NeNe Leakes is Out, Sheree Whitfield & Kim Zolciak Are In for RHOA Season 9

nene leakes kim zolciak sheree whitfield real housewives atlanta

Real Housewives of Atlanta season 9 will go on without the housewife who started it all: NeNe Leakes.

The reality TV star announced on her Twitter that she was not asked back for the upcoming season, but Sheree Whitfield and Kim Zolciak-Biermann will be returning.

This news can’t be good for NeNe who is currently knee deep in IRS debt totaling almost a million dollars. But Sheree and Kim may need the checks even more than NeNe does.

Chateau Sheree is still under construction due to Sheree’s lack of funds, and Kim’s husband Kroy Biermann is out of a job after getting cut from the Buffalo Bills.

Peep NeNe’s tweets announcing the news. Of course, she didn’t miss an opportunity to throw shade at Kenya Moore.

Will you miss NeNe on the upcoming season of Real Housewives?


  1. I stopped watching that show along time ago. So, I don't care who's in or out.

  2. It's all about who is out doing the others. They are just as bad as the rest of the HWS except they have triple the ratings of the rest..

  3. I don't watch this show, however, why in thee blazing hell, are they bringing back this korny, miserable, Caucasian bitch?…She's so boring, and she doesn't fit in!..Sheree Whitfield needs a story line, outside of her never ending housing problems!…Good lawd!…Booooooring!

  4. She shit on them when she 'thought' she had hollywood gigs and that BS run on broadway…so they just decided to return the favor. Oh well!

  5. I have to add, who is that bitch in the picture? I do not even recognize the old knee-knee with all the shit she has done, crazy.

  6. she'll be back at a lower salary! irs problems she cant afford not to be working for steady checks remember "she rich beyotch". Bravo's way of making her eat some humble pie, before they offer her millions less to come back and she WILL!!

  7. Nene was their cash cow, let's be real. Once NeNe left the last season was just terrible. NeNe was the ultimate mean girl, the villian everyone wanted to be friends with… until they realized she was the mean girl. The only person who didn't kiss her but from the beginning was Kandi. NeNe may be a lot of things, but she was good tv. I knew I could always get a good laugh when she was present. She was shady as hell, but that was just the role she was there to play… the mean girl. They will call her, unless they can find another her, which I doubt it. They haven't asked her because she said she was threw last season. So they probably want her to humble herself down and ask for her job back. Somebody needs to make the move bcus I'm sure next season with be lacking again.

  8. Neenee is a big woman with that big BUTT and those Hips….well! She'll find her way back. Will miss you Baby girl!

  9. BW are their own worse enemy if they had boycotted this bitchass tv from the jump …. now it's too late, helped destroy our own image of being loud bad wig wearing hags. I never watch such bullshit.

  10. Nooooooo not NeNe she was the damn show, the only reason I ever did watch it, fcuk a reunion w/o Nene!

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