Omarion & His Baby Mama Call It Quits

omarion apryl jones breakup

Omarion and his baby mama, Apryl Jones, have called it quits after four years of dating. News of the breakup comes just months after Apryl gave birth to their second child.

Omarion and Apryl appeared together on Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, but they decided to quit the show in order to focus on their music careers.

Here’s Omarion’s statement:

omarion apryl jones breakup

Meanwhile, Apryl seems to be completely unbothered.

And guess who’s celebrating the breakup? Bow Wow, of course. You know what they say, “misery loves company”!


  1. She so f*ckin stupid! Why are these bitches still going through 9 months of pain if these bozo ass men aint trying to marry them?????? AALIYAH TRIED TO TEACH THE WORLD THAT CELIBACY IS THE KEY BUT THESE FEMALES NEVER LISTEN! now this faggot ass nigga is going to use his kids to conceal his accurate sexual preference Lmfao

    • I notice people tend to have more respect for those who are divorced with a kid/s vs women struggling around with kids and never walked down nobody's isle, like they weren't good enough to marry. They are looked upon as used up.

      • "Damaged Goods" was the term my grandfather used when my cousin was pregnant out of wedlock.

  2. Did you see her video? She says she's glad they didn't marry because then they would've had to deal with all the admin of a divorce! *faints*
    WTF?! She would've had alimony, half his $!
    But to each his own I guess.

    • Well, in terms of alimony, here in Cali if you're married 10 years or longer, than you get alimony for life, that is, if you don't remarry. If you're married less than 10, than I believe you get it for however long you were married or half the time you were married, not sure, perhaps there's an attorney on here who knows.

  3. I believe Omarion is gay. I read he and the members of b2k was molested by Chris Stokes and Marques Houston.

  4. I know marriage isn't the be all and end all, but why have 2 kids for a man who didn't wanna marry you? She wasted her cervix, youth and looks on a man who made her another statistic. Even Blac Chyna learnt after the 1st child… ?

  5. See what fools these man whores are , literally losers…make a woman have 2 of your children and you leave her with out marrying her, really? These are liars and whimps and will get what they got coming to em…you wont get no better believe me ..those waiting in the wings to bleed you dry you will choose. A whore is a grave and you will be buried because you will have nothing but that to choose.

    • LMAO @ "make a woman have 2 of your children"……………….He made her have those kids?

  6. Ah the days when women assumed babies kept men in check. Eye wonder***if he's on the down low***why have kids with him?#perplexedfans

  7. Omarion wasn't fooling anybody because we know the truth. Apryl was his beard. The same goes for a lot of these down low men like Tyler Perry, Usher, Diddy, and the list goes on and on.

    • …and Ms. Kirk Franklin, Ms. Ricky Smiley, D.L. Hughly (who swears up and down he doesn't have a problem with gays but every time one turn around he poking jabs at them on his Facebook page.) and you're right, the list goes on and on. these niggahs need to stop living lies and be free to who they really are…gay men regardless if it ruins their reputation.

  8. him and Ms. Bow Wow need to start dating. and boy come on out the damn closet – knowing you dont like women. and any man with a penis can stick it in and get a woman pregnant, so dont even go there with that "but he has a kid." woopdeedamndoo…so do millions of other closeted gays in relationships and/or married to women. next. but the baby is an absolute cutiepie to the utmost in the above picture nevertheless.

  9. She got 2 crumb snatchers for that nig, betta hope he crank out a few more hits so he can keep up with them child support payments.
    BTW: Heard he caught her creepin.

    • yea that broke azz tired azz punk queen need 2 crank out some more hits mf need some change 4 child support cause that bull shidd luv hip hop bull shidd ain't going 2 make it lmao

    • she probably was creepin because that kneegro's dick doesnt stay hard enough to satisfy her..only got hard enough to ejaculate in her and procreated that baby. but would remain brick hard for Bow Wow or for Fizz(however his name spelled), or hard just for a man in general. these closeted gay men a mess and super frauds to the most vulnerable, naive dumbest of women.

  10. I have to laugh at the fugly baby it has it's mother's original nose, LOL. Yeh Omarion used her for beard duty, he's gay. Come out, brothas, come out. All these closet cases using chicks as beards to pass as straight aint fooling those of us with memories. John Legend using that pie face asian chick as beard, Pharrell, Ne Yo and of course, Bow.

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