Jermaine Dupri: “Do Black Lives Really Matter?”

jermaine dupri black lives matter

Jermaine Dupri is giving his thoughts on the recent police shootings and the Black Lives Matter movement. The producer took to his Twitter to record a video response to the people who got upset at him for not mentioning Alton Sterling and Philando Castile’s murders on his social media accounts.

Jermaine is tired of people begging him to make a statement about the killings. Instead, he thinks people should get up off his social media pages and go do something themselves!

He then asks the question, “Do black lives really matter?” The producer says disrespect in the black community is why we have so many problems today, and black lives only matter when they are killed by police or killed by someone of another race. Dupri finished off his rant by saying no one cares when a black person kills another black person.

Peep the video:

Do you agree with him?


  1. Black Lives Matter more than we know! These other ethnicities love to bash Blacks all the time but then again they all LOVE black cock! weird but true

  2. F this coon Jermaine Dupri. What has he done for his people other than exploit and make money off of? These industry people are self hating sellout puppets who care nothing about their own.

    • I didn't know if one makes something of their lives they "Owe You"….your a joke..what are you doing to help the communities, other than sitting behind your phone or computer ranting about BS..Are you out there telling blacks to stop killing each other..I'll take that as a No!…Stop your cryin and do something about this problem. don't wait on people ;Done:

    • ok thank u f*ck his broke azz he a damn sell out he f*cking mad cause he ain't f*cking usher no damn more

  3. Black lives don't even matter to Black people! He's absolutely correct, why beg this Boule' negro to do anything of substance..These industry negroes only exploit the talents of other negroes, and then rob them blind. He's a step and fetch it, Black faced, white supremacist. When will dumb niggers learn! Dirty Black people run this whole system! They intermingle, breed, and counsel their Caucasian "children" on how to whoop the asses of stupid negroes, that don't know their ass from their shoulder blades. "Oath taking Boule Niggers up,and Black lives down!"…..What cowards you are! Sitting up here begging some fool to stand up for you! Ain't nobody coming tyo the aid of cowardly, treacherous, niggers!

  4. Doing something can mean bettering oneself individually. All these 'statements' by celebrities, who were made that way because of yt, doesn't change anything. Never has. So why bother, either way! The comments that yt is making on all these sites – now that's proof enough for me that it's hopeless. Until they change, nothing changes.

    • Fuck waiting on them for change. Yeah every time we try to rise they squash that shit, that should mean we become smarter about what we do to rise and better our community.

      I got my plan, more of you that care should be doing the same.

  5. Black lives don't even matter to Black people! A nigger will kill you over some petty bullshit, but when a cop pops a nigger, everybody's whining…Caucasian people are out nof control and aslways have been, but that doesn't stop niggers from breeding with them. It damn sure doesn't stop you from trying to be like them, or existing amongst them. Caucasian people will never respect the lives of people that are so treacherous towards each other….Here's a littglittgle secret for you dumb niggers, Black men and women run this shit. They are behind the scenes, counseling, advising, raciust Caucasians on how to whoop your ass, and keep you down… They are cxalled " Boule'" . They are oath taking niggers that hates black people. They are a bloodline that's existed for thousands of years. Some of them bleached themselves out and are now " white", and some of them are still brown. The brown ones live among get you, just to spy, corrupt, and destroy you. Jermaine Dupri is a well known pederast! And, you want this negroes to defend you! "Chuckles" No Jermaine only, exploits talents, steals royalties, and rapes little boys. You "Blacks" don't know your ass from your shoulder blades! Black men and women are keeping this Hell going. It took me a long time to admit accept this as fact! And that's an "L" that we all have to hold!

  6. He has a point which has been said a by a LOT of people before him…
    Why arent we up in arms when blacks kill blacks?
    New Orleans

    • Thank you for stating facts and staying on topic. Black folks love to call each other "coons" and "sellouts" when another Black person says something they disagree with. I've never seen two white people treat each other as poorly as two Black people will. I've never seen it of any other race or nationality. We used to be a proud race of people. Now, the guys don't want to be men. They want to be women or they want to be "niggas." And the girls don't want to be women. They want to be "bad bitches." That isn't the white man's fault. We lost our ways decades ago. Now is as good a time as any for us to find ourselves.

