The Game & Snoop Lead March to LAPD Following Dallas Police Killings

game snoop lapd

The Game and Snoop Dogg came together to lead a march this morning in Los Angeles. The march ended at the steps of the LAPD’s graduation for its newest officers, and it comes just hours after five Dallas police officers were killed during a sniper attack.

Early this morning, Game called for men of all races to march with him to the Los Angeles Police Department’s headquarters to “make the Californian government & it’s law branches aware that from today forward, we will be UNIFIED as minorities & we will no longer allow them to hunt us or be hunted by us!!!”

He encouraged women and children to stay at home, and to leave the weapons and anything illegal behind.

“Do not come high or belligerent…We don’t need any HOT HEADS or anyone there for the wrong reasons… We will stand as we are, UNIFIED. I’m calling ALL GANGS, ALL RACES, ALL GROWN MEN affiliated or not & we will stand UNIFIED,” – Game

The rappers are now involved in a live press conference with LAPD Chief Charlie Beck where they’re speaking out against the recent violence that has taken place nationwide.

Peep the live feed here.


  1. Fake studio gangsters are the last people that should be leading a march. Where's Jesse Williams and Will Smith? Rappers can't be trusted. Stop allowing these coons to continue to destroy the black image.

    • Jesse "White Mother" Williams is probably somewhere having sex with his biracial wife or white mistress and laughing at how easy it is to get black people to support his projects. It's not that I don't believe HE believes what he's saying, it's just that he hasn't done shit at the end of the day; and he's biracial.

      Will Smith doesn't give a shit about black issues, and he's also biracial.

      Snoop gives back to his community. He creates youth programs to keep young black men away from gangs, drugs, and negative influences.

      • Jesse Williams is the truth. He lives his principles off the stage I tell you, he just doesn't brag about the things he does to help our community. He's the real deal. He's been speaking up for years even. Even when no one recognized him.

        • He was a teacher for a while before acting and modeling took off. What *else* has he done?

          • He does his thing privately. I have seen a few non famous people on twitter speak about how he helped them. He doesn't do this for public accolades.

              • Your hatred of Jesse has nothing to do with actual activism clearly. You are jealous and you need help. Your fave rappers are sleeping next to racist white girls and you want to come for JESSE? Nah your problems run deeper than the ocean. GET HELP.

              • What. Has. He. Done?

                You can't answer my question because you know he's full of shit.

              • I answered your question. Now go cry in your mirror about your ugliness. Don't despair, they probably sell cheap blue contact lenses at your local store.

              • You haven't answered anything. You haven't stated *one* real thing this halfie you worship has ever done.

              • YHe march in Ferguson…….AND I repeat ……Mexicans are getting reparations….. Get you some……

            • Whyyyyyyyyyyyy is it that every time someone doesn't agree with another poster's views they are labeled jealous? That is so ridiculous. Just stop!

      • You legit wrote "white mother" ????
        I love him because he recognizes that he is privileged compared to us because he's biracial. Not many do.

        • Don't use the word "privilege" to describe the *mental retardation* of white people.

          I don't give a shit how many "Hey Boos" this pancake batter face, albino eye halfie sends to black people. What has he actually done? He was a teacher. So what. He did it only until modeling and acting took off. Again I ask. What has this waffle face halfie done for black people besides be a twitter/IG warrior?

          And miss me with his pandering, poetry-slam BET speech. That clown was standing there popping gum like he was saying some deep shit. A million other black people have said the same thing ten times better.

          • Aha I knew this was your problem. You have a problem because you think we didn't hand out cookies and reward black men you think said the same thing as Jesse. But the thing is we do recognize black men who speak sense. We do. You are just a liar. The thing with Jesse is that he specifically mentioned BLACK WOMEN and he was genuine about it. That's what gets you disgusting misogynistic f*ckers who hate anyone who truly appreciates our existence (not out efforts, our existence; there's a difference). You only speak up for recognition and fame. Thank you for showing your ass.

            • What. Has. He. Done?

              You're brainwashed as hell if all it takes to impress you is empty words and a crumb off this banana-colored halfie's plate.

              Yeah, he mentioned black women, and immediately after he shit on black men. Since when do "freedom fighters" shit on half the black race?

              Don't confuse his promotion of his projects to an easy sell audience with activism. Don't confuse your crotch with black progress.

          • You also clearly crave his looks. You hate white people but want blue eyes? GET HELP.

