Thieves Steal $3 Million in Jewels from Drake’s Crew

drake jewelry stolen tour bus

Drake and his crew were performing in Phoenix with Future when the suspect made their way onto a tour bus shared by the two rappers early Wednesday morning.

A briefcase containing $2-$3 million worth of jewelry belonging to Future the Prince, Drake’s DJ, was stolen.

TMZ has video of Drake after the heist went down, and as you can see, the Toronto rapper had his panties all in a knot after the incident.

Police are reviewing security footage to ID suspect.


  1. Seriously? LOL I usually don't comment or care about stories like this, but I just wanted to say one thing- Why the f*ck are these newer generation of rappers always getting their shit stolen/chains snatched? Hell for rappers in the 90s and early 2000s, shit like this was a rarity, and niggas at least had dudes in their entourage who would stomp the dog shit out of these "thieves," if the rappers themselves didn't do it.

  2. Why do they carry that stuff around anyway all these inside jobs nellybwas robbed, 2 chains was robbed being chased, DJ Nate was robbed and beat down on camera

    • @Reg!…Facts!…???? All you need is the TMZ beat at the end! DUN DUN DUN!????

      • Yep, the tmz footage makes it look more legit and Drake is an actor, lol
        (i hope it was an inside job otherwise thats phucked up 🙁

  3. It's ridiculous to travel with and wear that shit in the suspect places they go. That's why many rich people wear fake shit in public and save the real stuff for private venues, like in their homes!

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