The “Other Woman” of Christina Milian’s Boo Brandon Wilds Stirring Up Trouble


    About two weeks ago, it was revealed, that Christina Milan’s new boo, Brandon Wilds, was cheating on her with another woman. Of course, that woman is currently pregnant with what is allegedly, his child.

    Today, the girl sent him a message about him doing the baking soda test to find out the gender of the child. In response, Christina Milian took to her IG page and blasted the woman. claiming she is trying to ruin a relationship.

    Christina Milian Cheating Boyfriend

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    1. “Of course, that woman is currently pregnant with what is allegedly, his child.” Seriously who writes this stuff?

    2. the boy prob not gone marry neither of them. and if he does fbeg dumb for marrying him. find a dude with some sense. what kind of man puts his baby in yhis kind of mess and what kind of woman dates a man with a pregnant gex girlfirend

    3. Baking soda test for gender? I got to google that. But yes, both women are silly.

      • 2 tbsp baking soda + add cup of first morning urine.
        Fizzing = Boy. No fizzing = girl. It’s 60 to 70% accurate.

        • I’m gonna do this tomorrow morning. I just want to see whether it’s a boy or girl – or whether it is what I really suspect, that I’m just bloated.

          Not had sex in over a decade ?

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