            • Are you Mexican? WTF part of my statement even mildly suggested that I want to walk around with demon ass albino eyes?

            • Also, crave his looks? WTF.

              He's short, stubby, and has an albino complexion. He will age at warp speed. His eyes look evil. He looks like a lizard, straight up gecko with a bad haircut. He has no lips. His hair is probably stringy and dry as f*ck. His white mother probably also gave him excess body hair and the nonmuscle has-to-do-steroids-and-not-eat body he has.

              GTFOH LOL

              • LOL. I'm sorry that your definition of attractive is a banana-colored midget with a gecko head, but most people disagree.

                Even Asian women want someone darker than Jesse. LOL.

            • @ Sarah, so true. He's angry because he looks like the bottom of Jesse's feet.
              Nothing more attractive than a 'Power To The People' type educated man, Mmmmmmm Jesse, is the TRUTH.

          • Anonymous 13:04, "He's short, stubby, and has an albino complexion. He will age at warp speed. His eyes look evil"
            And even if he did look like what you describe, he still in real time looks 200% times better than you.

        • His parents are both biracial, and so is he. Multi-generational mixes of biracials don't produce BLACK people.

          • Then ALL OF US ARE BI-RACIAL. None of us is 100% African. Will's mama and daddy ARE BLACK. Nice try though.

            • No sweetie. We aren't all biracial, but you can tell yourself whatever you need to sleep at night.

            • Mama What say you and me pony up to have that bitter crusty brother's DNA done? It would be worth it just to see his face when he find out that he's 24% Caucasian. I remember you saying that your Moms had hers done and was surprised. So I got mine done. It wasn't that bad, but Northern European??? Somebody back in the day was belly warmer to a Swede?? LOL

              • LOL! You made me go back to Ancestry DNA to check my "tree," and I found out my ancestors were:

                80% African, mostly Ivory Coast/Ghana and Cameroon/Congo

                19% European, including Ireland, Great Britain, Finland/Northwest Russia, East/West Europe and Italy/Greece

                1% Native American

                So folks in my family claiming we had some "Indian" in our bloodline didn't lie….even though it amounted to 1%. LOL

      • @anonymous

        What does Jessie being bi-racial have to do with anything ?
        Would you also question the sincerity of Fredrick Douglas or Booker T. Washington ?

        • Nan Believe it or not, I once posted something similar about FD, and there was a comment later calling him a coon. There are people here who don't seem to like or trust anyone.

      • I'm with you all the way. But I'm truly confused about Snoop and Game in support of police officer, particularly when you consider are the unwarranted assassinationso of Black people. Why haven't they spoke out on those issues, which are more relevant them and the demographic they make music for?

    • Will smith only cares about winning an Oscar. He will not speak up and ruin his chances with the academy.

    • Well I'll be damn. Black entertainers are damned if they DO and damned if they DON'T.

      If they hadn't said shit folks would be crowing "Where's so and so at?" They take a stand and attempt some unity and some of you low expectation having ass crabs STILL MAD.

      Here's the thing. Snoop and Game do not live like the "average" black man. They don't live in the hood, can afford a driver and can afford an attorney.

      I commend them for at least TRYING…which is a helluva lot more than some of you complaining about them are doing.

      If you're not bringing your OWN SOLUTIONS to the table quit knocking a brother that is.

    • criminals marching for the rights of other criminals to resist arrest, disrespect police, and influence young people not to cooperate, be respectful, and knowledgable about the hard dangerous life of a police officer . no wonder everyone believes all blacks r no da8n good. only a criminal would support that.

      • And only a self-hating coon would say protesters are criminals, take that BS on those white blogs you no brain piece of shit.

    • Sad…..first comment I see is this one. You sound like one of those Trump supporters.

  2. Whatever at the first comment – I'm not a fan of the GAME at all but I will not act as if he isn't doing something others are not. He is making a peaceful yet affirmative stand that this will not be tolerated far and wide. I'm proud of the WEST COAST for their march!







  3. Curious how that went down, but I must admit i'm suprised by this, no Rapper have ever saw the need to march in unity for anything EVER,…..then again can't believe everything that's being said by the biggest mind Manipulators of all time the "MEDIA"…… just like I don't believe the Dallas incident was legit, & they allegedly took the "shooter" down by a robotic bomb explosion….puh-lease?

    • I actually am surprised they put that info out there. Never heard of them using it before and am wondering how it will be used in the future, because you know that was a trial run, if it is legit.