  7. Finally someone who's not kowtowing the line of parroted bullshit and is actually telling some goddamn truth. These f*cking slaves and puppets, coons who shuck and jive; even they know that blacks are killed far more by each other than by "the polizes." These f*cking coons, snoop, the game, problem, hell I even saw dj quik on twitter telling people to "unfollow him on twitter to protest black men being shot dead by cops; as well as making a pinned tweet saying "Stop the killings of innocent black men. Now hold up, you f*cking boule coons can jump up and down and talk about how we need to come together to stop police when just over 4th of july weekend, 60 people were killed in chicago alone. Blacks kill each other in far higher frequency than cops do, and if anyone seriously wants to debate me on this, Ive got the facts and statistics to back this shit up! Now jermaine dupree is still a rapist piece of shit regardless, who needs to be thrown over and under the jail. Until black people start to care about each other, and rebuilding our communities, I don't give a f*ck about what cops are doing to us.

    • STFU Ngga, you are one of the main coons on this site. All you do is say the same BS over and over and over again…I hope when some real shit goes down someone puts out out of your misery.

      • lmao I'll gladly be a coon than subscribe the the bullshit known as group-think. How miserable you must be to wish harm onto me. LMAO black people are a modern day laughing stock. Be careful what you wish for, because it could just come back on youtube.

        • The Truman Show,
          You're blessed always & contrary to what others may think I see truth in your comments. I noticed the most recent threads have sparked A LOT OF DIVERSE FEELINGS…mostly anger. You understand no matter how heated the discussion "feelings are neither right or wrong…they just are."

          Not to sound mushy or to take away from the matters at hand but I believe you & everyone on HSK would benefit from taking time out this week to take in the movie "Mo Better Blues." Spike Lee has no idea how profound that movie really is…even today. It will give you a chance to revisit things we so rarely see today….black love, trust among black people, family dynamics that SHOULD BE IN PLACE IN THE BLACK HOME , seeing the strength, vulnerability & stupidity of black men, the various looks, beauty, heartache & wisdom of black women, OUR music… I'm sure you've seen it in the past but please revisit soon. You'll "feel" differently afterward. These arguments here really don't matter.

          No matter what…it is with God.
          He is gracious & merciful.
          His way is through love,
          In which we all are.
          It is truly. -A LOVE SUPREME-
          -John Cotrane

        • Laugh all you want, the only joke here is you.

          Bitch everything you subscribe to is self-hate group think. That is why when the shot goes down, you will be one of the first to go.

          And Ms. Reg is just as stupid as you to believe you bring anything of substance to the table. You don't you are a complete waste of space on this earth and God could not even save trash like you…especially with your warped outlook on your own.

          • Anger is always concerned with individuals, … whereas hatred is directed also against classes: we all hate any thief and any informer. Moreover, anger can be cured by time; but hatred cannot. The one aims at giving pain to its object, the other at doing him harm; the angry man wants his victim to feel; the hater does not mind whether they feel or not.

            • Bitch Please, using the words of some old white fag does not make you intelligent, nice try though.

              • Blasting your family tree is unnecessary. We already know that is where you come from, mongrel.

              • And again, as I already started…
                You mean the bitch & fag that brought you here…
                We already knew of your relations with mongrels based on your nauseating behavior on this blog.
                We got it!

              • And again, we do not need to know your family tree, mongrel. You can shut the f*ck up and sit your crazy mixed up half- breed ass somewhere because you will not get the last word here trick-diesel.

              • Ms Reg isn't mixed you bigoted fool. She has mixed folks in her extended family. And who the hell cares anyway?

              • Anonymous @18:48,
                As Anonymous @ 22:39 told your moronic simple ass…I am not nor did I ever say I was mixed.
                OBVIOUSLY…anything I say including sharing the diverse genesis of my family was important to YOU since you went out of your way to comment on it. Only problem is you were so busy trying to be hateful you missed the entire point. It was over YOUR head anyway. Now, scroll on along with your hate filled bullshit & rhetoric…???

