The Rock Responds to His Beef With Tyrese

the rock tyrese feud

When asked what it felt like to be dragged by Tyrese for focusing on his franchise spin-off instead of the upcoming Fast & Furious film, The Rock had this to say:

“At the end of the day, the only thing I want to do is make a great movie for the fans. I never ever get wrapped up in the sludge of the bulls— that can be connected at times to a franchise. So I never get dragged into it. I never respond to any of that.” – The Rock

How soon before Cryese responds?


      • He does indeed. For the life of me I cnt understand y a newly married man, wld have a soooo much free time on his hands.

    • What go you get when you mix a black person wit a Samoan!?… Sum mo niccas! Lol somebody needs to tell Dewayne that joke! Even thou tyrese approach is fucked up, it’s obvious he going thru something. Lil Rocky I thought as he liked to put on as being so humble just dry snitched on herself. He’s probably that type that refers to himself in third party LMFAO lame-o For all we know that tyrese highjinks c could been a trap this whole time! Aint no white man fitting to let this fckery go on this long and fuck up the f&f brand as a whole!! Something don’t smell right…

  1. I still don’t understand the beef. Is he mad he is or is not working on FF49. Is there a spinoff FF and is he mad that there is a spinoff or that he is not invited into the spinoff. WTF is wrong with him anyway. He pretty much burned that bridge with DJ.

  2. Responding would only keep the rhetoric going and frankly I was tired of even seeing the one-sided mania in the headlines each and every day!

  3. TYeresa is losing his mind. He really need to stay off of social media .. None wants to hear from you daily.. Didn’t he just get married??? Why isn’t he spending time with his wife and his daughter..
    He’s nothing short of an Uncle Tom, with that sh*t smile. The Rock isn’t any better he had a bad grudge against the others from FAF guy when they did the last film. Rock wear stage makeup off camera, because he doesn’t like aging at all..

  4. Lyrese Ol’ Lou Gossett Jr the 3rd / Benson’s Lil Cousin on his momas side Lookin’ ass need to throw his phone in a gators mouth and walk away from being seen for a while… make a mf miss you nigga… you gettin’ on THE PUBLIC AT LARGE nerves.

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