  4. What do they expect to accomplish from this march?…'s been long proven that marching has very seldom solve anything!

    • That's a lie. If it hadn't been for marching we would have none of the rights a lot of you take for granted.

      Marching and VOTING are both needed to make our voices heard and to force the hand of the powers that be.

      "Agitate, agitate, agitate! Power concedes nothing without a demand!"
      Frederick Douglas.

        • How do we use our economic power to force change? The first thing we need to do is unite. The second and third thing we need to do is to stop joining the military and stop attending racist white universities.

          • We ARE UNITED. Stop repeating your oppressors words. We pray, eat, live, march, vote and for the most part are educated in the same schools.

            We united and got a black, yes, BLACK, president into office twice…something SOME OF US thought we could never do. So the unity is already there.

            As for using our economic power it's simple…STOP BUYING AND SUPPORTING ENTITIES THAT DON'T GIVE BACK TO OUR COMMUNITIES.

            Our collective spending power is in the TRILLIONS. If we stopped spending that money on bullshit (sneakers, cell phones, lottery tickets, "designer clothing," gaming systems, etc.) and invested in our own communities and own people we'd be a lot better off.

            Do you realize that the fake hair industry is making billions per year…OFF US!

            That money could be used to help black people start businesses that could in turn PROVIDE JOBS, build schools, provide scholarships, buy land to grow our own food, etc. Every other race of people knows how to regenerate their dollars BUT US.

            Instead, we spend, spend, spend to get TEMPORARY HIGHS and to make ourselves feel better about ourselves and it's getting us no where.

            If your child has a cell phone but doesn't have a college fund…SHAME ON YOU!

      • are you serious marching is bullshit that's all we ever do is march no disrespect sis but come on do really change with blacks over the years? i don't we are the only ones that march others they fight back MLK taught you guys well all of these so called black leaders are coons they have no power the only one i respect was malcom x

        • We need to continue to ORGANIZE, MARCH, PROTEST and VOTE! It's the only VISIBLE way to collectively show our discontent.

          For those of you that DON'T VOTE, I got news for you. You're voting to leave things as they are. There is a system in place and we have to work WITHIN and OUTSIDE of it to affect change.

          We also need to show our ECONOMIC STRENGTH and BOYCOTT some folks. The Montgomery Bus boycott worked because it took money out of the hands of the oppressor and brought that bus company to its knees. It was organized, peaceful, powerful and showed how much we can do if UNIFIED.

          I don't believe in riots. But protesting got you every right you now enjoy and hispanic and gay folks know the power of it.

          We shouldn't forget it.

  5. Don't be fooled by these rappers they are all part of an agenda to destroy the black community as well. Don't fall for it!

    • Nope! And in the end, they'll be going down like the rest of us. The elites may throw em a few special favors and privileges, but if their not bloodline; they could give a f*ck!

      • thank you all this is to get the riots started anytime celebs are invovled it's bullshit and naacp is a part of the agenda as well these boule niggas are not helping anyone but elites and the zionsts

  6. Can't knock their hustle for putting out a fire before it starts.

    Cool heads must prevail at this time.

    • Fuck all that!!!

      I am glad someone put fear in the police for a change. Maybe now at least some of them will feel the way more than a few of us have felt in their presence..

  7. The solution to all of these killings is to strengthen our communities & not give them reason to come & "police" us like we are children. You can either prove White people right or Prove them wrong.

    • No. They don't ever need a reason. That's not how racism works. Black people all over are so consumed with "we can't have white people think this/that about us" that it has robbed us of our lives/the ability to live in peace. We need to have them know that THEIR HATRED AND RACISM ALONE is what's causing this mess. Did you shoot someone yesterday? No. You did not because you are an adult with self control. They must be held up to the same standard too.

  8. Listen I do not even want to hear about any "black on black crime" that the game and snoop may or may not promote in our community. The interracial crime we have is not why the cops shoot us. They shoot us because they are racist. NO OTHER REASON. Do not allow them to distract you. Italian, russian mobs, Mexican drug cartels & ISIS and none of those other communities are getting shot at the same rate as us. We may not like each other but we must stay united in this moment. #StayWoke

    • The solution is to stop having a slave mentality & quit always asking & begginhf for respect. They will always see us an inferior race that won't change. Do you see yourself as inferior? A Black person is a revenue generator. They know 9 x out 10 they can hit is with something. So don't. I'm straight every time I get in the car. They want me to act stupid I piss them off & do the opposite. I don't give them the satisfaction & I keep my money & not give it to the system

  9. Game wants to march with Mexicans:
    -The same Mexicans executing even more black men than white cops.
    -The same Mexicans flooding California with drugs, weapons, and prostitutes.
    -The same Mexicans robbing, extorting, attacking, and etc.
    -The same Mexicans abusing public assistance.
    -The same Mexicans targeting black people to get them fired.
    -The same Mexicans that are causing a water shortage in California.