              • Bitch your a still a half- breed mongrel. I could care less about reading your comment. Go succ a dicc, oh wait no man wants your dried up ass , that is why you are on here posting EVERY DAY on EVERY post…lol.

              • Anonymous @ 22:39,

                My apologies…I forgot to say "Thank YOU."
                Guess it's a lot of weight on your shoulders being one of the few "Anonymous" posters who can actually read & comprehend at the same time. I appreciate you!

              • Oh, I forgot to add. Making fake anonymous friends on a blog site…lol. Telling yourself whatever you need to to be right in your warped delusional mind. Sad, sad, sad.

  8. There is still more deadly force used against blacks by police than used against whites. Deadly force should only be used when deadly force exists, not for car stops, car chases, stolen candy bars, serving warrants and investigating disturbances. When someone is pointing a gun at a cop or at the head of a hostage, that's is what a cop's firearm is for – to defend themselves AND the public. Some of these civil servant oath takers are killing black men like they were hired to do hits!

    • You won't like this, because it goes against conventional wisdom, but I just read a study published today by a professor at Harvard, a Black man, who was surprised himself to discover that per capita, more white men are killed in confrontations with black suspects than white men are. Now, he went on to say that Black men are shoved against the wall and thrown down on the ground, in other words treated roughly, more frequently than white men. But he determined because of their fear of being accused of racist behavior, cops are less likely to KILL a Black man in an arrest situation. If anyone is interested, Google Harvard Professor/report on cops fatal shooting of Black men.

      I know no one will accuse me of defending cops, lol, but if that thought enters your mind momentarily, be assured that I dislike cops, black and white as much as is humanly possible.
      I have never had a good experience with a cop, and I don't expect one in the future.
      I do however think that studies such as this, when they go against what I have previously believed to be true, are interesting.

      • First of all the still make up almost 80% of the population. So everything that happens, happens on a greater scale to them.

        Secondly, who trusts the numbers and statistics given by the other side?

        I choose to believe what is in my face other than what they try and "tell" me.

      • FYI even if the info comes from a black man, does not mean it is correct.

        He still gets his info from "their" numbers. And besides self-hate and coonery are still alive and well. Look at the great number of self-hating coons on this post for example.

      • Not sure what you meant to say when you stated this, "…more white men are killed in confrontations with black suspects than white men are." I will say, though, that of the 512 people killed in police shootings in 2016, 239 are white. 123 are Black. That is per the Washington Post. The overwhelming majority of those people were carrying guns at the time they were killed. It appears as though white people should understand use of police force being unjustified just as much as we do. There are Latinos being killed as well, in smaller numbers this year. I don't see them backing BLM and having their own Brown Lives Matter campaign, but ok.

  9. I never understood that either we can call eachother bitches and hoes niggas and bash eachother and kill eachother everyday but the white man can't? We just helpin them do they job. They ain't even gotta kills us we kill us for them.

    • No they sure as f*ck cannot!!!

      Do you know how stupid you sound? Get some knowledge behind you on why things are the way they are before you comment. If you can read there are some good comments on some of the recent longer threads, where a few people actually drop some knowledge on the topic.

      Better yet, how about picking up some damn books and learning about history. If you did that and you actually have a brain maybe you can figure out what the real deal is.

  10. Everybody always want a celebrity to do something and they ain't doin shit. Wanna be mad at them we should be mad at ourselves we allowed this shit to happen.

  11. Why he gotta be a coon to have an opinion? Even coons have an opinion. I thought this is wjat HSK was for this site has turned into nothing but a racist bashing hypocritical shit talking race baiting everybody tryna hurry up and bash someone for a like or a standing novation from other commentors in hopes of someone will agree as dysfunctional cespool. Think this will be my last day here other sites are way better more positive and people that actually keeps it real give respect when its do and have an opinion without criticizing. This shit done turned into the bad girls club everybody talk shit to everybody but if anyone was to see anyone off this site aint nobody gone swing
    Kiss?my ass HSK!!!!! Out this bitch✌????

