Kanye in the Sunken Place on Kim’s Snapchat

kanye kim sunken place

Kanye made an appearance at Chrissy Teigen’s Pan Am-themed birthday party, and it’s pretty safe to say he’s still in the sunken place judging by these Snapchat videos and photos.




  1. That bitch/ witch got him heavily sedated. Reminds me of that movie get out. Kanye is a lost soul he’s gone

    • He chose that as his “Queen” so whatever happens, happens… oh well. *kanye shrug*

      • I agree. It is hard to have sympathy for him. Since meeting Kim he has lost his mother, career and mind and he seemed to think he was ‘winning’ at one point.

        • Exactly, and on top of that he used to be engaged to a beautiful sistah and left her for Inflate-an-a$$. It’s like he EXed out his natural spiritual protection (Divine Original Feminine) by getting rid of her and his mother for old landfill-booty.

          • Who wants a refurbished person anyway? She’s had everything rejuvenated from what I hear.

        • Correction he had his mother killed for fame and money,sold his soul and they have him under MK.Who the hell feels bad for him?

  2. Nothing was as bad as her snapchatting him holding the plate of ribs for the european fashion designers. Hes on meds to stable him out

  3. With Stevie wonders loves in flight,playing in the background sings take me to my paradise

  4. He’s gone, dead inside. She is his permanent controller now. They will always blackmail and control him through those babies.

  5. Why are you all concerned about Kanye? This is a grown man who made his decisions. I’m just trying to figure out what the point of this story!

      • Point of the story is that the Kanye of yore would never just be arm candy and not be decked out T to B to a event. And would never let his voice and art be silenced for so long. Kanye is an outrageous, high energy guy. This version of him is, well…..not.

        • Precisely. We are seeing another version of him. The worst, the kind of version old Kanye would have never approve. We are seeing the end of a legacy.

          • Well the Becky Soul Sucking program is 100% certified and effective. Brotha’s still unsure that the KKKardashian lot is the worst of them. smh. Played with fire and got his ass proverbially nuked. Kanye aint even Kanye anymore.

            • Are those KK’s carrying a bad vibe? Every man that has either married them or had a child with them ends up majorly jacked up in some way….from grandma to PMK to the daughters. I mean, it can’t just be coincidence…it’s happened to many times.

    • Obviously your concerned also since you clicked the story and commented. No shit Sherlock he’s a grown man and this is a site where people comment on stories and leave their opinions.

      • The reoccurring theme of Kanye being in this supposedly sunken place is getting old. People act like he’s a child that needs to be coddled, but he’s a grown ass man. He consciously made the decision to be with his so called “perfect bitch!”

  6. It look like somebody scooped out all the brains out of Kanye’s head and then put cotton in there.

  7. If Kanye is in a sunken place, what the fuck are we broke regular ass people supposed to do about that shit? March for his freedom? It’s!

  8. He chose to be in the Sunken Place when he stuck his dick up in Kim Kartrashian’s kooch. Hell, that girl’s snatch IS the Sunken Place!

  9. Damn DID y’all notice in the video she did the devil horn symbol with her hand under her chin when she said hello? Looks suspect as hell…

  10. That’s the best I have ever seen them look.

    Y’all need too focus your sympathy on people who need it. He is exactly where he wants to be with who he wants to be with.

    • Agreed. Seems like they pulled out the real Kim/Ye instead of the Clones they normally have us viewing.

      I noticed Kim’s nose is back to its original grandeur- not the normal toucan she gives us.

  11. Imma comment that I hate to see people bashing their own kind. It’s very ugly and if this man is having a medical crisis in the public eye, it’s personal to him and his family. Any person could experience the same after having been scrutinized/abused/psychologically beat down repeatedly by the press and onlookers, coupled with the pressures of fame, big money deals, balancing family life, burying your mother, all while trying to stay afloat amidst it all.

    • He went to her with the illusion that she was a worthy trophy. It ruined his life or whatever was left of it. He’s not the only one that goes through these struggles in entertainment. He abandon his own and it’s biting him. Those kids will keep him anchored to bad people until the rest of his days. The one and only responsible for this is Kanye.

  12. LOL at myself for finally finding out where the term “The Sunken Place” originated from…

    Don’t mind me, I don’t get out much. (Kanye shrug)

  13. Whatever they put in his water seems pretty powerful. He looks as spacey as LaMar use to look when he was with the other one. He doesn’t look like he wants to be there, the smiley pic, looks like he was told to smile. He is reminding me of the Niece’s character brother on “Star”. This is so not a good look….

      • that’s why Ray J talkin bout he had it first?? all these black men diving in dat Armanian pu$$y. Must be sumthin goooooood about it. Got Kanye trippin.

        • Like I said he also said that shit is RANK and reggie did too…they also left her stankin’ ass…if you like RANK puss good for you…just keep that shit all the way over there.

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