    Game is half Mexican.

    • Anonymous Jul 8, 2016 at 12:06,
      ALL of your comment except for "Game is half Mexican" I TOTALLY AGREE WITH. I don't know anything about Game's biracial background, I can tell you this: I've been saying everything you stated in your comment for YEARS. I'm in no way racist, however, I don't give a rat's ass if…
      -You have a baby in CA but you came here illegally I feel you, your new baby & anyone that came with you illegally should be immediately returned to wherever you came from.
      -Not just Mexicans but ALL those who come here illegally.
      -Mexicans get a bad wrap when it comes to this but in truth they are FAR from the only ones the US government allows to get away with this.

      Come here, drop a baby, expect to stay, receive US citizenship for the new baby & everybody else in tow, receive every resource available under 6 different names, plus get a job or start a business, have the man/husband/ be in the household working & collecting welfare subsidy too, send OUR money back to their country & repeat the process all over again by hipping their friends & family to the come up.

      Then…to make matters worse a lot of them have the audacity to treat blacks as if we're somehow less than them. Oh, but let me stop…surely my opinion will offend a few folks but that's not my intent. I'm telling truth & anybody living in LA or surrounding areas will say the same thing as will others in several other cities in states other than CA.

      • Double and Triple f*ckin' COSIGN!!

        And it is all underwritten, socially and economically, by the Democratic Partyin an effort to erase black political power

      • False……,.. Mexicans been in California before white people were there stealing. California used to be Mexico….. Learn the history….,

      • False……,.. Mexicans been in California before white people were there stealing. California used to be Mexico….. Learn the history….,

        • And if Mexicans are getting what getting I say get it………Its called reparations

          • Now…I read two comments that I'm addressing here together.

            -"False……,.. Mexicans been in California before white people were there stealing. California used to be Mexico….. Learn the history….,"

            -"And if Mexicans are getting what getting I say get it………Its called reparations."….

            I NEVER involve myself in comments regarding race, religion or politics, however….I will speak up on this.

            First, what part of my original comment was false?
            Anybody living within a 100 mile radius of LA will say the same thing.

            Second, Learn the history??? Okay, let's do that…
            I never said California was NOT or NEVER WAS Mexico. That is quite unimportant this day & time. The fact of the matter is the Mexicans LOST THE DAMN WAR & CALIFORNIA RIGHT ALONG WITH IT. I didn't say they lost it "fairly" because intelligent people know "fairly" & "losing anything to European/white men" is not appropriate in the same sentence no matter the topic! In a quick nutshell… money was spent, lies were told & agreements/treaties were made. Mexico was ill-prepared to handle the war with the US. Between April 25, 1846 February 3, 1848 which was just under 2 years they lost a lot if not all of their territories including but not limited to California. I'm not going into what the $15M+ paid for & all the details. Do your own research for that. (The Mexican Cession) Mexicans living in the US no longer held title to their land & found their way of life didnt mean shit as US white supremacy came to predominate. The rights & promises made to accommodate the Mexican culture were not kept after 1848. THERE'S your freaking history….NONE OF THAT gives them the right to implement an undercover plan to raid the land THEY LOST plus several others of it's current resources which adversely affect innocent people of the land today.

            Third, "It's called reparations?" OMFG… REALLY?
            Who in their right mind would call what I described as "raiding state resources" reparations to the Mexicans in CA or anywhere else? Exactly WHERE IS THIS written? The $15M+ covered all costs associated with the issues & agreements of that time. I'm questioning this because I have family members who own businesses & worked on jobs, some for over 46yrs and NEVER have they or anyone we know been offered reparations for the white man's heinous greed, vile evil doings & hatred toward the Black race especially toward Black men. So, Mexicans are special & all deserving because…why??? There is not a Mexican on this planet who can claim they're owed anymore than a Black person not when BLACKS built the primary infrastructure of this country FIRST which are still in place today…primarily for free by way of slavery.