    • Aww that sucks! Please don't let these ignoramuses push you off this site. The number of intelligent and insightful posters has gone down tremendously over the past year. This site use to be rather entertaining as well as informative. Ive started noticing over the past few months that these anons are coming in on the droves, and are just coming here to talk shit. Im just going to ignore these people from here on out. Their nameless individuals and shills who want to keep the status quo in check. Only those who speak the truth will prevail.

      • You should follow his/her dumbass…no one will miss you either of you.

        And you are a no name shill too bitch, a screen name does not make you known, other than pointing out the self-hating misogynistic stupid ass comments you make.

      • And btw stop using a word I brought to the table a few months back. I am sure you did not even know what the f*ck a shill was till you looked it up, dumbass.

    • Uh Erica, ?
      ?I KNOW THAT IS NOT YOU talking about leaving?
      Please don't make us link up in LV & come find you at one of your places of business & drag your tail back to HSK!!! ?✈?? YOU of ALL people can't become THAT frustrated & retreat. That's not who you represented yourself as so don't start now. Take a moment for yourself & return as you've been doing. Your contribution, feelings & opinions are vital & as important as all the rest of the posters here even when we all don't agree. We can disagree on a topic forever. We can be mad at each but tomorrow is a new day & love rules the day….EVERYDAY!!!


  13. He's right. Truth hurts. 50 people were shot over the 4th of July weekend in Chicago. Then we cry when White people don't care about is. Slave mentality

  14. Why can't both statements be true at the same time?

    Black people are slaughtering each other and police use more brutal and lethal force against black people.

    Why are both statements not true at the same time?

    And if you think the police brutality against black folks is a question of responsibility, I say
    Tulsa 1921, Chicago 1919 and Rosewood, FL 1923.

    • Okay the thing about Tulsa, Rosewood and Chicago was that those events happened in a time when there was true unity amongst black people in the US. We were all on the same page, and our communities, in spite of the racism; were alive and thriving. You can only make the argument for BLM being a real meaningful and successful campaign and the protest of police violence because we were not shooting and killing each other down in the streets back then. No way in in hell you can get me out here to go and protest in the name of some thug gunned down.

      Yes more brutal and sometimes deadly force is used against blacks, and yes we need to address the police policies that allow officers to shoot and kill people so readily. But in many cases that I've gone back and revisited, upon seeing all the footage and getting the whole story, many of these people had a hand to play in their demise.

      • How was the teacher they killed in Minnesota a thug?

        Besides that, who the f*ck are you to judge? Since you are not Jesus Christ, I am sure your funky ass is no angel, either. And if you were put in certain circumstances you would do anything you needed to to survive or even make it day to day.

        I have seen white people literally fist fight, pull weapons, shoot at officers and LIVE. But I am sure that does not matter to trash like you. You see what you want to see, because you have such deep-seated hat inside of you, particularly for your own. You could never see past that. Which is wonderful, because people like you always show their true colors and when it is time to remove you, those who will do so, will do so gladly.

  15. If you all really believe we kill ourselves of our own will you all need help. I live in a state where undercover pigs kill us, make it look like some gang shit and start wars in the community.

    There are other causes and reasons too, but if you f*ckheads are too lazy to do the research, then f*ck all you sheeple. We do not need you and you can stay playing for the other team in your ignorance.

    You see this shit happening with the police and you think this is some random shit?

    Get with knowing the reasons behind there is such hate in this country for blacks. Which means self-hate and outside.

    • Dude there are factual statistics to PROVE that black people kill each other more than cops killing us. Do you really want to go there?

      • The statistics show EVERY race kills their own more than other races. Of course your simple ass would never point that out.

        And the pigs I am referring to are black. But I would not expect the very self-hating coon I am referring to in my last sentence, to understand anything I am talking about.

        Just keep sucking on the statistics fed to you by the very people who want you to believe their truth. It is unfortunate simps like you wear this skin, a complete waste of melanin.

  16. Anonymous i don't live for u and i wasn't born for u to miss me and at the end of the day i wasn't born with no twin. U need to go find u a stadium of seats grab u one and sit in it im not about to argue with u and for all i know u might not even be black. U got your opinion ok coo??but don't try to bash me because i didn't root for u if i would of found your opinion worth something u probably would of got something. Next time try hard to give your opinion without being ignorant. Have a blessed night!??

