chrissy Teigen, was apart of an elite circle of pedophiles and creeps!



john legend conspiracy lawsuit


  1. No lies told. Doesn’t Jonh realise where he is? He associates with worse people than those mentioned on a daily basis. He sounds insincere to me. He is a Satanist is he not? He certainly indulges in the sodomy so please John, spare me the faux outrage –

    • so you have actually seen for yourself, his acts of sodomy and satanic worship?! ?

      • He is a musician who has earned big money –
        He is a fag who practices unsafe sex. Check the blogs!

        • Without concrete incontrovertible proof, what you have just typed is hearsay..

    • Right?? If it’s not true- why address it???

      And yes, they DO run in circles that celebrate evil energy/things/events.

      I wish John would address his wife being an alcoholic and save the lives of children born with fetal alcohol syndrome instead of this foolishness.

      • His wife is an alcoholic. He is a gay man having unprotected sex. They are advertising their kid to the elites. They are basically playing the game like every other ‘working’ celebrity.

  2. He is not suing anyone. Your friends ARE pedos!!! His plane was turned back from going to Japan, they were questioned, NDAs were signed by all passangers, but he and his wife did not go back to Japan.Go on John, sue. Would love to see John and Tony Podesta, Marina Abromovich Lady Gaga, Gwen Stafani, Hugh Jackman , James Alefantis, and the vavious spirit cooking celebs on the stand. Love to see you explain dressing your Daughter as a Pizza and a Hotdog. Love to see your Wife explain her “Pedo” tweets.

  3. But there are tons of conspiracy theories online about celebrities and doing crazy shit and honestly I believe some of it but I’m just wondering why John is making such a big deal about this one… hmmmm .

  4. Where there’s smoke, there’s fire. Lots of YouTuber/ truthers do exposé videos on celebrities, but none ever threaten to sue. There’s no coincidence that John Legend and his dry ass music made it to the top of the industry just on talent alone. He’s had to play the game, perform certain “favors”, and was likely under the mind control from his youth as well.

    • TELL IT!!!! He certainly is NOT a legend. Mediocre at best. You know that dude had to work very “hard” behind the scenes to get where he is…

  5. They are all:
    #PizzaGate/Hellery Clinton
    #Sodomites/Kevin Spacey
    And this “Legend”, has the audacity to to utter the words “Sue”/Leave my family alone! With the circle of people, that you and Mrs./Mr Teigen keep. They should leave your family alone. Unless you and Chris are allowing your child to be groomed for the elite?!?! Hmmmm

  6. This is facts you can be closed minded all you want but this is indeed real ask Kanye west lil Wayne Jay z Martin Lawrence will Smith Charlie sheen Michael j fox Michael McCarthy Alex Rodriguez p Diddy bill Clinton George bush, Mike Tyson, and the other 95% of Hollywood …. What’s scary is it curious I wanted to know more because my favorite rappers was involved

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