            We all have a right to our own personal opinions however, ANYONE who can claim the illegal actions of Mexicans milking the system is called "reparations" has me floored. You have to be extremely selfish or plain f*cking out of your mind.
            Yes, I said this too.

      • "Then…to make matters worse a lot of them have the audacity to treat blacks as if we're somehow less than them."

        They sure do try it don't they? I think Trump is the lowest stooge candidate in my lifetime but I agree with his stance on immigrants. It irks me to see them and illegals come over here for hand outs while our ancestors who rowed their damn boats, tilled the lands and built their infrastructures get almost nothing.
        I'm tired of this shit.

        • Well Say Cheese,
          Apparently, you, Anonymouse & I agree. I'm not sure if you both live here or not but I was born & raised LA. I come from a varied & quite diverse family background that include Black, Samoan, Māori, African, Indian, Japanese & my great-grandfather on Mom's side is White. Family reunions on both sides of my families looks like a visit to the United Nations but none of us are here illegally nor are we bilking the state's system for millions of dollars annually because we feel we're owed something due to issues regarding our ancestors. My entire family on both sides have issues with Almighty Whitey, however, to my knowledge, none of us feel we as a family or as individuals (pick one) are entilted to abuse state programs in such a piggish & self indulgent manner as Mexicans have then as some here done here, turn around &.call it "reparations." Far as I'm concerned everyone has gotten "their share of sorts" from Jews, Indians, Mexicans to Middle Eastern races…all except Blacks. Yes…I said it.

  10. ILLUMINATI PUBLICITY STUNT !!! 100% Fact !! ~ Race Wars, Marshall Law, And Concentration Camps In America !!!

    • Funny thing is, when the shit finally hits the fan, these niggas are more than likely headed to the fema camps also. Think about it. When america sees 3rd world conditions like venuzuela, who's going to be watching out bullshit entertainment? People will be far too caught up with trying to survive, and make it through day to day. And unless your bloodline or are one of the top TOP of the line celebrities, the elites will have no use for you. For all the selling out these asswhipes did, I hope it was worth it.

  11. Y'all are so petty. At least they manned the F up and told women to stay home the rest of the simp punks enjoy BW as street soilders!

  12. Some "man" on this blog is having a full on psychological break down because he's not as "pretty" as Jesse Williams?. I really hope he gets the help he needs.?

    • I saw that simp! Lame punks are bitching and not doing shit but pontificating! black women need to sit the hell down and stay home I'm not marching nobody that's the man's job.

      • Dude is as ugly as Jermaine Dupri and Rick Ross put together, and he lost his boo to some white boy named Jeff or Todd.

        • Here is the deal simp males who always are talking about white man are closeteddown low homosexual white penis suckers! Have you seen the Thug Hunters??

  13. oh so all the sudden these niggas aint gangsta no mo when the white man tells them what to think and say but they talk about pimpin black little girls in songs and little black boys in songs like it's normal FOH GO TO HELL SCARED ASS NIGGAS DAS WHY!!!! DAS WHY BITCH!

  14. every time you niggas kiss white ass it only make the white man go harder and push his bitch on you even more to pick pocket and kill yo ass

    • you say hate the white man while he FEEDS YOU AND GIVES YOUR SORRY AZZ A JOB.

      everyone of them n8ggahs marching is EATING on the white man's dime.

      your boule n8ggahs with their billions dont create 100,00 jobs for you to feed you and your family.

  15. great job killing ALL the racists muthaf*ckaz. keep it going!!!
    great job killing ALL the racists muthaf*ckaz. keep it going!!!
    great job killing ALL the racists muthaf*ckaz. keep it going!!!

  16. What does H.U.N.T mean? Marching doesn't accomplish much these days. Maybe we should just stay somewhere out of the public eye (home?) and make the public wonder what we are up to instead of showing them. We doenough marching in actual prisons, including this one, and on the war machine battlefields, and to and from 'work' and into 'their' stores buying isht we don't really need! Time to sit down and think for a while.

  17. I give Snoop points because he doesn't just TALK. He's never been an activist, but he's always been in his COMMUNITY spending HIS money to improve the lifestyle, future, and health of young black men.

    He talks stuff on a song, but still goes to the hood and drags kids away from negativity. If every black man with his resources did that, almost no young men would be victims of the white agenda.

