‘The Maury Show’ Trolls Cardi B’s Relationship Drama


    cardi b maury show maury povich (1)

    Even Uncle Maury is tired of Cardi B getting cheated on by her fiancé Offset!

    The daytime talk show host posted this tweet that left Black Twitter in shambles:

    Will she accept the offer?


    1. the creator of the universe has apparently determined that now is the time for us all to awaken from the matrix… do not choose a red or blue pill… choose good or evil… time to pick a team…

    2. Wtf. Thats funny… But hey she is ratchet.. @cardi b dont act like u above going on The Maury Show.. Judge from those cheap lace fronts she wears. Looks like it would b right up her alley.. ???????

    3. Why is black twitter mad lol hell he offered a service their asses already utilize??? shiiid maury is on his 399th year


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