    • I thought your whiny ass was leaving? ignorance is your department.

      Don't let the door hit your dumbass on the way out. Bye Felicia.

  17. @The Truman Show your comment matters. What a Beautiful Soul❤one of the realist person on here that I've heard thus far???

    • Daww thanks! Glad to be able to speak with ya'll who are wide awake. That was one of the things that originally drew me to this community.

      LMAO @ these anons. Jesus Christ they have a bone to pick!

      • Self-hate, you and this other thing are far from awake.

        But you do need Jesus, instead of just using his name in vain.

  18. @Anonymous go find u a pill??And a night cap?u live for argument's but no one is checking for u and u been on here all your life and still no one is rooting for u trust me i was just an observer before i applied. Stay Woke brutha!✊

    • Obviously you are for you to keep coming back.

      Take your own advice the sooner you shut the f*ck up the better…you should have stayed an observer, because your comments are garbage. #get woke #and some book knowledge…

    • LMFAO@ a pill and a night cap. He or she needs some fish or some eggplant, because they are wound up. Damn shame.

  19. And book knowledge still don't make a man full of wisdom my opinion don't have to matter to nobody but me and u were the 1st one to check for it here is a grown man arguing with a female says alot about the knowledge u have been taught. And I'll still say u been on here all your life and still no one is searching for u. Been woke? u just try to keep up!??Hope u Enjoy your night and your Meds…..

    • And you are checking for me, because you still talking nonsense just to do it, your mental capacity is extremely low on the totem pole.

  20. AND there you have it.

    even as I read all the posts. When the truth is spoken.
    here comes the critics. gotta say something disparaging. something rude.

    we treat each other like our lives are disposable. no respect for each other – even on a Damn Blog

    • Who would respect someone saying we deserve what we get because we kill ourselves. And then says it is okay for the police to kill us too because of this.

      EVERY group on this earth kills their own usually more than they kill another race.

      But because there is such self-hate and dissension in OUR community it is now a f*cking virus, that needs to be stood up to, refuted, and definitely gotten rid of for our own preservation purposes.

      • Just because other groups kill each other that's no valueexcuse for us to kill each other.

        • Dumbass, when in history have people NOT killed each other?

          Please do not be a dumb bitch, when it comes to human nature.

  21. dim going to tell you guys something do you know who funds the black lives matter movement do you? wealthy white people and jewish people it's a tool to get the race riot started most of those protesters are agents

    • Stephen This is the one thing that you have got right 100%. It is all about turning poor and lower middle class whites and blacks against each other so that the 1% and the Jooish elite can move with impunity. Deray McKesson is a figure head for Soros and he should not be influencing black people in any way.

      And I have seen race relations get a hundred times worse since BLM started 2 years ago. Which is just what Soros wanted. Sickening.

      • There's just something about Deray that just makes me want to punch him right in the face. Perhaps it's the eyebrows.

        He needs to be thrown over and under the fail.


  23. I try not to base my opinions on the media. Unfortunately as a black man, I agree with some of these posters. My brother was shot and killed by another black man. My cousin was shot and killed by another black man. 2 black men broke into my house and stole my daughters toys and electronics. I don't condone or support the "thug life". I think it's sad that's all some people know. I don't think Police should get off for their killings. I simply would want to see the BLM movement focus on EVERYONE killing black people instead of only those who look different from them. All the people who get mad at that statement respond with emotion which makes it difficult for those who use logic to process their argument.

    • Sorry to hear that. I got my 'black men did my family wrong' stories, too. Too many to mention needless to say, I agree with Dupri. We can't expect other to respect us as a people cause we don't resepct ourselves. Fathers failing sons is the worst. BW dissed for being there for kids since most black males don't live with their kids. The victim status is tired. Instead of telling your sons they can be a baller or rapper tell them to go to college so they can work the system from within, otherwise, I moved away after black males used a crowbar and stole my shit while I was at school, college, came home that evening everything was gone. Nobody saw nothing. That was my wake up call.