    • Snoop is apparently so helpful that the black community, and the hoods of L.A are still in the states of disrepair that their in. It's called a tax write-off. Secondly that charity that he has is in his own name, which the average person may not catch; but it's rather clever and sneaky to transfer money through the charity and right back into your OWN hand. Fuck snoop and game.

      • The Truman Show,
        Let us not forget his little "youth football league" where his team played with ALL the stops pulled out including their own bus…the same league other teams could never win against fairly.This is the same league he started in an effort to FORCE one of his son's become a football star heading to the NFL which did NOT happen but lots of money was made in the process. "Non profit my ass!"

        • These celebs are all greedy sons of bitches! lol Snoop has been cooning since he first walked onto the scene back in 1991. All tax write-offs. None of these OG's give a damn about anything except lining their own pockets. This is why I'll always say that we as a people need to wake up and start deconstructing them and their images, and it's effect on the community.

  18. And Game needs to sit down somewhere with his male-stripper tongue-ring-having ass. LOL. How are you gonna fight the power in a thong bruh?

    • Excuse you the game has his own foundation which does just as much as snoops for the community…he is obviously doing more than your bitch ass.

      • Let me guess. He's helping f*cking Mexicans who kill black people in Cali like every day, or he's handing out coats and turkey in the hood. How giving of Tongue Ring Change-Of-Heart gangster. GTFOH.

        Go back to Mexico.

        • No you dumb ass bitch he helps blacks, just because you have a f*cked off screw face and body does not mean you need to hate on someone who is actually doing something other than bitchin' about it instead of being about it on a blog.

            • You are just mad because your mother beat your face in with a broom stick and you came out looking like mask, lol.

              • LMAO, that is all you have huh, mask? Come back with some new shit before I tell your mother to finish off her work with the ugly stick, haha.

              • You, and anyone of your filthy albino race, don't deserve the *dignity* of an insult.

              • Bitch please, you could not fight you way out of a paper bag, lol. Sit back and keeping moping because you face & body are busted.

    • Tongue ring? I didn't know that! If you want to spill a lil more tea about that one, it would be very great!

        • Well dumbass since you are the one who brought it up, so the burden of proof is on you. Unless you're just pulling random facts and insults out of your ass just like in this reply

      • Game used to be a stripper. You can find pics of him online dancing in a thong, and with a visible *tongue ring*. In photos, you see him sticking his tongue out like a female stripper. LOL.

  19. Game is full of shit. He was just at the Drew League like last week throwing up gang signs now he calling for unity? Wtf? I don't trust him.

  20. All these rappers need to have a muthaf*ckin seat. It's such a problem when white cops are killing us-which statistically is far lower than whats reported), but you have no problem making music that full on promotes the shootings/killings of your own people, and further degradation of the community. Fuck all these closeted rappers. Im glad more people are awake and are calling this bullshit for what it is.

  21. Snoop 1991 called and Doughboy needs his clothes back.

    But for real, at lest he did something. And I agree with some of the comments that he has helped the community from the time he hit the big time. Tax write Off? OK, but he could have bought a vineyard in Napa or a fancy restaurant in LA and gotten the same write off.

    • Charity is always best, especially for a public figure and the image they have to maintain. Also setting up your own charitable organization is best because it allows you to funnel money RIGHT back into your pocket. Check Zuckerberg on that.

  22. Black men getting shot up by other black men and black men getting shot up by police. The common denominator is black men. What's the problem black men? What is your solution?

    • Americans get bombed by al Qaeda and Americans kill other Americans too. The common denominator is Americans. What's the problem Americans? What is your solution?

  23. These dudes really need to stop it. They all up on that stage looking just like the fake studio gangster's thst they are. Take them gangster costumes off!!!!

  24. it still boggles the mind that The Game isn't another Tupac and Biggie…dead somewhere because the niggah's attitude towards the next human being is atrocious and terrible. and he's super disrespectful. and these two clowns need to sit their old behinds down…always trying to seek out some form of recognition because no one is paying their butts no damn attention these days.

  25. provide snap shots and proof of a female uterus and ovaries that you were born an actual woman first before you play these games of searching on the internet Google-ing and nabbing fictitious sonograms. and yeah, for those that don't believe sonograms can be nabbed from the internet…try it. next Jose.

  26. You can tell who's not really a black person (mixed race). You can also spot the race traitors. Race traitors are more toxic than whites. They're the cancers in the black community that stop those of us who want to build. Their mentality is the result of white people's efforts, propaganda, terrorism, and their own ignorance/laziness/etc; however, they can't be saved, so there's only one way to fix them.

