Drake’s Dad Squashes His Publicity Stunt Relationship W/Rihanna

drake rihanna dad relationship just friends

Well, I guess Drake and Rihanna can quit pretending like they’re in a real relationship because everyone is calling them out on their publicity stunt!

First, one of Drake’s groupies said the Toronto rapper is gay, and his relationship with Rihanna was nothing but fake. And now, Drake’s dad is speaking out and putting an end to all the AubRih rumors.

TMZ caught up with Dennis Graham at Bootsy Bellows on the Sunset Strip, and no matter how many times the paparazzi asked him about his son’s relationship with Rihanna, he stood firm with his answer, “They’re just friends!”

Dennis says Drake and Rihanna have known each other for a long time, and Drizzy isn’t “settling down” anytime soon.

Peep the video.



  1. To keep up Drake's 'black' image, they keep showing his father, but not his Jhewish mother. This is the same way with Tariq Nasheed always talking about "white supremacy" but he will never talk about or show his white, JHEWISH mother in law, which is why he always defends Jhews and seems flabbergasted that Jhews "run the world."

    • Tariq Nasheed married white? Why am I not surprised. Can't believe black men actually listen to him.

      • @Sarah!….Word!..Tariq Nasheed, is a slick talking, homo, wanna be pimp! ??

        • Tariq Nasheed's wife is not white, she is super light skinned similar to Jennifer Beals.

          • @NBA is fixed!…His wife's mother is an upper crust Caucasian woman!…As he described her, out of his own mouth!…He said that will only get involved with women who were born to, an upscale Caucasian woman!…His wife is a Mulatto chick! ✌✌

    • I asked my boy the same shit about tariq always white supremacy but not a peep of jewish supremacy.. now i know

  2. On another note, Rhinna is looking sexier the older she gets. Maybe it is my bias toward older women. Then again, I am older than she is. I would deal with her, but I don't want to be used a s blood scarification!

    • Tony, you are worried about being scarred by Rhianna? Is she into edge play?? lol

      But i agree, she is the hottest woman in the business, and every man of every race drools over her.

    • Most lesbians are sexy. Everyone should know by now that Drake and Rihanna are gay.

  3. I told you guys before, the hollywood mafia made drake famous because he is half jewish! There is another black celebrity who has gotten every possible brake imaginable in racist hollywood; her name is Tracee Ellis Ross.

  4. Haaaaaa! People are tired of these same ole rituals!…These publicity stunts, aren't going to help them sell tickets to those wack ass shows!…It's all nonsense, and these people, and their bullshit schemes, are getting bust wide open, much like Rihanna, and Drake!… She's a talentless, industry whore, and so is Eddie Munster! I mean Drake????

    • BQ….
      I've BEEEEEEEEEN saying the same thing for the longest.
      Our opinions about things are way too much a like. I'm telling you…
      I don't post as much because you usually write what I would have said on a particular subject. Great minds think alike!?

      • @Ms.Reg!…I know right!…That's why you're my boo!…Feelings mutual!?

    • Brooklyn Queen, your opinion is your opinion, but Rhianna is far from talentless. I love her singing as do many other people. No, she doesn't sing like Whitney, Mariah or Adelle, but surprise!! There are a lot of WHITE folks who aren't that crazy about the "raised in the church on gospel" type singing style that they all share. No one can deny that she is selling, and she's had a lot of hits, so somebody likes her.
      I think we all know that there is a strange alchemy which goes into making a pop singing star, and pure singing talent is just a small part. If it were a big part, Phyllis Hyman wold have been a major crossover star,
      Rhiannna is loaded with "IT." And "IT" is a quality which is nearly indefinable, but you know "IT" when you see it.

      • @Anon13:47!…I hear you!…You're absolutely correct, its my opinion!…I'm not comparing Rihanna to anyone, because when you compare, you belittle!…. I'm just speaking from a place, that ain't wide eyed, and bushy tailed, over anyone on Television!…I know what she represents, and what she's here for, and that's to be upheld as a Star, so that young women, and little girls with no mama can become whores!…All of these whores of Babylon, are talentless, indignant, and disgusting!..I'm no zealot, by any means, but these women and men, in the industry, are all over glorified gaggers!… Now, you can take that, or leave it alone!…✌✌

      • No one can doubt that she has the IT factor and mediocre talent, and the cameras love her. When entertainers have that IT factor they can become major stars without a lot of singing/dance ability

  5. Rihanna can't sing, act or dance. For some strange reason, the racist hollywood mafia made her famous, why?

    • Because of her extremely good box maybe? She is attractive has a good shape – you don't need anything else these days.

    • Because as soon as they saw the public likes her they kept promoting her ass so hardcore during all these years giving her way too good songs for her non singing ass and the sheep followed

    • Gays love other gays, AND the govt was behind most foreign entertainers as an equal opportunity agenda. The govt controls so much of our lives. If the govt denies loans to entertainment companies they can go out of business. That's how American blacks got a COME UP, and then they extended it to foreigners. I think the govt agenda is over now.

  6. Whenever you see certain nationalities dominating certain industrys, the govt is usually behind it. That's why you see
    Asians dominating nail shops
    Indians dominating ownership of gas stations and convenience stores
    Blacks used to own all the soul food, fried chicken and BBQ shacks

    So before you run out and vote you need to know if the person you vote for has provided jobs for blacks, and have a commitment to do what is in YOUR BEST INTEREST. DONT VOTE ON COLOR AND DONT LET ENTERTAINERS TELL YOU WHO TO VOTE FOR.

  7. The average black boy into lives of crime should be voting for a candidate who promises:

    to create legitimate jobs for them and give them equal opportunity
    fund education
    equal protection under the law so that they will not be forced into lives of crime

    every black boy out there selling illegal drugs, should be asking for A PIECE OF THE BILLION DOLLAR LEGAL MARIJUANA BUSINESSES THAT ARE EMERGING

    • The average black boy thug CAN'T VOTE CAUSE THEY'RE FELONS AND LOST THE RIGHT!

  8. Who really cares? They can do or be whatever. Being that they do not control their own lives as free souls. They signed their names on the dotted lines for the riches that the demons can offer them. The question is…..do you think that they are truly happy? When it's time to shuck and dance who really pulls their strings? LET them be what ever they want. I believe that's the only real joy the public sees is what they want reaveled. For behind close doors there is tears and depression,…… just saying! I'm not sticking nothing in neither one of them!

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