      I avoid thugs, hip hop and live a safe life as possible. Me? I fear the black man more than the white man, but all experiences vary.

  24. @Ms. Reg its Erica and no im not letting anyone run me off i don't run but i will learn to walk away from ignorance. Me and u had a disagreement and that was the end both walk away with not a zero thought still running businesses and taking care of family and letting that be a new day! And we're here talking with respect. We never went as far as bitches hoes tramps family history threatening lives bashing eachothers opinion. There's a difference between having a critical opinion without being ignorant you can tell someone how it is without threatening someone life. Anonymous might not even be black just a cyber bully. And i will not dare listen to ignorance and at the end of the day i still feel like we put ourselves here and we will kill eachother talk down on eachother rob still and kill eachother before the white man will. And i will bury that with me.

    • All you are is ignorance and a boil on the ass of society…good luck with all of that.

    • @Erica,

      Like @TheTruman Show, I wanted to be certain you didn't get so frustrated that you left & did not return. I also didn't want you to feel like nobody cares. There are quite a few people on HSK who read every comment & have an opinion buy won't say anything to avoid verbal conflict. There are those who will say something when we think it's necessary. Stick around. Don't let the spitefullness of others take you to THIS point. You don't have

    • @Erica,
      Sorry, I sent my comment before it was finished….

      Like @TheTruman Show, I wanted to be certain you didn't get so frustrated that you left & did not return. I also didn't want you to feel like nobody cares. Nobody gets to run you off. There are quite a few people on HSK who read every comment & have an opinion but won't say anything to avoid verbal conflict. There are those who will say something when we think it's necessary.

      Stick around. Don't let the spitefullness of others take you to THIS point. You have to remember some people thrive off being "evil spirited…on a damn blog." Read that again so you get the full gist of what I mean then lean back in your chair & seriously LAUGH!!!????

      What you'll learn about HSK is there are some very cool people & wonderfully prolific writers here (not as many as there once was) who share different life experiences & perspectives. A lot of times there's discussions that go well beyond gossip that lead to us learning something we didn't know. Unfortunately, it's not always positive but at times it is & it's fun. Many amazing people no longer comment because they refused to deal with the bullshit. Others write "anonymously" now which is why "the OTHERS write anonymously too…so it's difficult to differentiate who the hell you're responding to." It's really a set up to confuse who you respond to so they get away with saying slick shit to/about you. Been there-done that. We've all fallen into it a time or two. We learned & you will too! Take the good (if there was any) & leave the rest. Agree to disagree. Remember, today is a NEW day.? Stay blessed & please pray for ALL of us…we need it.

  25. Bye?im going to put u in prayer and hope u find the help u deserve and the right medication ?that applies. I don't need the last word because i already made my point ill give u that?your still on here looking for agreence in hopes that someone would atleast agree with u. U can call me whatever u want but my opinion is still gone be the same and your wack ass opinion of me still don't matter nor is it stopping me from living. Im gone leave u to argue within yourself so that way your last word that your striving so hard to get will be forever yours.??

    • Pray for yourself, I do not need shit from you.

      And you are still here whining about nothing, so you are the one who needs psychiatric assistance and to be placed on meds…maybe that will mellow your crazy ass out.

      I could give a f*ck if anyone agrees with me, I just abhorre stupid ass people who hate themselves and their race. Especially when they are clueless to what 400 years of oppression does to a people. Also those who talk shit about their own w/o offering any solutions.

  26. ?u meant 6,000 years not 400 go somewhere else with them white men beliefs u went to the right school with the teaching. But then have a good night and a good pill.??

  27. ?u meant 6,000 years not 400 go somewhere else with them white men beliefs u went to the right school with the wrong teaching. But then again that's your opinion have a good night and a good pill.??

  28. Your a black man bashing a black woman. Find your church and go pray in it. @Truth Hurts commented to your post and u jumped for joy that u finally seeked some type of agreence to your ignorance u sound like a intelligent person u can be that and not be ignorant u dont have to bash a woman to get a reaction ans u dont have to bash someone to get an approval or your point across. Case closed have a goodnight and a wonderful pill????