  27. Good Job Game and Snoop. You made a difference, you can tell by all the devils, edomites on this page spewing hate. Yes the devil is busy up in here baby. Lol

    • You want to see hate…take your ass over to aol or a fux news blog. Then you will see some real shit. The only hate here is self-hate.

  28. Instead of marching, focus why this is happening. The government is behind all this bullshit to start a race war to have Martial Law. Point blank and simple.

    • Thank you!!!!! IT'S ALL A HOAX. THE POLICE SHOOTING IN DALLAS AND THE SHOOTING IN MINNEAPOLIS!!!! They are trying to start a race war!!! THOSE ARE CRISES ACTORS!!!! Look them up on youtube!!! One week after the Orlando shooting (which was a hoax), there was a Craigslist ad posting in Texas for CRISES ACTORS!!! This is all fake. Have you guys wondered why are all these police shootings happening at the same time. This is not a coincidence. Police have been shooting black people all the time back in the day. THIS IS NOTHING NEW!!! So why are they NOW broadcasting the shootings on National TV all of a sudden? Ask yourselves that. And ALL AT THE SAME TIME? Something is not right in the air. Don't believe everything that you see and hear from the media. Also, look up the movie Wag the Dog!!!!

      • Murdering of black men is not a hoax dumbass. It has been happening since the beginning of the US, the only difference now is people have access to video and we are now able to see this shit live.

        Orlando is a false flag to take away the 2nd amendment, but black men dying in the streets is NOT.

        • No duh Sherlock!!! Read my post again. Black people have always been targeted by the police in the past. So there is nothing new. The only difference now is that "THEY" are trying to incite a RACE WAR!!! "THEY" know black people's weak spot and what get's black people riled up. So why not use that card!!! I'm not saying what the police are doing is right, what I am saying is there are sick and evil people behind the scenes that are pushing this agenda for a reason. Even #Blacklivesmatter was created and funded by a rich azz Jew!!!! Now you ask yourself why the hellz is a Jew investing thousands upon thousands of dollars for a so called "black movement?" What exactly does he expect to gain from this? You wouldn't be investing thousands of dollars into something that you don't expect some kind of reward or a significant outcome. Don't be a fool. Also, the Rodney King beating was a hoax as well.

          • WHAT FUCKING RACE WAR you twat? They have been murdering us for centuries. If we were going to do anything it would have been done, f*cking dumbass.

  29. What snoop looking like they shooting biyz n the hood p art 2 well they might good intentions but snoop and game want publicity

  30. This is my opinion. I could be wrong but I doubt it. The Game and Snoop met with LAPD officers to make deals with those devils. Remember the LA Riots in 1992. Two popular west coast rappers got heavy, national media coverage. Both of those rappers played a major role in the short lived South Central LA gang truce! Those rappers are Ice-T and Ice Cube. Those two made deals with the devil, that's why they're rich, that's why they're still alive. It's 2016 and we haven't seen Ice-T or Ice Cube any where near Compton or South Central LA.

    P.S. Has Ice-T ever dated a black woman?

    • Maybe waaay back in the day when he was stealing Porsches & running drugs but he was with Darlene even back then & we know she was NOT black.

      • Wait…NBA,
        I just thought about it…
        Tracy still owns that corner house in The Dons off Don Phillipe that looks like it's hanging off the cliff. Don't know who's residing in it but he didn't sale it after the last deal fell through. The Dons is still considered South Central, right?

        • Yes the Dons is in south Central LA. If Snoop and The Game met with the top masonic LAPD brass to stop police brutality, fine. I believe they went to the LAPD so they can make deals with those masonic devils; hence Ice Cube, Ice-T and Dr. Dre!

          • I was just messin' with you although with all seriousness…
            I'm not sure if Baldwin Hills/The Dons, Ladera Heights & back just before the Marina & Culver City" want to be considered part of South Central" according to my coworker who lives off Angeles Vista just above Leimert Park but swears that's Ladera (it's not) & NOT South Central…. she argued a lady down about it today. I was like well I'll be damn while quietly SMH…?

            NOW…I believe you might be closer to where the truth is about "Snoop & The Game." I found that whole thing "odd" but quite self-serving depending on how one looks at it. Snoop has PLENTY to be grateful for with regards to LAPD as does The Game I'm sure.

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