Joseline Hernandez Provides Proof of Pregnancy

joseline hernandez pregnancy sonogram

Joseline Hernandez is sick and tired of people saying she’s faking her pregnancy, so she has finally provided proof that she’s knocked up.

On her Instagram, the Puerto Rican Princess posted a photo of her sonogram and captioned it #babyjoseline.

In case you forgot, Joseline is claiming Stevie J is the daddy, but Stevie is denying impregnating her. I guess we’ll have to wait for the DNA test.

joseline hernandez pregnancy proof

What are the chances that she faked this sonogram though?


  1. Jose, Sir…STOP LYING. Show a DNA test of your male genes. This bullshit is ridiculous ????


      • It's obvious that Joseline is telling the truth, but people see what they want. Evidence means nothing to lame brains. They twist the facts to reinforce the lies they want to believe.

  2. Rather she faked it or not how is that stopping people from living working eating and gettin a check? What does her faking her pregnancy has to do with anybody and how is that effecting anyone's living situation people always worried about somebody else thats whats wrong with us today.

  3. Perhaps people shouldn't make it a point to advertise their lives, ND seek out other people's attention..who could actually not give a FUCK security is an alarm system that needs to be fiXED?(Finally grammatically correct ND spellcheck bitches?)for the hippo fans too?

    • Isn't that the Trumpet Blower who used all the weird punctuation and emojis?

      Haven't seen her in a long time. If she starts writing 500 word posts, we'll know for sure.

      • @ cormier fan, O sht, I remember that loser, Trumpet Blower. Use to come on this mutha fuka typing straight up garbage, saturating each article with that bull shyt and use to reply to him/herself with compliments, LMMFBAO!!!!!! Had to be a friend of the site because she/he was doing it for a long time while many others got banned for much less.

  4. @judge Judy by the way spell check is two different words not a run on. Check✅?tryna start somethin girl bye!?

  5. @Anonymous?my point exactly a gossip site not site to put down others and talk shit. Your a man on here arguing with a female how foolish is that over my opinion? Only a fool or a gay male would talk shit to a female. U got your opinion i got mine nothing i say on here should stop u from living. U won't get a reaction out of me because i know thats what u seeking?for i see u on here everyday arguing and puttin down other people like u the only one on here thats suppose to have an opinion. Don't worry about me chill out o don't know u i was responding to the thread not to Anonymous? relax find a seat?and have a sip?P.s people always in somebody business and i stand by that. Goodnight!!!!!???

    • I agree with you 100%. These "men" who are fighting with women on blog spots and fantasizing that "Joseline is a man" are closet gay. Only a freak would insist that a pregnant woman is a man.

      • Jose is a man, Stan! Anyone can post a sonogram you moron. Jose has never shown an authentic birth certificate nor a DNA test that proves he's a woman because he's a male to female transsexual you really need to get out of the house more and educate yourself about transsexuals.

          • No not going to work and in reflection on your post you either are working for this man or you are a trans yourself its either one of the two things you are riding too hard anybody with a brain sees this is a man you cannot be this f*cking dumb or are you??

            • @100 12:07…yeah Niqui is that damn dumb. and must be a trans taking up for that dude or working for that broke trans. one or the other, you're right. or the ignorant sap need to get out of the house more and grasp a honest clue about life and unclockables

  6. Anonymous?your on here 24hrs a day seeking for comments. Your on here during work hours school hours church hours club hours labor and delivery hours bed time hours morning hours mid life crisis hours every damn hour and u call me bored? when u should be brushin yo salad choppers gettin ready for bed so u can get that check tomorrow but u on here worried about my lil opinion?u don't like my opinion take a scroll⬇ u spend so much time on here bashing people i can clearly tell your bored no life no job and no respect. Chill out and go have u a Nip??Goodnight!?? And ima leave u wit that. Silence kills the Cat??…

  7. "Rent em spoons," this is my response to this shit. No one cares that a man can now get pregnant.

  8. But anyways naw this ain't no trumpet blower this ETW blower and i don't need to write out no 500 page to get my point across. Try to slove your mystery 1st. Before u try to clown. I don't blow trumpets i own shit. I see u need a Nip as well?have a good day!

  9. Jose will never admit that he's a man! He isn't pregnant, he ain't female, he's not even Puerto Rican! He has a strong ass jaw line, like a Brazilian of African and dutch descent…I'm telling you, that's where all of those transs were being manufactured in the late 60's early 70's. That's where most of the Nazi doctors settled around 1945. They settled in the Americas, and took all of theiir evil science. This is bigger than Love and shit hop! The José lines, Amber Hose, and all Of these freaks are changing the natural and healthy dynamics between men and women..These places in central and south America were basically a haven, that was off the radar..It was easy to take over and corrupt , easy going, naive, loving people. Original people have been too kind, and accepting of these pink people, and we've become insane, savage, freaks, because of it.

  10. We all know about this draqueen like I said drag queens are very entertaining.

  11. it's a definite fake. men can't get pregnant Hozay. saddown. why do you think Steebie aint got him pregnant after all this time of them knowing each other, but he has been gettin strays pregnant outside of their ratchet relationship. stop this madness transsexual person.

  12. provide snap shots and proof of a female uterus and ovaries that you were born an actual woman first before you play these games of searching on the internet Google-ing and nabbing fictitious sonograms. and yeah, for those that don't believe sonograms can be nabbed from the internet…try it. next Jose.

    • What kind of freak are you to request that a woman provide snap shots of her uterus and ovaries? Do you know how retarded you sound? Why don't you post your private parts first? Start a trend.

      • you work for Jose you are going too hard and you acting too obtuse about the fact that he is a male to female transsexual ??

        • No, I don't work for Joseline. Unfortunately, she cannot afford me. But congratulations on your new gig with the Transgender Association of America. Good luck with that on the job training!

          • @Niqui…sit cho gotdamn ass down ass kissing dimwit. Jose is a trans…a man…a dude…not a doggone real woman who was born a natural woman.

              • Where is your proof he's a woman where is his birth certifcate that shows he was born a woman where is the DNA blood test that shows this is a woman??? he doesn't have that stuff. Just because you like f*cking male booty hole doesn't mean that man is a woman.

  13. I dont understand why she posting all this , aint she trying to put him in jail by saying he molested a child? If you hate him so much why you trying to keep him in your life ? Raise that kid by yourself …and move on . See this is what you get when you mess with a whore…INSANITY . AND SOMEONE WANTING TO DESTROY YOU WHEN YOU WANT TO LEAVE.

  14. INsanity is doing something repeatedly expecting the results to change . As far joselne

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