Big Freedia Fails Drug Tests, Ordered to Halfway House!

big freedia halfway house

The issues for Big Freedia keep on piling up. After being convicted of Section 8 fraud, the New Orleans bounce artist is now being ordered to a halfway house!

After pleading guilty to the charges back in March, Freedia was forced into rehab for substance abuse as as condition of his bail. But it looks like his habit is too much for him to handle, and the court is tired of giving him chances.

According to sources, Freedia, who is awaiting sentencing, has already failed three drugs tests in a row. He tested positive for weed in April and May and positive for weed and methamphetamines in June.

Now the artist is being forced to live at the halfway house until his August 11 sentencing.

By the way, he’s looking at up to 10 years in prison and a $250,000 fine for stealing $35,000 worth of low-income housing vouchers between 2010-2014 at the height of his music career.


  1. I am sad about this. I like Big Freedia, but he/she has some serious problems which may be too heavy for him/her to deal with.

    You guys drugs are bad, but meth is THE DEVIL. Avoid it like it is the plague waiting to steal your soul and destroy you. Crack is baby milk compared to meth. Do not let the dealer tell you that meth is cheaper and lasts 10 times longer than crack. While that is true, meth is a poisonous chemical which has destroyed many poor white towns in Appalachia, and if it ever gets a foothold in the hood, it will make the 80s crack epidemic look mild.

    • Thank you for saying this about METH. I heard white kids won't go near it just like black kids won't go near crack because each saw what the other drug did to their communities.

      Meth was real big in the gay community for at least 2 decades. Explains why Freedia is on it.

      • No I live in sc & meth is big among young white kids it's heart breaking & very sad in Charleston summerville side heroin to

  2. It seems like as soon as these up and coming artists start to gain momentum, they become entangled in some form of legal problems…They use the artists vices to tare them down, humiliate them, and keep them in line, so that if they could build them up, and then ask for favors. He's already a gay cross dresser, so they won that battle, but they want "TAINT" his image, so that he won't be looked up to or taken seriously. A lot of people rely on Freedia financially, and their banishing him further than square one. Why??? For some cheap sec 8. and drugs. Please! On top of that he's in so much debt! He's had his show for years, it doesn't take that long to detect fraud, he's on TV!

    • Uh oh. Are you intimating that there may be some thread of connection with Jones' positive drug test? Just curious.

        • Ex Con…
          Whoa…are YOU serious??? I'm asking because…
          Well, Dana White made a comment in private I'm very curious about. I JUST left a comment for @Cormier fan to see if he/she was a fan of Daniel Cormier & to ask some questions. If possible without compromising yourself would you please she'd a tad more light on this. Not to press but SERIOUSLY….it's some mess going.

  3. He is smiling because he's going to prison ……..Its raining men, hallalujah its raining men…………..

  4. How do you steal section 8 vouchers? The government had to know his celebrity. I hope he doesn't do time.

      • Ooh damn @cormier\ you are something else! Lmao! That sounds accurate as f*ck! ?????

  5. I agree w you ANON 17:08. Freedia is a great person and has a wonderful spirit. Its a shame the media is trying to tarnish his reputation. It takes watching his show to see how much of a pure hearted person he is. Sad to hear about the meth. That's serious stuff.

    I wonder what he refused to do to get all this negative press? Is this a humiliation ritual or something?

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