    • My God are you still whining? Get a grip on reality…you do not have to get the last word to prove NO POINT.

      Since there is no such thing as rationale in your pea-brain, I am going to leave you here to sulk in your misery, which you call a life.

      Bye, sad sack, LOL.

  29. ?
    P.S if u help the mentally afflicted instead of bashing them it might make u look 10yrs younger. ?Have a goodnight! And a joyus pill?

    • E,
      I'm glad you're here to STAY. It on very rare occasion that we all agree on something. Unless Jesus Himself is on here blogging there is not one perfect person among us. Forgive the evil virtues of a few & interact with the rest. You will really get input on a wide variety of issues/topics & make a few friends along the way!

      • E,
        I swear I completely addressed my comment to you in response to something you completely addressed to me. I guess the hardest part about business is people minding their own!!!

          • Lol…???????????????????
            ?How about YOU just let people do what they need to do to make them happy. Mind your own business & do what you need to do to make YOU happy!!!?

  30. Anonymous forgot to refill his prescription don't pay him no nevermind. That's just the mentality of a schizophrenic. He doesn't know any better its just blabbel…

    • LOL…stop speaking about yourself in such a way, your paranoia keeps you coming back here and talking about me & using nonexistent words like 'blabbel'…LMAO…so up your meds psycho.

      Do not bothering responding, because repeating the same speech over and over and over again only proves what a nut job you are.

  31. ?u keep checking for me i haven't been on here all day and your still infant talking. The entertaining part about it is you've been on here eveyday of your life ridiculing people because of their opinion and you still are. It seems like i have to repeat myself to you over and over again when i shouldn't have to your a kid grow up u clearly have No Life.No Goals,No Job,No Morals,No Ambition,No Education,No Self-Esteem, No Control or No Pills???Just Prissy Fingers??

    • E,
      In all honesty…hope you had a great day & glad you took time away from the rhetoric as it can wear down any positive energy you may have.

      I'm not making excuses for the pathetic antics of certain others but since the discussion of those 2 shootings have been going on hatred has just run rampant on almost all the threads. I even found myself hot about a comment on the Isiah Crowell thread about "whites are the ones supporting the NFL" It's just one thing after another with no resolution in sight….not even to agree to disagree WITHOUT demeaning the next person, their families, their home…hell, I don't think the damn dog is safe!!! That's how crazy it's been. Please "try even when folks act an ass" to remain kind & uplifting as you can… Until you can't…

    • Bullshit you haven't, and everything you & you bullshit co-signer just said, applies to you both of you triple fold.

      Both of you bitches will be right back here tomorrow to add paragraphs of bullshit comments, for what?

      The lamest, stupidest, craziest wrong-fighter on this site….Just two huge massive boils on the ass of HSK….LOL.

  32. There obviously are some bitter fatherless crack baby males here who get off arguing with women. I am not sorry that the neighborhood molesters touched you when you were a boy I'm not sorry you got raped and turned out in jail I'm not sorry you are damaged and dysfunctional everybody who is reading the sees the divide between black males and black women, sad punk.

    Unlike the rest of the women who have been entertaining you this is my drive by you can write whatever you want to me I won't be replying to you you can stalk me at my comments I won't be replying to you I know how to deal with fatherless punks: state your peace and then step real man shut up fatherless punks gossip like females.

    • STFU Bitch, you write the same lame, dull, dry ass bullshit under an anon tag.

      All you are is another boil on the ass of HSK…Glad to know what your moniker is, so when I see you I can f*ck with your simple ass too. Stupid MotherFucker…Bitch Bye.

    • @100
      Hope you don't mind if I repost your comment in other place. I haven't heard anything more true in a long time. What's worse is nobody thought to look at it the way you said it. I want @Ms Reg and others see it and gain some knowledge on what we dealing with and the best way to deal with it is just not to. Really great post.

    • Ain't it though? If ever there was a time, place and reason to ignore people. @100 made it crystal clear for all to see.

  33. JD's right, niggaz are bustin' caps on each other all day every day and none of y'all stepped up for this shit … truth hurts …

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