Stevie J. Headed to Rehab

stevie j rehab

Yesterday it was announced that Stevie J was avoiding jail time, and now we know why the judge was so lenient with the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star.

Stevie was ordered to rehab followed by home detention for violating the terms of his bail. He was busted for using drugs while awaiting trail for failure to pay over $1 million in child support.

The reality TV star reportedly failed multiple drug tests in June and August, and he missed many testing appointments.

Judge Debra Freeman warned Stevie the next time he fails a test, he will be hauled off to prison!


  1. Hhhhhhhhhh! Rehab only works if the addict wants to be sober!….It can't be forced! I wish him the best!…Stevie J. is one strange dude!

    • Now this is where he and Mimi both was deadass wrong for calling Joseliné everything! Mimi got some damn nerve to call Joseliné a crackhead and a slut bucket when she out here and I found out today that this ditzy ass brod was f*cking out of both holes of her draws!!! She was f*cking both men and women way before Joseliné and Stevie hooked up with her. But, called Joseliné a slut bucket. Not to mention, Mimi still popping Molly's. Again, calling Joseliné a drug addict and following up behind Premadonna calling Joseliné Cokealine, but her baby daddy still doing drugs just as much as she is and look where he is heading back? Back to rehab. Now Stevie can't even called Joseliné out for the things she has done and knowing damn well as he couldn't called the kettle black. At least Joseliné will own hers and her mistakes and actions. When Stevie and Mimi are going to own theirs? Also, Joseliné was telling the truth all this time about these two and folks called her a liar and a shit starter. No, Joseliné was telling these non listening motherf*ckers that Mimi and Stevie ain't about shit!

  2. Maybe now he can get the sugar out of the tank and put some real gas in, for sure!

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