Chris Brown Loses Drai’s Residency for Racist Allegations

chris brown loses drais residency

Chris Brown just lost his residency at Las Vegas’ Drai’s Nightclub for refusing to apologize to the club’s owners after making some serious allegations.

According to sources, Breezy called Drai’s a racist venue on Instagram. The owners’ felt that it was bad press for the club, and demanded that the singer apologize…but he refused.

The club owners also say Chris’ recent behavior has “garnered negative public attention” and so they felt it was best to cut ties.

Chris has been in an even bigger downward spiral since his ex-manager sued him for assault and after he fired his publicist. Is this the end of his career?



  2. These club owners are racist. Chris has a right to speak his mind. I hope he sues!

    • not when you are under contract

      you wanna talk trash – you say it AFTER YOU GET YOUR MONEY

      most contracts like this have a ETHICS CLAUSE – preventing you from doing or saying anything that would bring negative publicity to the Club.
      But when you don't READ your damn contracts. you don't know this. His Manager would have told him.
      He can sue, and they will counter sue and win.

  3. yes they should fire him. too much bad publicity and if they are racist then move on. i would touch him if i was a business owner.

    • Ur so dumb…I swear..Chris always has that club oveeeer packed I live here in vegas..sometimes it's hard to get in…on fight night the line wrapped around the outside of the casino…they gone miss that money fasho

      • f*ck Chris his punk azz it abt making dat $ shut yo damn mouth & take that racist bitch $ his azz need 2 get off the damn dope punk mf

  4. When do music performers retire? Athletes do. At what point do the Breezys know they have enough money and just walk away to pursue another endeavor? Some blac performers were 'plucked' at a very young age and never fully mature, thus their behavior and business savvy doesn't either.
    I wouldn't want to be reduced to 'showing up' at a casino club just to get paid. Maybe it's their ego that doesn't allow them to live out of the limelight.

  5. Hence doing business, one must first have a legitmate business, sufficient capitol ND actual interested investors. Do on online businesses suffer a FROZEN deficit?

  6. The truth is the owner(s) of Drai's aren't so much "racist" as they are pompous assholes who feel they can punk Chris out BECAUSE THEY ARE AWARE OF HIS MANY & RECENT ISSUES. They thought it was okay to play with Chris' money & he wouldn't say anything THEN blame it on "he's damaging our brand" as the reason. This is not their first time pulling this type of crap.

    I said this once before….
    Chris Brown cannot sucessfully manage his own career. If he does not overhaul his entire team including security & get professional people with the proper contacts (fixers), business acumen & ethics….what little longivity his career has left will be over before the end of the year. Chris should NOT be on social media saying ANYTHING about people who cut his checks. Drai's WAS apart of his monthly income. He should have people to handle any issues quietly behind closed doors & a clean press release issued after….not THIS foolishness.

    • I see you've met Victor huh? You are right Reg, this is much less about racism than it is about asshole-ishness.

      But hey Breezy, why would you even want to work at a venue you consider to be racist? They did you a favor right? Um RIGHT?

      Get hep son.

      • Oh yes…some of our clients host events regularly at Drai's, XS &/or Tryst so I have to work with Victor or his GM from time to time. They've always been professional & pretty nice to me, however, I've seen Victor show out on more than one occasion. He talks REAL crazy to people & makes threats. The arrogant asshole twins, Jesse & Cy are another story. We have to deal with them depending on which venue is requested & you have never seen egos of this size & magnitude EVER…they're real cold pieces of work. Our clients generally use their venues for business events, award dinners & private parties every so often & we try to dissuade them every time!

    • Chris Brown along with all these celebrities need to get off social media.
      Hire a team to handle his account.

      Unfortunately, he is back on drugs.
      He has to keep working because he has child support.

      • Traci404,
        This is why the bigger more reputable companies won't manage him for ANY amount of money. He's viewed as "an uncontrollable artist" who is too expensive on their pockets & a risk to their own brand. He's been shopped around before which is why he ended up with "friends & people referred by friends on his payroll."

    • I'm sure that you are correct Ripp. But to be fair, nearly every at risk celebrity and every celebrity over age 65 has an obit ready to go on a moment's notice.
      The media orgs can't get that stuff done on the fly, so they get all the obits and tribute reels ready in advance. Brezzy is definitely on the at risk rooster just like Nippy was.

  7. They got Chris listed as number 525 on the celebrity death pool 2016 on Ranker.

  8. Sad, CB has so many folks disrespecting his talent and he is not mature enough or educated enough to handle it.

  9. He's going catch a Ray Donovan. Needs go sit down and regroup. Maybe kae wasn't so bad for him. He's a lose cannon right and it breaks my heart.

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