Chris Brown Pays Homage to Infamous Rihanna Attack

rihanna chris brown search warrant

Chris Brown looked back at the time he got caught up in the legal system for assaulting Rihanna by creating a work of art.

The singer displayed his masterpiece on Instagram – an image to the search warrant he was served nine years ago.


    • U are not lieing they erase ur comments if u busting the truth on they ass ……. Chris Brown got a Tattoo on his head with his left side of his brain locked Chris is woke ……… Our body is used as parchment Paper so he is expressing himself thru his art …….He knows we are in a illusion and that we all are slaves on this prison planet Wake up and Unplug from the system ……. Love and Light

  1. Not excusing his actions at all, but that was ten years ago when he was a teenager. He got therapy, complied with court orders, and seems to have matured. Yes, he had drama with Karrueche, but I think that was more arguments and him bothering her (still claiming her and talking about her current relationships) because that relationship meant so much to him. Remember, he grew up in a household with similar issues. He hasn’t exactly had the best role models.

    It’s not like his career hasn’t suffered. He was on course for Usher status in pop music, but that ruined his squeaky clean image, so now he makes trap music and tries hard to stay on.

    I don’t want to defend his actions, and he should probably do more to atone (donations to certain organizations, PSAs, public apologies, and more), but we’ve all made mistakes, especially those from rougher backgrounds.

  2. He a man now yea… But the thought that he cross the ‘C’s out of this art work (because of gang afíliation) show how much growing up he still have to do.. #eVeryOneGangbangNow.. Smh

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